America’s new African-American Gay Republican Mayor

Well, then, at this site: yesterday I read this:

“First Openly Gay, African-American Republican Mayor: At least that’s what we think happened when Bruce Harris was elected mayor of Chatham Borough, New Jersey.”

Which led to this:

 “Bruce Harris was elected mayor of Chatham Borough, N.J. He’s likely the nation’s first openly gay, African American, Republican mayor.”

And well, it’s rather astonishing no? First, there’s the old joke about boys named Bruce, which is the beginning of the long trail of irony this Mr. Harris has given to the nation.

What we have is an anomaly of enormous proportions despite the probably small place the man will run as mayor. I have no idea where this place is, other than Jersey, and I don’t plan on looking it up, I don’t care; it’s unimportant.

But here’s a ringing endorsement of the man – which shows he’s even more amazing:

Appears the man is an Environmentally Friendly Republican – which is something else that supposedly doesn’t exist.

What we have is simply something that should not have happened if the current meme that All Republicans are “racists” and “homophobes” is true. It’s impossible for the contention to stand. And any big wig Republican with a brain should be running down to Chatham and meet the man. I’d say every single last Republican presidential candidate should go have a photo op with this guy. Won’t happen, but hey, one can dream of a little rationality from time to time right?

And surely Governor Christie should rush to meet the man – a fellow Republican right there in his own state. Why, might even get Mr. Christie to rethink his stands and ideas on gay folks and what actually makes for gay Republicans and see if any more might be found.

But let’s look further at the reports of our amazing new mayor: both are brief, and essentially the same words rearranged. But look deeper and there’s a few surprises. First, it’s such an anomaly that boxturtle, a somewhat Liberal site – they don’t seem to cover economics or policy as such, but 90% cater to news of gay people or about gay folks, so I don’t know – knowing gay men, though, I’d say the leaders there are probably liberal – they say: “at least that’s what we think happened.” Yes, well, apparently it did – what is there to think about? The results must be easy to find out – yep, here’s one report:

Yep, here’s another:

CHATHAM – As anticipated, Republicans dominated their respective fields when voters went to the polls on Tuesday.

In his first bid for the 4-year mayoral term, Borough Councilman Bruce Harris upset Mayor Nelson Vaughan, a Democrat, 1,167 to 852.

So, by a landslide this guy wins – and boxturtle “thinks” it happens – that’s what happens when the virtually unimaginable happens, eh? And poor gaypolitics – which is, probably also run by liberal thinkers, though I can’t be sure – they think he’s “likely” the first such politician in all the land. Well, I’d have to go a bit further and say – yes, he certainly is the very first black gay Republican mayor in our nation’s history.

And I’m sure Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, John Lewis and the rest of the fine leaders of the African-American community – all allegedly very pro-gay of course, as good liberals are often said to be – will rush on down to congratulate the man and wish him well and have the photographs taken for posterity and the next news cycle. For shouldn’t we wish even our political opponents newly in office to do well – for the good of the people? Especially if they are among the oppressed newly risen to power? And a black gay Republican must surely rank high on the Liberal scale of oppressed minorities.

Certainly we should. Why I wished Mr. Obama well from the get-go. I certainly didn’t want him to fail in his boldly proclaimed statement to balance the budget and banish the bad Bush deficits. Alas, Mr. Obama proved that he was a mush head, and promptly trebled the deficit – and seems not to want to slow down the spending whatsoever. Ergo, I cannot support him the next go round, much as I couldn’t the first go round because I knew what he was saying was mush – and I didn’t like that he wanted to bailout the banks with a stimulus package that would further weaken the economy. And I was right, it did just that.

And yet, you know what’s nice about both of the local news paper reports is? They mention neither that the man is of African heritage or gay. For those things should not matter in our nation. I find it funny, that Liberals, whom are always worried about whom is oppressed – always love to keep track of someone’s ethnicity, heritage, smooching preferences, religion – they count up and divide and keep careful track of it all – and heartily recommend the government to keep careful records so that whatever goodies might be handed out go to the right people, of course. And me? I could care less.

Yes, it is true that the two gay sites brought up the gay thing – and why should we not? Though how they know this, I don’t know, but I’ll take their word at it. I spent a ½ hour looking for anything in the news other than the two gay sites that he’s a gay guy, couldn’t find a thing – which I think is both odd, and of no consequence. But the thing is so out of the ordinary that no one would just make that up; it’s almost the stuff of a novel. Still, we’re always proud when someone like us gets ahead in the world right? And the Advocate, a large gay publication should definitely have a feature on the man – for it is man bites dog, no? And thus of great interest to the mass of gay folks. They’ll probably ignore him too, I don’t know; I don’t read the rag.

But somehow I don’t think the gay population of Chatham is all that big, and so obviously he didn’t win because he’s gay guy. Perhaps the people of Chatham are, though, of African heritage, I don’t know. Which would be all the weirder too, for it would show that there’s at least 1,167 of those fine people who are rather happy with Republicans. Which might make them so, or it might be that they are Democrats who have said, “Now, wait a minute, the Democrat has done nothing good.”

Still, any Republican big wig with a brain – there are a few aren’t there? – should rush to Chatham Borough Hall and give that man a handshake and ask him to do a “Let’s Vote Republican” ad. But somehow I don’t think that Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney or Rick Perry is going to do that. Which is profoundly politically stupid. And shows just how out of touch those gentlemen are.

Now, Mr. Obama, and his fellow Democrats – while obviously upset, no doubt, with the loss of the good Democrat ousted in the upset – should also go down and say hello and hobnob. For surely this shows that diversity has won. What could be more Diverse than a black gay Republican? What, that he be Jewish too? And then, perhaps, the Democrats can move away from their “Republicans are racists” nonsense. Obviously it can’t be true for all Republicans – Mr. Harris destroys that point.

So let’s all give a rousing hand of applause to this man who simply turns everything on it’s head. For all I know the guy is a Tea Party Republican to add to the irony. And so perhaps this Mr. Harris will right the system of Chatham as best he can. Or maybe he’ll be a complete dunce. We’ll soon find out – I’m sure the people of Chatham will let us know in the next election.


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