Let’s Occupy Obama’s crony Corzine’s greedy life

So, Obama’s top fundraiser, Jon Corzine – a Democrat of extraordinary proportions, even former governor of New Jersey – bankrupted a $41 Billion company. What’s that about evil rich Republicans?

Not only did he bankrupt the firm – but appears he just added 1,066 people to the unemployed – just in time for the Holidays! Why, the heartless cad – where is the outrage? No where, absolutely no where. Not a millionaire news reporter on the billionaire networks seems to have a word of outrage at the greed of this powerful 1%er firmly in the establishment of the Democratic Party.

Or maybe we shouldn’t care about the now ex-employees – for they are all “greedy bankers,” no? And the rich who lost money on the MF Capital scandal coming – who cares? Not me, frankly. They made stupid investments, they lost – that’s called “capitalism.” Seems to be working fine – one big evil greedy bank filled with greedy bankers is gone! Poof! Maybe the Occupiers can move into the empty offices for a Victory Party and a little warmth through the Winter.

And supposedly, in the scandal developing – some $700 million is missing from client accounts. The auditors and the Fed authorities are looking into what is turning into a possible mega-fraud of astounding proportions – right up their with Madoff and the rest of the scoundrels.

Corzine is supposedly worth hundreds of millions of dollars – he’s a Goldman Sachs ex-partner – he should, by rights, give his vast fortune to all the people newly unemployed. By his party’s own expressed political ideals – and its blazing support of the anti-greed Occupy few – the wealthy should give up their cash to those less fortunate. Here’s two stories, pretty much the same, about the unhappiness among the 1,066 who were “screwed,” as they said:



I wonder how many were Democratic contributors? That would be some sweet comeuppance – some must be – Mr. Obama keeps going to New York – to Wall Street banks – and the palatial homes of Billionaire Democrats giving to his campaign funds.

Even funnier, (oh, I can’t stop laughing!): http://www.jammiewf.com/2011/slapfight-ows-clowns-upset-over-jay-z-cashing-in-on-t-shirts/ a multimillionaire Rapper, one Jay Z – goes down to Occupy against greed – and promptly makes money! And won’t share the proceeds I’m sure. Hahaha! Fools.

And I read here http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1111/68154.html that Colin Powell says we should “listen” to the Occupiers – about what, pray tell? They are protesting the very existence of banks and the political system of the nation. They are protesting the very greed of Colin Powell – another man who has made tens of millions of dollars. And a “Republican” who supports Obama, too! And Bush, having appointed Powell, and Condolezza Rice, both very, um, of African heritage one way or the other – because Republicans are, of course, “racist” as “everyone knows.” Geez, give me a break.

Sure, it’s one thing to say, as Powell did, that “Americans have always protested.” And no one is arguing that the protestors shouldn’t protest – but surely there’s a difference between protesting some new law or some new policy – but to protest against everything? And move into public parks for months to do it? And to have some rather sordid characters populate the place? And then break a few windows every now and then? Really?

Then we find too, that the Occupiers and the supporters of their goals — whatever they are, communism, anarchy, who knows? – are against Wall Street greed – but then comfortably put themselves into the political party which is filled with greedy Wall Street grandees? Amazing.

I find it astonishing that many of my friends were against the $500 billion deficit of George Bush’s last year. And what was that money spent on? Strangely – to some degree – prescription drug benefits to the elderly. Yes, “evil” Bush and the Republicans voted to give seniors cheaper drugs, because they want to kill off the seniors or something – most of whom supposedly vote Republican. Nothing like killing off your own voters, eh? They also sent a few billion to African nations to combat AIDS among the heterosexuals there – because they’re “racists” no doubt. And Obama? Well, he cut the funding to the International AIDS programs, swell guy for his own heritage.

But well and good that the Bush deficits were horrible – I was appalled – I said “Nothing good can come of this.” It’s too obvious – look at Europe – dozens of countries wallowing in sovereign debt – all because of “free” this and “free” that for the good of the people at the behest of Socialist governments. And now, the Eurozone is going belly up – and the Euro is about to crash – and MF Capital invested heavily – apparently all of its eggs in the Euro debt – and poof! Gone! My my. And the big banks of Europe – they’re going to suffer.

Oh well, don’t lend to government – any student of Medieval history could tell you that lending money to the king is often not a good idea. Weirdly, ½ of Europe still has kings and queens – sure, royalty, what a pip, eh? Democrats just love Europe and the royalty and the “Free” stuff. Talk about loving the 1% eh? Royalty is 1% indeed.

I also predicted back in 2000, when the Euro came into being: “If it lasts 10 years I’d be amazed.” And lo, it might be 11 years, and so I was a year off. Italy is about to default on its bonds and loans – they simply cannot extract enough money out of the populace to pay off the debt. What will they do? Get ready for many rich bankers to take a beating – and politicians rushing to bailout the banks – with more borrowed money, no less. Crazy, eh? But politicians promising all the “free” stuff have to somehow pay for it. And they have no blessed clue as to what to do. They admit as much.

Spain, often touted by the Democrats as a wondrous country for they invested billions in wind power – and now what? The wind turbines don’t provide the energy required – the country is deeply mired in debt – deficits in the billions of Euros – and the unemployment rate hovering at 20%. Ditto Portugal, Greece, Ireland – simply unable to pay off the debt to the banks or the bond holders. Many of the bond holders are the Unions of course – for Unions wouldn’t invest in evil capitalist corporations, would they? Wouldn’t that be against their very principles? Or do they have any principles?

Jimmy Hoffa and Trumpka – leaders of the Unions are multimillionaires – their workers facing higher prices, more unemployment, higher taxes, foreclosures – what a party for the workers! Here you go: http://shine.yahoo.com/shine-food/most-expensive-thanksgiving-dinner-ever-super-savers-guide-180200325.html – yes, “Most expensive Thanksgiving” – thanks for giving billions to cronies, Democrats! Way to go! And what do the greedy Mr. Hoffa and greedy Mr. Trumpka – fine Democrats indeed – say: Occupy! Yes, well, let’s go Occupy the Union offices – plenty of greed there, I’m sure.

And if George Bush’s deficit to pay prescription drug costs for the elderly are terrible – how bad could the $1.5 trillion dollar deficits three years running by Obama possibly be? Why, it’s mind numbing – and we shall perhaps go like Greece and Spain and belly up. What a fine mess. And what did Obama’s deficits spring from? Why – bailouts. Not a poor person got a dime. Not one single “social” payment was upped, or doubled – hell, even the scrawny 2% or 3% COLA to Social Security was eliminated. But Obama must love the poor – there’s more of them – the numbers in poverty has climbed to the highest since the Johnson presidency’s “War on Poverty” started.

Obama and his Democratic crony Corzine and $25 million Pelosi and the $300 million dollar John Kerry and the cushy corruption of Christopher Dodd (he too is under investigation, for his crony deals.) – bailed out every bank and corporation they could find to take the money. Some even had to fight off taking it – so insistent were the Democrats that borrowing $1.5 trillion and giving it to their friends was a good move for the economy. Where is the rage?

No where, there is no rage – what there is is crony capitalism of astounding proportions by Democrats who are said to very against crony capitalism. And some attack on the Tea Party because they are against the crony capitalism, the deficits and the bailouts. Not to mention probably attacking my new hero, Bruce Harris, the African-American gay guy who got himself elected in tiny Chatham Borough New Jersey for being some sort of “sell out” instead of praise for being a tad more “rational.”


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