The Demolition Brigade vs. The Wrecking Crew

A friend’s friend recommend a book to me – “The Wrecking Crew; how Conservatives rule” by Thomas Frank of the NY Times (a company owned by billionaires mind you.) That poor benighted fool of a man cracked me up – it is one of the funniest political books I ever read. Here, from page five, about the evil Republicans: “… and they have deliberately piled up an Everest of debt in order to force the government into crisis.” Really?

If the “evil conservatives” did this with a mere $500 billion deficit one year – all the rest were smaller – what will Mr. Frank call Obama’s $1.5 trillion dollar crony capitalism and big bank bailouts deficits? Three years running, too. What shall Mr. Frank’s new book be called? “The Demolition Brigade; how the Liberals rule”? Sure, that would be a good title.

But he seems to have this very strange view that the Democrats are some pillars of virtue and the Republicans are out to wreck the place. What a ninny. Oh, lambaste Republicans all day long, I don’t care – but be consistent – lambaste Democrats who do the same. Hypocrisy is ill befitting decent discourse on the perils of our times.

From the very first page Mr. Frank laments the “Conservatives” earmarks: Really? Here, look, fact:


Mazie Harono Democrat of Hawaii was Number One in the earmark department: $6,053,000 in one year – $149,769,900 over the career in Congress.

Number two on the list: Earl Pomeroy, Democrat of North Dakota – $11,750,000 in one year – total congressional career: $148,376,350

Yes, Number 4 is C.W. Bill Young, Republican of Florida – $30,600,000 and $128,573,000

Number 5: Stephanie Herseth Sandlin – Democrat! Of Colorado: $11,378,900 and $118,399,150

Jim Moran, Democrat of Virginia, Number 6 on the list – $36,565,000 and $109,740,000

(weirdly, there is no Number 3 listed, I don’t know why – but here’s the last I’ll look at:)

Norm Dicks – Democrat! Ta da! He’s Number 7 – $31,843,000 and $107,553,500

So, 5 of the top 6 listed Earmarkers, the 1% if you will – contrary to our erstwhile reporter’s very first page opening contention – were Democrats – during the first year of the Obama presidency.

Can we cut with the friggin’ hypocrisy already?

Go occupy your minds, everyone, with principles, consistency and logic, along with some facts and figures – and try to stop bleating about the rich, cronies, earmarks and debt on one side while loving the rich, cronies, earmarks and debt on the other. I despise both sets, always have.


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