86% Hate Congress, now we want Congress to run things?

I see poll after poll showing that Congress has an “approval” rating of 15% or 16% – I find it humorous that one could call it “approval” when the remainder of the population is opposed to Congress. So how can anyone conceivably want to give to Congress still more power to regulate and operate everything? It boggles my mind.

And weirdly, (well, no, not so weirdly,) as the government grows the economy gets worse. This has been true of every nation on earth. And everywhere, yes, when nation’s start chucking their government they get richer. Everyone gets richer. Why it seems people are astoundingly greedy to get richer. They get to work right away. They open businesses, they need banks, they need honest courts and lawyers for contracts and stable business laws. And yes, even taxes. I have never made an argument for no taxes. Though I have made the argument to vastly simplify the tax system. That should free up a whole slew of the $400 billion estimated to be spent in complying with the tax code.

It would also ensure that everyone pays their fair share. Hell, it would be easier to figure out what everyone’s fair share might be.

But banks – what’s to be done with them? There was this Day of Change or something, when people everywhere were to move their money from big banks to small banks. Why, what a wonderful idea; and I helped do that back in January, when I convinced the old man I tend to move his accounts from Chase to a local bank. Strangely, this is called “capitalism.” It’s simply finding a better deal, a better service, which he did. Earns more interest; has a more personal relationship with the people at the branch.

Now what happens when everyone moves their accounts from Chase to the local banks? Chase suffers, perhaps it starts going broke. And because Congress already thinks that Chase is too big to fail, then lo, it gives a bailout to Chase. And what are the people who want to destroy Chase opposed to? Giving Chase a bailout. And so I wonder – if you are destroying Chase than you simply cannot be for any Democrat or Republican currently standing around. They are all for bailing out the “Too big to fail” Chase.

Which is why 86% of the nation is fed up with Congress. And it’s why the Occupiers are against the bailouts, no?

And now the Occupiers come along and demand Congress do what? Or do they think the system will all dissolve away? There have been signs for “no laws” – really? Wow! Now that’s a dream, eh? A bit delusional. Many laws are rather quite good; though there be some very bad laws indeed. Laws like, oh bailing out banks, for instance.

Now, are the Occupiers for dismantling the banks? Where will the money be kept? Do they want to limit the size of banks? Well, capitalism has a most charming way of doing that. Do they want the government to make one big bank? And we all go to Bank USA only? They are not clear – though they seem to think they represent the 99% whom are ready to rise up once our own delusions are cured, they think.

Indeed, some of the Occupiers call for one big bank; some call for no banks; perhaps others call for no money even. And so if a “group” has three or four different answers to their problems – how could anyone be “for” this “group” when it seems to be several groups – and none to happy with the others, apparently. For a Communist will soon start fighting with the Anarchist. I’m sure the Nazis and the Socialists will also argue with each other. Maybe there are a lot of disgruntled common sense people sleeping down at the parks. I don’t think so, but well, if you are “for” the Occupiers, which branch? The All-is-Government crowd or the No-Government crowd?

Meanwhile, there’s real issues – and Congress is not addressing them – but instead squabbling like children. Which is why Congress has such a low “approval” rate, which is almost certainly now just the people living in the DC metro area, which has disturbingly become the richest 10 counties in America. You want to see greed? Oh, folks, look to DC – that’s were the wealth of the nation is going – and what of the rest of us? Well supposedly, we’re getting poorer.

And this you want more of? More power and control and now even ownership of the means of production in the hands of Congress and the DC crowd? I find that astonishing. Do you really believe that you will find some decent fellows to foreswear their greed and power lust and perks and privileges and do everything for the people? Hahaha! Egad, you will get the worst of the worst of power mad greedy people – people who will claw themselves into power with cronies galore. That’s what always happens.

Meanwhile, of course, the Democrats want to have a 100% Democratic Congress, no doubt – to get things done. And what did they do when they had real control? They promptly bailed out every single corporation they could find to take the money, banks, and General Motors and lord knows who else, and ran up a deficit of in three years of $3 trillion. And yet, did the “people” get some good out of this? Absolutely not, we got more unemployment, more foreclosures, more bankruptcies, more poverty, more business closings – which was entirely predictable – because it happens every time.

Now, I’m assuming we’ll still have the Republicans around, perhaps they’ll promise to run the behemoth better, and they get into office – or are we to outlaw the opposition? My, wouldn’t that be convenient eh? Antithetical to our nation, but hey, it’s a goal of some, for sure. But suppose, after the 100% Democratic Congress gets its greedy hands on the banks, and then the Republicans come to office in a “throw the bums out” fury at the inevitable further collapse of the economy with Congress running things.

Wouldn’t that be a hoot, eh? First the Democrats grab everything, and then the Republicans get into office – my my, won’t that be a fine thing eh? Oh, no, absolutely not – which is why I’ve been calling them the Demopublicans for decades. I can’t figure out the difference. Supposedly Republicans are for the Rich, and the Rich, presumably then, for the Republicans. And yet, there they are – 1%ers galore – Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Jerry Immelt of General Electric of Zero Taxes fame, Hollywood mega-millionaires, George Soros the billionaire, Oprah, the Rapper millionaires, sports stars, on and on through the constellation of the 1% – all for the Democrats. Looks to me like the Democrats are the party for the Rich to me. Or, maybe, both parties have the rich in mind as cronies, yes.

Yesterday I heard Joy Behar and Matthew Broderick joke how they were the 1% and most of their friends too – and then wonder why they weren’t taxed more. Well, no one is stopping them from writing a check to the “Office of Taxpayers Donations.” There it is, awaiting the munificence of the 1% who are so concerned about the poor. Hell, Matthew could easily simply go door to door handing out $10,000 checks to the poor until he was well out of the 1%. He might also consider working for free, so that he not be greedy. Or perhaps, earn the average salary of $50,000 or so. But he does none of these things. He hoards his millions and demands someone else give up theirs, I guess.

Now, John Kerry, of the Ketchup Millions – why has he not give his fortune to the poor? Why, with $300 million he could conceivably pay off every mortgage in threat of foreclosure in several states. Why, he could single handed solve that problem. But no, he keeps his wealth, while supporting those against him, and he works to bailout banks which is a no-no to the very people he proudly supports in their plan to do something when they figure it out.

It’s hysterical that this hypocrisy is not visible to average people, even few of my friends, even. I find it simply astounding that people who are against the Rich could be so comfortable with them running Congress. Beats me. Hell, I’ve said for decades – vote them all out – and don’t let any lawyers or millionaires into the place.

I’ve said for decades – end the corporate welfare which Congress ladles out like soup at a kitchen. But I was told that no, we need to help companies for economic development – yes, and what has it gotten us? The very crony capitalism which is now decried. Hell, these Occupiers at times sound like Ronald Reagan – “the government is the problem.”

Alas, their solution is more government. Which is a contradiction I simply have never held. I argue against every new law as too much law – and people I know keep voting in Republicans and Democrats who race to write new laws in astonishing dose now – thousands of pages of the stuff, unread, even, so fast and furious is the onslaught of new laws. And what is it getting us? Well, nothing good, apparently – for everyone is fed up. So then, it would seem to me, that we don’t need more laws, but a hell of a lot less.

I don’t want a Congress to pass a “jobs bill” that will give money from one taxpayer to another – that helps no one and creates more problems. I want a Congress that will start dismantling a lot of it. Repeal laws and programs by the bushel. Not all of it, no. A lot. Starting with the bailouts and corporate welfare. But I can’t seem to find a politician in the land that seems to have a clue, but calls for more of the same. Oh well, America, get ready for another presidential term of a poor economy, maybe even worse if they keep giving money to corporations and banks as both the Democrats and Republicans just love to do. Stop building sports stadiums for the 1% of the athletes making tens of millions a year too, while we’re at it.




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