Sen. Cornyn: Gay marriage increases deficit. Really?

Nothing like deficit hypocrisy from a senator to brighten one’s day.  In the discussion heterosexual senators, representatives, and political figures of all kinds are having on whether gay couples – which exist – should be recognized in law, I have heard many weird arguments. Senator Cornyn threw out one that is a real corker. Here’s the report:

During a Senate committee hearing on repeal of the Defense of Marriage (DOMA), Cornyn noted his opposition to eliminating the 1996 law that bars federal agencies and the military from recognizing the legal marriages of gay and lesbian couples by stating repeal would increase the national debt. He also questioned the motivations of Democrats, who stood united to pass the bill out of committee.”

How so sir? First, oh, sure, question the motivations of the Democrats – I do, certainly – and that is the primary nature of politics – to question the motives of the opposition to whatever it is you seek to do or not do. I question yours, Senator, I do. But did the Democrats wait until they knew the bill would never pass? Sure. Did Feinstein do it because she’s from San Francisco and could use a few gay votes? Sure. Did the Democrats pander to the gays? Sure. It’s obvious pandering.

And lo, it’s working too – all the gay blogs are rhapsodic about this silly exercise where Senator Feinstein admits candidly that she doesn’t even have the votes to pass the measure in the full senate – her own Democrats are opposed to repeal of DOMA – so what she found a few who were willing to essentially pass a piece of toilet paper over their hypocritical faces and hand it to us as a “victory”? I can’t help it if so many gay folks are silly on the issue.

Here, from a different article on the matter: “However, passage in the committee looks to be as far as the bill will get any time soon. Feinstein has said she doesn’t have the votes for Senate passage. And the issue is a non-starter in the House, where its speaker, John Boehner, a Republican from Ohio, has approved up to $1.5 million to defend the law in court.”

Oh my, look John Boehner is spending $1.5 million gay tax dollars to save the deficit! Geez, to pay for a lawsuit against yourself is very aggravating, you know. And oh my, Democrats themselves are not happy to support the bill – and the Democrats could easily pass it – they control the Senate.

Maybe, Mr. Cornyn if you went to Chatham Borough New Jersey to speak to Bruce Harris, the African-American gay guy who is the new Republican mayor there, to learn how to pander to the gay community for the votes you no doubt desperately need to make sure you get a Republican president to cut the deficits you would win. Alas, Mr. Cornyn is now so very concerned about the deficit, so he will maintain the hurt, because it’s good for the nation. Nothing like inequality before the law for the public purse.

Sure, he’s concerned. Like this; he’s from Texas, and he makes sure that the 1917 Emergency Mohair Act keeps pumping $150,000,000 a year into making sure we have mohair for the Howitzer shells that haven’t been made since the 1920s. Give me a break – you don’t give a damn about the deficit, sir.

Here’s your deficit concern – and you pandering to whomever you like – here’s your earmarks: $2,730,000 in 2010 – $126,376,000 over the course of your years in the Senate. You are responsible for $300,000,000 in pork, probably more – and now you aim to fry us because you think we’ll add to the deficit? Laughable. Why, at least cut the $300 million – which is, truth be told, all gay tax dollars – every single last penny of that mush you ladled out from your slush fund is a tax dollar paid by a gay citizen. Cut that – use it to “fund” gay marriage’s “increase in the budget” – and then you’ll be all for gay marriage? Hahaha! Geez, give the real reason for heaven’s sake.

More from the article:

Repealing the Defense of Marriage Act would actually result in an expansion of federal benefits and spending at a time when we know that federal spending is way out of control and our entitlement programs are unsustainable. Repealing the Defense of Marriage Act would actually increase the cost of Social Security that’s already insolvent,” Cornyn said. “No one has paid into the Social Security system expecting benefits to be paid to same-sex couples”

Oh really? No one? I dare say every last gay citizen of this nation expects exactly that – and bizarrely – we are demanding that our expectations be met – and you, sir, are preventing us from benefiting from our own tax dollars. Every penny that gay citizens pay into Social Security we expect to get back – just like every other citizen. Indeed, since we pay at the single rate, and often in two income households, and with nary a child credit or deduction to be used – we pay more in taxes.

I’m sure that we’ve paid in more than enough over the decades and all that money is safely in Al Gore’s lock box of Social Security – there already is plenty of money to “pay” this imagined increase in government expense. And how could it increase payouts of Social Security when gay couples would almost certainly be two income taxpayers and thus would get their own Social Security based on their contributions (or your take, as it were,) which I do believe even hetero married couples can do, to get more in benefits.

Oh, no, that’s right – you were busy spending up a deficit like a drunken sissy in the French Quarter at Mardi Gras. You even “borrowed” – required the borrowing by law even – all the cash in Social Security and left behind an unpayable IOU. You took our gay tax dollars and spent it on hetero problems like, oh, children and unwed mothers and food stamps and lord knows what.

And you don’t even provide any figures – how much money is going to be miraculously added to the deficit? A billion, two billion? Why, you’re the very sort of person who thinks there’s only 2 or 3 million gay folks – and thus could only be 1.5 million couples if we all get married in the morning. Suppose, by your wondrous calculations, each gay couple costs $1,000 – somehow, who knows, perhaps a few less in tax dollars collected from the joint returns – that’s $1,500,000,000. Let’s double that, to include the lesbians, and any gay guys we might have missed in the ridiculous phone surveys used to find out how many of us there are. That would be $3 billion bucks.

I dare say, gay folks have paid $100 billion a year in taxes for decades – supporting heteros with the problems of the heterosexual lifestyle. Hell, we pay for the divorce courts, Mr. Cornyn, so that your buddies like Newt and Trump can access them freely and often for the sanctity of marriage. Why should we be “subsidizing” heterosexuals? Give us a tax break, so we keep our money – and you pay for your hetero ways.

And surely, now that this is your announced concern that a measly $3 billion, maybe, laughably, virtually impossibly, gay marriage would add to the deficit – so, as soon as the $1.5 Trillion dollar deficits are gotten under control and the budget balanced – you will vote to repeal this law? You don’t say! Well, then, let’s get cracking on that deficit then. Hurry, or we’ll all go broke.

Even more amazing – since in only 6 states is there gay marriage – you wouldn’t even have all the gay couples you fear will so detrimentally impact the public purse. And, even getting rid of DOMA doesn’t do anything – there would still be positive inclusive laws and regulations to be passed and written – rather then simply the negative ones.

Even more hypocritically, sir, your own party has people within it who would be oh so willing to outlaw sissy smooching again and make us all felons – arrest us all, haul us into court to convict us, build the prisons and hire the guards, and incarcerate us forever – and a cost of $100s of billions of dollars. To triple or quadruple the current prisoner population of America would be an astounding detriment to the deficit. Not to mention the extraordinary loss of maybe $700 billion in economic activity and the attendant taxes. What the hell would that do to the deficit? Why, that would severely impact the budget, yes? Yes.

Here, this idiot – he’s a Republican, here’s what he says is the reason you voted against it:

Tony Perkins, as quoted at:

“Today’s vote disrespects Americans across the country who want to protect marriage as the union of one man and one woman – and have done as much in the 31 states who have passed statewide referenda in favor of marriage. It will also require Americans in every state to subsidize homosexual couples by using tax dollars to provide them with federal benefits.

This man, the very proud engineer of DOMA, wants to simply spray some gay-be-gone – he doesn’t even consider us citizens or Americans at all — and he doesn’t give a damn what it costs to get rid of us. Neither does Santorum, Bachmann, and even your own governor Rick Perry – he’s said he wouldn’t mind rounding us all up in a theocratic police state so heteros can continue their wanton sex addictions and produce unwanted babies by the millions, and the rapes, and child abuse, and the poverty from being unwed mothers, etc, etc. He’s another moron who doesn’t think gay folks pay taxes. And since far more gay men are entrepreneurs and small business owners and self-employed – we pay both the employee and employer portions of Social Security.

Spare me the nonsense, gentlemen. Sstate your real reasons – you just don’t want gay folks to exist – and you’d gladly add billions to the deficit if you thought it would get rid of us.


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  1. Karl Fenn

    I wonder why this gay rights issue was brought up at this time of economic
    trouble, surely if you think about it, taking our thoughts of the far more serious
    issues facing us, like people starving and freezing in middle england, where
    are you on this Mr Cameron, we can’t hear you.

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