The Occupy “movement” is a ludicrous bunch of loons.

I have always endeavored to be friends with a diverse bunch of people. I have never endeavored to dwell too much on this issue or that, any other, but rather, just tell jokes and stories of my rather strange life, and also to be aware of the hypocrisy of politicians. I despise them all. I don’t try to support this one or that one, and I defend them when wrongly accused and accuse them when they are wrong. I don’t believe in the politics of personal destruction. Nor do I ever tell people to STFU, as has been uttered to me of late over this Occupy thing. That bugs me.

In between each paragraph I’m going to put a link to a man who’s been following the Occupy LA camp — it’s amazing stuff — some of the most bizarre people ever gathered to “change the world” — it’s ludicrous and delusional.

Tell me your opinions, don’t squelch mine. Tell me why you think the government running everything is a good idea. Not some wispy dream that “greed” will be eliminated. Still, I have managed to never really have any big disagreements to the point of falling out of friendship with people over politics. That has changed. Never, as in the weeks since the Communist-Nazi-Lefty Loony inspired Occupy crap, have I discovered that so many of my erstwhile friends have the Communist mentality. Where some classes of people in the alleged classless society are the enemies of the people, the good class against the bad class I guess, and another class is the greedy power mad people come to tell me what to do and when to do it, and how to do it.

And I lump the Theocrats & RINOs (Republican in name only) of the current Republican party right in with this communist mindset. I find them no less desirous of running people’s lives in a mad delusion to make society “perfect” than I find the socialists. And now, oh my God, I’m now confronted with this reality that some of my friends think the government running everything is a good idea, for some nebulous “it’ll stop corporations,” or “fair share” or “equality” – who knows? There’s a dozen mush headed reasons for this. I have never heard them carefully laid out, but only that “some better people should run things.” Yes, well, who? They don’t know. They can’t say. They are just against the people running corporations now, I guess. Beats me why. A year ago none of us heard of the Koch brothers, now they are evil incarnate? Bizarre.

I find it astonishing that people who say they were horrified with George Bush’s once $500 billion dollar deficit (the rest were all smaller,) are all of a sudden just peachy keen with Obama’s $1.5 trillion dollar deficits three years running, and more to come, ceaselessly if the man could have it. I find it astonishing that anyone could make such a complete flip. Bush’s deficit was in part to bailout some big banks. I was against it. So were these people I know. I said, “don’t vote for Obama, he’ll bailout the big banks, and don’t vote for McCain – he’ll do the same – vote Libertarian.” I’m laughed at, often. I don’t care. STFU, that I can do without, thank you very much.

Obama’s deficits are um, bailing out big banks, and huge corporations – and now this is good? How could it be bad when Bush did it and good when Obama does it? Beats me, seems to be logically impossible to conclude, but there go some friends of mine, blithely ignoring reality, while telling me I’m crazy.

I have argued for decades for simplifying the tax code. It is now 76,000 pages – bring it down to 7,600. And the government crafted this tax code precisely to get corporations to jump through hoops and hire lobbyists and get their waivers and deductions. And so General Electric – whose chairman, one Immelt, is in happy league with Obama – and that company paid Zero in taxes. And so, I wonder – on whose side is Obama on? The Occupiers, whom he says he supports – or the non-taxpaying Corporations to which he goes for campaign funds? Who does anyone think is buying $38,000 tickets to the Obama Balls? It blows my mind. So, am I to conclude that somehow Democratic corporate chairman are good, but Republican corporate chairmen are bad? Really? Wow!

I find it strange that anyone would agree to “Abolish Capitalism” as sign after sign calls for down at the Occupy camps – squalid, drug and disease, crime and filth infested camps in public parks to demand the end of the nation as we know it. And this people support? Why are they not down there in the camps? Why are they not like Francis of Assisi who famously gave away all his wealth to walk among the poor? Is Biden giving away his wealth? Hell no, he’s trying to get more into his hands. Why would you like him, then? And the man compares the Occupiers to the Tea Party, while saying the Occupiers are good and the Tea Party dangerous — amazing big of hypocrisy that is.

I find it strange that these Occupiers are demanding things for free – without a shred of clarity or irony that it is the height of greed to demand stuff from others. Why, there’s even a commandment against it – thou shall not covet. But to decry “greed” by people who work and create, and then demand their goods and wealth as you sleep in a park is well, hypocrisy of the first order. The Greed emanating out of the Occupy camps is far, far beyond any greed exhibited by a Wall Street banker or corporate tycoon.

Oh here’s another source:

The Occupiers are against crony capitalism they say – and Nancy Pelosi is all a-gush about the Occupiers – and her own brother in law got a $750,000,000 loan from the government for his corporation – and she got many waivers from her own vaunted health care law for some of her cronies in San Francisco, that is, the law doesn’t apply to some of her cronies – and some of my friends adore Pelosi and the Occupiers – and I’m, like, uh, don’t you see the contradictions in your positions? You are both for and against the same thing? Which? Pick a side.

Oh here’s more lunacy:

I’m against the government loans to corporations – I have always been against government loans to companies. No bailouts, ever. No money for sports stadiums. No money to lure companies to this or that locale with “economic development funds” – they are no such things, they are merely gifts to people who would move away in a heartbeat should they be offered a better gift elsewhere. I have maintained that since Carter bailed out Chrysler. Now all of sudden, people who are “against” bailouts adore General Motors being bailed out? How could one be so contradictory and then blithely just tell me to STFU?

This is cute:

I have been railing against deficit spending since Reagan had a $90 billion dollar deficit. I have never defended a deficit in my life. Why then would anyone think I would like Obama’s gargantuan deficits? In three years he’s dwarfed all the deficits of the previous presidents combined! What does anyone think will come out of this? Some nirvana of an egalitarian society with perfect wealth and health for everyone under the benevolent guidance of an all powerful government? Are people nuts? What will come is bankruptcy and cronyism like you’ve never seen.

Well, ain’t this the booty haul of reports on this bizarre bunch out to “change the world”

Perhaps, after the bankruptcy you think some benevolent group will pick up the pieces and put it all back together new and improved? Are you kidding? Destroy the national wealth to recreate it? And what will go bankrupt is the government, not the companies. Why, other than seizing the wealth through laws the government isn’t going to get the corporate wealth to pay for this $15 trillion dollar national debt we have. And even a 100% tax to give it the cover of “decency” isn’t going to work. There’s just not enough money anymore, and we’re cruising for a major fall – precisely because of what the politicians are doing – not because of what any corporation is doing.

I can’t imagine anyone wanting to get rid of companies – or “capitalism” or the “free market.” I find it so strange that despite the evidence all over the world that Socialism simply doesn’t work, people would still have this dream that it will work here. I’m not sure such a belief is really rational, in a clinical sense. For when the facts are so clear – and one just ignores them – well, that’s a faith I can’t handle. Which is the same problem with theocrats as it is with socialists. They have this blind faith that some miraculously pure and altruistic people shall be found to make the rest of us perfect through exhortation and design of their well ordered system.

And of course, by declaring certain people “evil” and “satanic” even, and certainly “enemies of the people.” And the Occupiers are so crazy that they think some “committee of all” is going to run things. And I can’t imagine such a thing, or that anyone would think this a good idea. How could it work? There’s always got to be someone to make a decision. Nothing can be done by consensus. And the simplest way for things to work well is for the government to get out of the economy. And the worst way to organize society is to have a “government” do it.

In every such society in the past two hundred years, since the French Terror killed some 400,000 people in a gory bloodbath, millions have been killed for the glory of society. Yes, for the people, other people just slaughtered by the millions – in Russia, China, Germany, Japan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Burma, and more, and to a lesser extent in Africa and South America – over and over again – just an endless war – almost like a civil war – but those in government against those not in government – and this is what you want here? The potential for endless slaughter of the bad people? Egad. Mind boggling.

The Occupiers extol Lenin, Mao, Che, Fidel, and some even Hitler – this anyone thinks is good? This is nuts – these four, and many more, were mass murderers of psychopath proportions. And I dare say I could well imagine millions be rounded up here if these socialists get into power – for to maintain that power they shall have to crush the rational 70% – much as the theocrats like Santorum and Bachmann have to do so – I see no difference between those fortunately two unlikely people and Nancy Pelosi – a 1% who has no intention of giving up her 1% and every intent on getting someone else’s 1% in a rapacious greed that should be stopped, not supported.

The Occupy “movement” – so far a few thousands of miscreants spouting death to these and those people they don’t like – is one of the most ludicrous things to hit this country in decades. It should be laughed out of existence. Instead, people are telling me they simply adore the thing. Do they have any clue of what they are talking about? I find it amazing. Saddening, even.

Americans were trying hard to kill General Motors – through the free market. And now Americans are forced to prop up that besotted behemoth. Well, pull the props, let it fall, and let someone else make cars. That’s a little “occupying” effort that would work to get rid of crony capitalism. Not voting for Democrats who want to prop up General Motors as some sanctified corporation. Is this so hard to figure out? Apparently.


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