The Dirge Remains the Same

So, I take a month off from posting — and good that was — and I was so far out in the rural precincts of Mississippi that there was no news, no internet, no newspapers and what a fine thing that was — and I come back to find the same nonsense going on. The puny members of the Republican presidential sweepstakes still lumber along with not a blessed new idea and the Democrats still want to tax the “rich” into oblivion and give the money to some other rich people that are their friends — for as is apparent: Democratic Party rich big wigs are wooonnndddeeeerrrffffuuullll and Republican Party rich big wigs are, of course, evil, no doubt. There is no end to the hypocrisy there, indeed.

I see that Herman Cain has more or less dropped out of the race — something about his family values being askew, and the lies and hypocrisy just too deep a chasm for him to jump across. Of course, he made the choice to cheat on his wife and abandon his kids, and lie to the public, and treat women as mere sex outlets and objects — while still blithely accusing us gay folks of whatever “immorality” he thinks we’re doing — nothing like nonsensical nonsense to destroy a presidential campaign, eh?

Santorum is still blaming gay folks for everything wrong in the nation — in his mad delusion — though where he keeps getting the money to keep up his desultory campaign when he’s still in the 1 to 2 percent popularity range is not said. Indeed — where does he get the rather substantial funds to keep up the traveling around the nation getting succor from gay flight attendants, gay hotel clerks and gay waiters while he keeps up his steady drumbeat of “arrest all of them and incarcerate them for the rest of their lives” is hard to say. Perhaps the Catholic Church funds him. I have yet to hear a Kennedyesque speech from him about how he will not push the Pope’s plans on America — for he, alas, actually wants to push the Pope’s plans. I would imagine in some sort of anti-American values program he will rush off to Rome to get his marching orders. I can’t imagine anyone with a brain is donating to him the million or two or more every month it must take to keep on the hustings.

Michelle Bachmann is also apparently still running, as is Rich Perry — Lord knows why, for they stand the snowball’s chance in hell of getting into the office — but still, there they are, spending like drunken sailors and just as productively. Perhaps they are pushing book sales and a claim to some cabinet position, or angling for the Vice-Presidency. From just a cursory glance at their policy proscriptions it is to alter nothing but the peaceful existence of gay folks and arrest us all for the good of the nation. If they are that delusional thank heavens they are going nowhere. But what else do they offer? I can’t figure it out at all — “values” is what they say, while being very factually incorrect on a daily basis that even I can’t keep track.

Then there’s the newly Catholic hypocrite Newt Gingrich — and the Church and he in unholy bedroom hypocrisy by being multi-times divorced yet in good standing with the Church which claims that divorced folks have no business in the Church — but that Popish bunch has never had a problem with the foibles of mankind so long as it keeps the coffers filled and the archbishops with enough cash to pay off the kiddy-molesting claims which have not gone away yet, and lord knows they need tons of money for that — 1/2 the dioceses in the nation have declared bankruptcy already, I do believe. He is of course, well versed with the Democratic Party program of ever more massive government since he likes the Global Warming garbage as I froze my tuckus off there in Mississippi and now in Pennsylvania — can we say “garbage”? Sure we can.Turn up the heat for heaven’s sake, and stop telling me there’s going to be palm trees in Central Park NYC before long if we don’t turn off the economy.

And apparently Mitt Romney is still floating around waiting for the rest to just go away and he be the anointed one because he has been around the longest and is next in line, like heir apparent to Louis XIV — that being the XV, who was his great grandson after all, the son and grandson having died during the 75 years ol’ Louis was on the throne. Does Mitt have a clue as to what is to be done? Nope. And it seems he is Obama lite. Oh well, so much for the “difference” between the two political parties.

Meanwhile, I hear tell that Obama is just waiting around for the erstwhile Republicans to self-destruct, which they do apace or faster, and he thinks he’s going to get a second term no matter what he does, and how he goes back on every single campaign promise he made, and how he bollixed up the economy so bad that the unemployment rate remains the same — oh, no, it “falls” because less people give a damn to look for a job, so they go to the social welfare programs to survive in their new found poverty, and since the Democrats love the poor, they say, they are making as many as they can, so they can be oh so helpful, indeed, and keep their perks — And then he says he’s got a commission and a plan, so that he can fight the deficit by keeping up his $1.5 trillion a year in deficit spending and bleating about taking every dime from the rich and giving it to his cronies on Wall Street.

Perhaps one such crony, Jon Corzine, can escape the wrath which should come down upon him for losing a Trillion Bucks or so in his failed scheme to make money off the hemorrhage that is known as the EuroZone — which I read in a Newsweek is supposedly quite necessary to the United States — sure, in the way bullets are required for Russian Roulette, without a doubt. We should be getting far away from Europe, not sidling up to them. For they are going down, for the same reason that Obama’s Trillion and a Half Buck deficits are going to wreck this country – for it is axiomatic in math and finance that one simply cannot spend twice what one earns for very long. Oh sure, a year or two — but forever? No, it cannot be done.

Alas, the politicians of the world have jumped on the Hapsburg Concept — which is to keep building palaces in the hope that the poor and the workers, the taxpayers and the regular people will be impressed with their majesties, and thus try a little harder so that more taxes might be paid — for the blessed poor are encouraged to become the evil rich — though why a blessed person would wish now to become an evil person is not often said — and yet perhaps though, that’s why so few are trying — for why work hard for wealth when the politicians have already said they will take it — and as Marie Theresa said about Schonbrun, that 1000 room edifice in Vienna — “it’s economic development.” Sure, sure it is, in the same way that burning $20 bills taken out of one’s wallet helps you to encourage thyself to get thee to work in the morn, and earn some more.

China, I saw briefly on CNN while awaiting a plane the other day, is still slowly collapsing as the state run banks lend funny money to the state run enterprises and the state run oil company and the state run everything keeps swishing the money around the incense pot in the hopes that the stench of their rotten economy based on the rest of the world buying trinkets continues to erect empty skyscrapers that do look nice on the skyline. Alas, as Europe, and then America, go further in the doldrums, poor China will learn all about free trade, which they are loath to practice, since apparently the word “free trade” is not translatable into Mandarin or Han, and only “we make funny money” is approximate to the concept.

Meanwhile, Arab North Africa is a seething mess of violence and revolution as the various players in the game of “Who wants to be the next president-for-life” continues. Well, yes, it often does take a year or two for the music to stop and to see who is left sitting in the chairs and who went crashing to the floor. Of course, the Swiss are busy making sure that the ill-gotten billions of stolen wealth is kept well hidden in Zurich and Bern, lest the Swiss banks run into trouble themselves. Can’t be giving back ill-gotten gains, now can we? No we cannot — they never have. Hell, the Swiss still can’t find old Mrs. Rosenblum’s $100,000 French Francs she tried to hide before she was hustled off to the killing camps of Adolph. Something about a lost password, it is said.

What other mess is the world in? On the usual. Nothing much has changed. Most people are oblivious. Most people don’t seem to even care, for they are sure the government will bail them out and the appropriate people be blamed. Why, mortgage holders who can’t pay them are now clamoring for the government to take money from those who can pay their mortgages and give it to them, so that all the  mortgage holders will be unable to pay any mortgages, but keep their houses, and perhaps the money supply inflated just enough to make it look like there’s enough money while the banks are given bailouts to cover the mortgages not collected, and everyone lives happily ever after in communist bliss, perhaps.

All I can say it was nice to be away from it all, and I might well stay away some more. For never before have I seen so many so befuddled and so clueless, and so willingly so, and so bereft of logic and reality as I have among friends and family and complete strangers I meet on the net and in real life as I have in these times.

It’s simple really: every government on earth is spending every dime they can manufacture, borrow, print and cajole out of their economies and the economy next door, such that the governments of the world are spending $2 or $3 in funny money for every $1 in real wealth — just like happened in the time leading up to the Great Depression — apparently it is still true that you can fool most of the people all the time — and well, it’s going to collapse, and get ugly, and well, enjoy it while it lasts — and when the stuff hits the fan, oh my, not pretty — but, the Great Correction will be a wholesome cleansing of the balance books of companies and politician alike, and then maybe,  just maybe, we can all get back to living within our means and not promising everything to everyone so that we can enjoy the gravy train before the ultimate financial collapse.

I tell these things to people, and I put it into start human terms: how long can you spend $40,000 a year when you only earn $20,000? Or better, for how long can you spend $40 for every $20 you earn before the fan is hit with stuff? Oh, I don’t care what your goals and desires are — reality interferes with such things. I don’t care how you want to help the poor — it is how the poor are to be helped that is the issue. I love it when everyone is happy, and wealth is spread, but alas, it must be done on a 2+2=4 basis — and not on a 2+2=8 basis. You can argue all day long what the priorities are — but the math is irreducible to dreams, and is rock solid, and immutable.

And I see precious few folks, on any side of the political divides, which seem to see this. I’m happy though; I’m a survivor, and quite the reasonable fellow, and so I shall be invited to advise and help those without the brains, and I shall make money. I think there was a song about that — let me think: “You got the brawn, I got the brains, let’s make lots of money.” The question is, whom shall I assist and for what price? And who shall simply flounder and cry and collapse. Go read Gone With The Wind — for that time is coming, and Reconstruction is going to be good for some, and terrible for the rest.


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  1. All said and done I would take Democrats over facist,dominionist, corporate Republicans who are more like nazi,s Hitler outlawed gay people in 1933, outlawed abortion in 1936 and unions, the christian churches of germany loved hitler for his pro family and moral values, the nazi,s and republicans were both right wing political party,s

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