And a Happy New Year to you too, Cardinal George

It is hard to think of a more ludicrous idea than that fostered by the Christian Fundamentalist and Catholic died hard position on gay Americans. One of the latest is the strange comparison by Chicago’s Cardinal George of gay people to the KKK. It is, well, just that: strange to the umpteenth degree. Still, it’s but a smidgen of the nasty and bizarre and even insane rhetoric shoved out of the supposed “right” – which is so far left to a totalitarian state it’s not funny. In North Carolina the “family” something or other has said gay people are “murdering heterosexual marriage.” It’s nuts. These religionists are the doom of the nation. And yet, somehow, I’m just not worried that they will succeed at all. For they present a “belief” that is a polar opposite from reality – and the nation sees this. The vast majority, upwards of 85%, will simply not do the bidding of this unholy alliance and work to eliminate gay folks from this nation, and from this earth – and especially not from their own families.

The Cardinal is a very confused man. For the very tenets of the two forces – the KKK and gay folks – are opposite to each other. The KKK sought exclusion of various people – obviously the newly freed slaves – but also Catholics (which is why the Klan never quite gained support in South Louisiana; it was simply too Catholic – how could these people join the very forces against them?) They sought a political regime whereby which White Christian Male Fundamentalists would have power forever and that they would pass laws enshrining their ideas and forcing what is actually the majority of the country into kowtowing to the glory of the WCMF. It was never workable from the beginning – and the Klan never gained true public support – and it gained quite a lot of enmity, most particularly from players in the government and moral persuaders. Ultimately the Abolitionist position was going to, and did, prevail. It had to – for the WCMF has never been but a small, yet vocal, and rich even (though not nearly all the rich, indeed,) group of aristocratic-pretending feudal thinking lords. In a sense unAmerican – for they do not believe and know that “All men are created equal…”

The Catholic Church, oddly, is of a similar vein – but different because they claim the ideas of the Pope in Rome are the best – which for centuries has been to hound and exclude and legislate against and suppress non-Catholics, and even less-than-solid Catholics, or lapsed Catholics, or just those who disagreed with the Pope of the times. Henry II of Germany, a 1,000 years ago, famously knelt in the snow at the Pope’s front door to beg forgiveness and be communicated, if I may call it, for he had been ex-communicated for doing as he damn well pleased, and the Pope was not amused. He let Henry wait for three days like that. That the Catholics wanted to suppress the “protestants” – which they came to be called – is merely the same concept that the Protestants of the Klan wish to suppress the Catholics, or Communists wish to suppress Capitalists, or Muslims wish to suppress infidels. It’s a tiny bunch, still free to do as they wish, but just not use the power of the state to make the 85% of the people not in league with them do only as they wish. They’re just arguing over whom shall be suppressed – and whom shall carry out the suppression. It’s why America has strong prohibitions in law and culture against the combining of Church and State, to keep these people out of power.

That’s why it’s funny to hear people like Alabama’s Judge Moore, who had to resign from his state’s Supreme Court over the issue, complain about the lack of the Ten Commandments in the courts and public buildings. For there is absolutely nothing stopping anyone from posting the Ten Commandments anywhere else they may well please. I know a doctor’s office, used by the old man I tended, which prominently posts them at the receptionist desk. Judge Moore and his fellows can post the Ten Commandments from Coast to Coast in every place in the Union where anyone may be willing to post them – except government buildings – and many people do. Indeed, in a way, nearly every hotel room in the nation has a copy of not only the Ten Commandments but also the entire  Bible. The Gideons raise their funds and donate their time and give out Bibles by the millions. I have one or two myself – taken when I thought I could use a copy of the Bible. You can’t steal them – they’re free – the hotel simply waits for the Gideon to arrive and hand over more Bibles. Perhaps the good judge should print up his placards on his own dime and get on the road and hand them out. Why, there’s people handing out copies of the Constitution – and I’ve been known to hand out Declarations of Independence – get to work Judge, and leave the public sector alone. The best religion is persuasion, not force. Jesus did it, try it, Judge.

And so the Cardinal compared gay folks with the KKK – and this is but one of the various assaults upon us. Oh, not physical, not so much, just occasionally a little bullying – though some politicians and religious figures now call for us to be rounded up and incarcerated, and our very smooching made a felony – which is a bit of physicality, violence even, no? Yet, the hazing of heteros to join a club is illegal in every state – while hazing a homo is to be allowed in a public school, trying to learn and grown up to make something of himself. This is somehow to be permitted, if all the hub hub of the “stop the homosexuals stop us beating them up” school of thought is followed.

And it’s said, repeatedly, that supposedly we’re out to destroy the family and civilization itself by the simple recognition that for some reason known only to God Himself are there those of us persistent few who simply say we and only we are the gay folks and leave us the hell alone and deal with us and accept us into the commonwealth. But no, these fundamentalist and Catholics are calling us a threat to society – and call our very defense of ourselves as whom we are and of right ought to be as an attack upon them.

The major difference, my dear Cardinal George – ye with the “fine man” of a gay nephew – of whom you have spoken publicly and lauded as simply wonderful in the very same session while you call him “intrinsically evil” – your very sister’s son, her oldest (so much for the birth order theory, eh?) – of which you utter both sentiments in an astoundingly willfully blind hypocrisy as glaring as the space between Rome and Tahiti – the difference, sir, between gay folks and the KKK is that we seek your friendship. We seek our inclusion. We welcome you to our gatherings, to share some common ground. We seek your blessing, even. We seek your final understanding that God, in His wisdom, put the same tiny percentage of gay folks in the midst of you all, and all over the world, in every society, in every culture, in every place on God’s great starship of Earth. And that you then accommodate us to the degree that is necessary for us to stop this defense of ourselves against nothing more than your attack upon us for reasons we cannot understand. You are the KKK sir, not us.

We seek your comity with us in society. We seek your purpose, even those of us who are not Catholic, and I am not, there are Catholic gay folks – gay folks seek the very reason for your being – a shepherd to the flock. And Jesus, sir, and gay folks like Him, brought people together, and commanded “Love thy fellow man.” And you do not. You despise gay folks. You resent our being. Oh, well, too friggin’ bad, here we are – and a Happy New Year to you – but you folks, KKK, Fundamentalists and you Catholics, are brewing a constitutional crisis over gay folks – for you all are calling for a genocide of sorts to be enshrined in law. You are wishing for a Medieval pogrom to convert or slaughter gay folks – it’s obvious to any who listen to the likes of the  Bachmanns, Rick Santorum, Maggie Gallagher, Peter Sprigg, and yourself – the entire constellation of people who simply want no gay folks to exist or rear our heads in society. You want us gone. And you will fail.

But more to the point, to the reality of my personal existence this very New Year, the beginning of our really intense time of political posturing as the presidential election gears up to head splitting mush, 2012 is going to be a very gay year. Not a political race in the nation will go without the question: “what about the gays?” It’s impossible this political go-round to escape this reality. And the conclusion legally and politically will be soon upon us: with nothing against gay folks, and a way to include us. Even those who are fighting this reality have lost already. It’s a rearguard retreat, a rout even. For this very moment millions of gay folks are talking to people who really matter in such a decision. And that is our families. Law? We don’t need to stinkin’ law. We have simply gone home for the holidays and said “Now, com’n, what some in the GOP propose to do is ridiculous.” And our families are agreeing. You politicians cannot stop this. You cannot make – as you must do to succeed in your nefarious plan – our families reject us anymore.

And this being a new year, and thus a time for a new start, and resolutions – you, Cardinal George, should resolve to say nice things about gay folks, as your position demands of you by the faith of Jesus, and not the Pope in Rome. And you should look into your nephew’s eyes and tell him he’s “Evil” and the “KKK” and a “threat to family.” Do it at the family New Year’s dinner. And if that doesn’t change your heart, well, then, there’s no hope for you in Jesus. You should retire and go to some monastery to repent of your miscreant thoughts and hypocrisy and refusal to recognize reality: we are a cog in the wheel of our families, and we are the exact opposite of what you blindly believe we are. Resolve, sir, to be decent and get a grip on reality. Have a Happy New Year, too.


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