November 19th, 1989: Occupy Prague FOR Capitalism

So, you say you want to start a revolution, eh? My my, how forgetful our US media has been this week. For while they and the Democratic politicians galore keep gushing on about the “Occupy Wall Street” few hundreds living in squalid camps, something else entirely happened ½ a world away 22 years ago this very week.

Czechs, um, Occupied Prague, and every other city, town and burg in that country of my heritage, to demand exactly the opposite of what our pitiful few loons demand. The Czechs knew the “Glories” and “wonders” of Communism – and they were fed up and weren’t going to take it anymore.

So they got themselves to the streets. Here’s a little gallery: – wow – without the help of the media and politicians I assure you — quite against the stern “don’t to that” from the government.

And here’s the NYTimes, a billionaire company to say the least, of late enamored of rabble which is against billionaire companies, reporting just two years ago:

My my, was a difference a year or two can make eh? Has the Times compared the Occupying of New York with the Occupying of Prague? I doubt it. Goes against the meme.

And not just Prague, no, but Berlin, Warsaw, Bucharest, Sofia, on and on through the Eastern Block people fed up with socialism rose up as one and took to the streets simply demanding their nations back from an unruly 1% – the Communist Party. I concentrate on Prague, for I know it best. My cousins were there in this throng – and they have been telling me of late that they are laughing and scorning the few idiots here in America calling for Socialism and Communism and Anarchy, even some for the Nazi party to come to power. Egad. And celebrities here celebrate this? Are they out of their minds?

Here, look, even at night, come to Occupy Vaclav Square:

And will our media compare these two “Revolutions”? Doubtful – they are agog over the Occupy Wall Street, and seek to start it up again, I’m sure. So that the millionaire news readers (they are not reporters,) working for billionaire media companies can agitate FOR people who are AGAINST millionaires and billionaires – and the poor fools who support the OWS crud are oblivious to that reality.

Here, some more pictures of a real people’s movement – of 99% indeed:

Those are called “Patriots” – when they carry the national flag by the hundreds, held high – not this trample under feet and use as bandanas to hide faces anti-Americanism of the rabble of Occupy here.

There, that’s a crowd, eh? How many 100s of thousands? At a moment’s notice – for Liberty, for big banks, (hell, any banks,) for real rights, for smaller government, for corporations, for capitalism – and diametrically opposed to everything our Occupy groups are for.

There, a true leader, Vaclav Havel, come to meet the jubliation –

while Nancy Pelosi, Warren Buffett, Barack Obama, and the rest of the Democrats speak from afar about how “wonderful” the Occupy Wall Street movement is. They wish they had such crowds on their side. They do not.

I guess the Democratic Party wants a bit of rabble in the streets for the good of the people. I dare say, they’d freak if some Tea Party groups this size showed up – oh yes, they did – when the Beck March on Washington – they were dismissive and nasty.

What a bunch of friggin’ hypocrites – and the fools among my friends who bought into this “Occupy Wall Street” nonsense? I feel sort of sorry for them. They live in a delusional world where Capitalism is “evil” while their own Democratic party ladles out the pork, graft, loans, corruption and crony bucks like there’s no tomorrow.

Egad, what a world of forgetful people so many Americans are.



  1. what has the republican party done for the people of this country,nothing, they cater to the wealthy and A extreme form of christianity called domminionism, which also believes that the average person should have nothing.Canada is such A successful country because they didn,t have A facist political party called republicans, gods and guns and the rich are what republicans are about.

    • Oh Robert, if you poke around here enough you will see me rail against the Republican party and it’s fundamentalist lunacy — in between picking on the Democrats — I have been calling them the Demopublican Party for decades — I despise both. Fear not sir, I well see the dangers and hypocrisy on “both” sides of the aisle, trust me on that. 🙂

      And go ask Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Nancy Pelosi about the “rich” Republicans — the three are Democrats – the two richest men in the land, and the #3 Democrat — ask John Kerry about his riches. It’s the hypocrisy sir, the hypocrisy of both.

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