Shutting down this blog in the next 48/72 hours

It has been my life long mission to help any and all who need it — but I expect a sense of decency and respect, and an occasional “Thank you,”  — or at least a modicum of understanding – and lo, this is not what I find these days. These last few days have seen the most egregious nastiness by the 89 year old WWII vet I help — — I gave up two years of my life to help this man, and yet to hear a friggin’ “thanks”  — and in this time, repeatedly, I have been excoriated by this man — and well, he can do what the hell he thinks needs doing — but I’m not going to take it. There’s a limit. A strict limit. I am a courteous decent man, understanding of all foibles of any man — but sometimes, things go to far.

They have gone too far. The elderly man I help — and gave up two years of my life to assist — is simply demanding I live according to his dictates — yeah, well, that won’t work. He’s a WWII Navy Vet — and he just sunk his ship. I’m fed up. So I called a friend in rural Mississippi — he will come pick me up within 72 hours — and I will be gone from here. During this time, at this house in Baton Rouge, I had time to blog and commentate , I enjoyed it — and well, I’m done. It’s not the first time I’m fed up — and the people who attack me think they can do so because I “have no other options” — hahahaha! — No one has a clue as to my resources and abilities. They think I am simply beholden to them and thus shall kiss their ass or else — and it’s their else or tuckus. And I shall thus suffer their nastiness  and demands and STFU — hahahaha! — They have no clue.

Throughout my life I have met these sorts of people — and just as quickly as I appeared — I disappear – and they never know what hits them — other than the reality that this Hlavac has more friends, family and resources to simply whoosh my way away to wherever — than they ever thought possible. They are always like, “How can he do that?” Let me tell you — I got a brain!

Now is one such time. Blah. I’m just pissed.

I will not be harassed, or harangued, for the good of some friggin’ jerk who seems to think I am dependent on anyone. Oh no. There was long ago a test in Readers Digest: “can you move to a city where you know no one with just a $100 bucks in your pocket ” — hahahaha I’ve done it with less than $50 and still made it — I am a cockroach, with survival skills like no other. And without “Occupying” anything by demanding sustenance — but finding new ways and means.

And so — until I figure something else out — this might be my last post in a few weeks, who knows, maybe months — I don’t need this — I got a life.

I just find it strange that some folks — all safely ensconced in their homes for decades — so stable, they say – think that I’m an idiot because I disagree with them and I don’t own a house right now. Well, then, let me say – hahahaha!

So, this might well be the last post for a while, and I don’t care — if folks want to be smug-self morons they are entitled to do so — but there is no requirement upon me to aid and abet them. Oh, they think their smugness is the ruling dictate, eh? hahahaha!

Well, you all with survive — so will I. Cheers — tally ho.

We’ll see what happens — but some folks need be taught a lesson — and I aim to teach it.

Jim Hlavac


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