You gay buddies and heteros have one pissed of sissy on your hands.

Don’t fuck with capitalist sissies!

Anyone, anywhere, who promotes more government and socialism  is out of their minds

I have, since the beginning of this Occupy crap, been told to STFU – shut the fuck up – for those not aware – I find this appalling! Abhorrent! Don’t fucking ever tell me what to say and to whom! Ever, no one, never!

And I have said repeatedly – do not lump gay folks as a whole into this! We as gays have nothing to do with this.

Not a socialist/communist government on earth has been friendly to gay folks.

But some of my gay friends – and not a few of my liberal hetero friends – are socialists – which is merely communists waiting for nirvana – can they be this stupid? Apparently.

Not me. Never. That system is so brain dead as to be beyond belief.

Perhaps you had to have family – yes, family – who suffered under that system.

Perhaps you had to smuggle in the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and the Beatles, and avoid the censors – too stupid to look into the album sleeve as I smuggled into Communist Czechoslovakia the wonders of capitalism.

Perhaps you never had to deal with government flunkies more intent on controlling thought than allowing the free flow of ideas.

Perhaps you never had to pay hard cash to a Socialist regime to visit your own cousins.

Perhaps you never had to deal with communists as they are – a nasty bunch of morons who have “dreams” of a perfect society that never can exist.

Perhaps you are so delusional as to think that a government could solve our “problems”

Perhaps you never had to share the glories of capitalism with relatives who lived under socialism.

Egad, never have I seen such mush, never.

For 40 years I have fought anti-gay theocrats in this country, and anti-wealth people in others – now I shall have them both? Egad!

Any gay man who is “for” the Occupiers is out of his mind. I spend considerable time destroying their bizarre beliefs that more and more government is good.

It has, repeatedly, shown itself to be greedy and rapacious towards all – and an astonishing hatred of gays.

Now you want me to welcome this crap?

Not me. Never. You’ll have to shoot me. As socialist regimes are quite capable of doing.

What’s even the more astounding – is that gay folks would buy into this crap!

What’s even more astounding then that is that anyone would call for such a debasement of human dignity.

What’s even more amazing, to the point of flummoxed anger is that any hetero or gay should conceivably think this is OK?

Do they have any answers to reality? No, they have nastiness to those who disagree with their nefarious plan to have the government control everything.

And their answer to me is always, uniformly – STFU.

Well, I do declare – don’t ever tell me to STFU – ever – the concept is preposterous.

Which side are you on – the total government occupiers or the no government occupiers? Or are you just for STFU and “I’ll run everything”? Egad!

Never, in 40 years, have I heard such nonsense and nastiness – from heteros and gays alike.

Don’t fuck with me people – and I hate cursing. I am known far and wide for never cursing. But if socialists and communists want to fuck with America – well, you got one pissed off sissy on your hands


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