The History & Fantasy of Jewish Bankers

It’s always scary to hear the anti-Semitism of some people; and such things are being said more of late. There’s plenty of evidence now of a hatred of Jewish Bankers down at the various few Occupying sites. Indeed, one of my own friends just blithely agreed with the “Jews control the banks” nonsense; to the point where I just hung up on him and haven’t bothered to contact him in a week. Somehow, I really don’t want to deal with anyone with such astonishingly ridiculous – yet nasty – ideas. I got enough problems with heteros who can’t handle me, but Jew hating queers I can do without, thank you very much.

Still, there it is – I keep seeing signs down at the Occupy camps, and videos galore, of various and sundry people going all hog wild against the Jewish bankers they seem to think run the world. At is a wonderful daily compendium of the crud called thought which emanates from the stench of the camps. Can you imagine not bathing for weeks? And people just pee pee and poo poo right there? Yikes and yeesh. And people want me to “support” these nuts?

It’s mind boggling that any politician would think this a good thing, these crazy few trying to “change” the nation. To what? They have no idea. Maybe Poland circa 1960. Some Communist nirvana they think, where the 99% rule everything – hell, we already do. I would say in fact, that only this 1% in the camps is not in charge of anything, and thank heavens for that; they are loons. The rest of the nation is busy with a life.

Here, another fine expose of the mush: – day after day of utter nonsense. And this anyone would support? Because of the “goal”? Of some nebulous “against the system”? Yes, well, lie down with fleabaggers, as some wags are calling them, well, and you’ll get fleas. Too bad, you Democrats, it’s your movement. Good to know where you stand on things. If you stand anywhere anymore, except on just wrecking the nation. “Abolish Capitalism”? That sign is everywhere at these places. The world is embracing the thing, and getting richer by the day, to the point of doubling the size of the world’s wealth in barely 15 years, and these idiots want to go back to poverty? How bizarre, how bizarre. And Nancy Pelosi thinks this is a good idea? Twit.

But the idea that Jews control the banks is so contorted in stupidity I can’t fathom any rational person holding it. Yes, obviously there are people of the Jewish faith in banking; but there’s Jewish farmers too, and somehow no one blames the Jews for controlling the world’s farms, do they? Maybe because I sever contact with such people that start with the banks I never stick around long enough for the farm complaint. Who knows with these people? They are as bad as Tony Perkins and his “gays are destroying the nation” nonsense. You should see the utter nonsense of one Eugene Delgaudio, a Republican Loudoun Country Virginia supervisor, he says “homosexuals taking over America.” It’s all the same, just utter delusion.

Still, the poor Jews, they get blamed on the Banking thing all the time. Alas, few seem to realize that this Western European idea is steeped in the history of – get this: the Catholic Church from 400AD to oh, the mid-1400s simply forbade any Catholic from doing any banking whatsoever. And to whom did the Vatican and their Most Catholic Majesties, as the royalty all called themselves, assign the task of banking? Why, to the Jews! Yes, it was actually required in most of Western Europe for the Jews to run the banks, for money was horrible! Earning interest was forbidden to Catholics – not paying it to Jews, no, for the Catholic majesties did borrow from time to time to pay their armies to go attack some other Catholic majesty.

Well, there were the Knights Templar who ran a big bank – and what did Philip the Fair of France (well, unfair, really, but it was his skin and hair that got him the name,) and Pope Innocent (how’s that for a farcical name, eh?) do to those poor schnooks? Why, they slaughtered them – and accused them of two crimes – 1) being secretly Jewish, for they did banking! And 2) being gay, for there were no gals in the Templar castles. So those two fine Catholic majesties did slaughter for the money – and to whom did they give this plundered wealth, you know, to keep track of? Why, the Jewish bankers.

Then everyone got back to absolutely loving Jewish bankers when they needed money, and absolutely hating Jews for having the money. Still, it was good for the King, any king, to have a few Jews around. Though, every so often, when having to raise a lot of money to go take on some other Catholic majesty in a good war, they would expel their Jews and seize their money on the way out. Some other Catholic majesty would take them in, and, well, set them up in a ghetto with a bank or two. And so the Jews were shuttled around Europe, from majesty to majesty, and everyone got to borrow from the Jewish bankers while being absolutely disgusted that any Catholic should sully himself with interest and accounts.

Louis XIII of France in the early 1600s had the same problem – none of the Catholic nobles would do a thing for commerce or banking – no, they hung around and collected taxes off the poor, and from the Jews of course. So Louis XIII and Cardinal Richelieu, his henchman, were always trying to figure out a way to borrow from the Jewish bankers and not pay them back – alas, banks being banks, they said, “Sorry, mein king, nicht more geld fur sie” – or roughly “sorry, my king, no more money for you.” So Louis taxed the peasants some more, paid back the Jewish bankers he liked to keep around, then borrowed more money to raise his armies to put down the tax revolts. Oh well, it was not a pretty time.

Still, let’s take a trip around the world looking for Jewish bankers and see how many we can find, shall we? For if Jews controlled the global banking one would think they be all over the place, making sure things run smoothly, right? Yah, sure, that’s got to be true. Is it? Nope. Let’s look:

Now, Chinese banks, rather big things of late, what with tens of billions, 100s of billions even, in assets, and state run things they mostly be, and involved in buying up assets and lending out money all over the world – and somehow, I just can’t imagine Jewish Chinese people. Oh, maybe a dozen?

Then there’s the banks of Singapore, billions of bucks, rather big, got themselves 50 & 60 story skyscrapers all over the place in downtown Singapore. They’re not singing poor at all; that country is chock full of millionaires and billionaires and the banks they might require – and not a Jew to be found.

And then there’s Japan, who’s Jewish community I dare say hovers in the low dozens, if any, and well, the banks of Japan must contend with the 2nd largest economy on earth. I would think they too have quite a collection of banks and doing business all over the world probably, and nary a Jew within their skyscrapers.

Then there’s India, newly found in wealth, with Mumbai and Bangalore bristling with banks and new stock markets and trying to figure out what to do with all the wealth that sprung up ever since India more or less abandoned socialism. Why, that country has an economy doubled in size in but 20 years since they smelled some coffee, or maybe tea, and started dismantling their socialist paradise. I read somewhere a while back that the Indian constitution still has the “we’re a socialist country” verbiage in there, and the Times of India, the big newspaper of that land has said: Take that crud out. But somehow, I just can’t fathom the Jews running the banks of India, nope, I cannot, for there seem to be no Jews among the billion people in that country.

Then there’s the banks of Iran – yes, they got themselves some big banks – why, they got themselves $40 billion a year in oil revenue or something, oh, who cares the exact amount, it’s in the billions somewhere, and banks galore to make sure it all stays neat and tidy for the mullahs to buy up nuclear goodies to – wait for it – destroy Jewish bankers! Hahaha! There’s not a Jew in all Persia, so obviously no Jews running those banks.

Let’s move on to Araby, as one must, when looking for the Jewish banking cabal, I’m sure – from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, Libya and Algeria, bringing in billions and billions a year in oil revenue and are there Jews in Saudi Arabia too? You jest, no? Do the Jews really control all the trillions of dollars of Saudi wealth? Say it can’t be so!

What of the rest of Africa? Another place who’s economy has been growing by leaps and bounds as soon as they get the socialist occupying the presidential palace out of the way and throw a little tea party capitalism into the place – I dare say the Jewish population of Africa is rather small, ya think? Oh, maybe the Oppenheimer family of South Africa, and I’m not even sure they’re Jewish, but Dutch Reformed, as many a Dutchman in Johannesburg is. Still, lots of banks, few Jews, oh well.

Let’s go to South America – where until just recently almost all banks were tightly in the hands of each government – and few Jews. Yes, sure, Buenos Aires and Sao Paolo and Santiago Chile do have their Jews, but somehow, not really running the government run banks. Though, what with their own move towards capitalism, the banks have been sold to private folks – and few Jews are involved.

Then finally, here in America, well, Salmon Chase started Chase Manhattan Bank, and well, he was not Jewish. Neither are the Rockefellers who got to buy Chase and run it as the family business, they were not Jewish, no. Nor was JP Morgan. Nor was Walter Wriston or John S. Reed, who were just two of the honchos who headed Citibank of late – nope, not Jewish. What of the Schroeder Bank? You know, the one where you need a 100 million or something to open and account? Jewish? No.

How many other banks are there around the world, and in Europe, and every where around the globe did I not get to? Hundreds – oh, yah, the Russian still-state run banking behemoths, dealing with that nation’s considerable revenues, not a Jew running anything there.

So, we have so many banks, so few Jews – and people still think the Jews run the worldwide banking system? Are they out of their minds? Put it to rest already. The idea is spurious, the claim injurious. And if anyone utters it, they should be cast aside as idiots.


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  1. marshall

    good article some interesting facts, except there were non Jewish bankers like the medici family, and the fuggars.

    some inaccuracies about Iran. they have Jews there, Iranians pretend there not prejudice, like they only hate Zionist, but its bs.

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