Occupiers and Global Warming are conjoined twins of delusion

Aw, I hope the Occupiers stay warm in the record cold to come. It’s going to take a bit of explaining, so follow along, if you can, for it’s a slippery slope to stupidity that the press and the Occupiers and the global warming crew and the Democrats are all pushing in their bizarre attempt to recreate the Soviet Union of 1980. It’s a bizarre goal, but hey, they’re all the ones pushing this all.

I just got to laugh at the Occupiers of Wall Street – though, truth be told, they can only fill a small park, Zuccotti, some blocks away from Wall Street. But still, they “occupy Wall Street,” yes, I’m sure, that’s what they blather on about. They’re not going to leave they say. Well, that first bit of snow in October – record breaking snow in fact – sent them scurrying for a warm place. No doubt these people are against “global warming” too – and those people are often just as crazy as the Occupiers.

Now, downtown Manhattan is a rather tiny place, with lots of people – oh, I don’t know, 500,000 maybe? Sounds good. Depends on where you start “downtown” too, I guess. And then there’s 4,000 at the most of these clods seeking to “Abolish Capitalism!” Yah, sure, when the 4,000 occupy the 500,000 let me know. Why, 4,000 couldn’t fill the Chase Tower across the street from Zuccotti Park.

They are, of course, certainly, against global warming and no doubt blame Big Oil and all the evil Capitalists for the warmth. Only, alas, there’s no warmth to be had, and rather alarming cold if you ask me. Though I do get cranky below 70 degrees, I admit. Why, I’ve been known to leave subtropic Louisiana and rather balmy Phoenix in the Winters for Mazatlan, and bristle when it hits 68 in the early AM down Mexico way. So I am, actually, a rather big fan of global warming. Seems most people are, what with all the resorts at tropical beaches and precious few up on Hudson Bay, where I’m sure the beaches are just as sandy and broad and the water just divine. Still, I see a strange connection between the press coverage of the Occupiers and the Global Warming –

A mindless incessant bleating about “More Government, We Need More Government!”

But man, is it getting cold! And those poor suckers will have to set fires to keep warm. Indeed, apparently in Oakland California that’s exactly what they’ve done. Alas, it was to various buildings and cars, but hey, if one needs warmth, I suppose it’s OK, right? Yeesh. Here, let’s take a romp through the impending doom of the Occupiers, wherever they may be, as record breaking cold is unleashed upon the Northern Hemisphere, and hopefully it puts the media into the deep six freezer too, for that’s 1% we don’t need:


Old Snow Stays in Rockies, Adds to Glaciers’ Size

by The Associated Press

Scientists who monitor the effects of global warming are watching glaciers shrink all over the world, but this year could be an exception in parts of the Rocky Mountains.” Um, there are other exceptions all over the world too, but they don’t mention them here either – and ergo, “glaciers shrink[ing] all over the world” cannot be watched at all.

Snow is already piling up in the high country, but not all of the unusually deep snow from last winter has melted. As a result, some glaciers and snowfields are actually gaining volume this year.” Yes, well, that’s what glaciers do, they grow sometimes. Other times they shrink. And when they shrink it’s evil corporations and the deprivation of man that is at fault, obviously, right? And when they grow? I guess the snow fairies are to blame. Or perhaps – well, it still could be the a fore said villains – for we must have villains so that we can call for government action! And hell, let’s go occupy the villains I’m sure.

Scientists have measured new ice in Montana’s Glacier National Park and atop Colorado’s Front Range mountains. In northwest Wyoming, there is photographic evidence of snowfield growth after Bob Comey, director of the Bridger-Teton National Forest Avalanche Center, compared photos of peaks from year to year.” My my, a picture says a thousand words, eh? More snow than in years! More to come!

And not just in Montana and Wyoming, oh no. Do you not think that Idaho, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alberta and British Columbia, and Alaska too are not going to share in the bounty of new fallen snow? Why, sure they are. So not only will the fine scientists be able to watch glaciers grow in Glacier National Park, but from Denver to Fairbanks they’ll have grand opportunities to watch some glacier growth. My my, so much for “shrink all over the world” when a major portion of it is going, um, glacier.

His images taken before snow started falling again this autumn show what appears to be significantly more ice in the Teton Range compared with two years ago.” My my, snow already? This early? So much? How could this be? Why, have we cut our CO2, the villain of villains, though the thing that is most prevalent on earth, it seems, so much that now the cold has come and the worry gone? Hahaha! It’s not the CO2 that’s the culprit, apparently. Perhaps it’s something else then.

The man is helpful to put it in perspective: “I’ve never seen a season with a gain like we’ve seen this summer,” Comey said.

Ah, but the warning must still be made, the doubt cast as to the reality of what is happening offsetting the endless calls for economic rearrangement at government behest: “The new ice isn’t nearly deep enough to much offset the huge volumes that have melted off the Rocky Mountains in recent years.” Yes, well, give it a year or two, and I’m sure that problem will be solved.

“On Arikaree Glacier, near the Continental Divide about 20 miles west of Boulder, Colo., scientist Nel Caine said he measured between 2 and 3 feet of snow from last winter and spring still remaining in late September.” Yes, and I’m sure there’s 2 to 3 feet left over on pretty much every other glacier along the Continental divide. There’s probably so much snow that they couldn’t get to the other glaciers yet.

Meanwhile, at:


As reported on WUWT, NOAA is warning of “earlier snowmelt and extended ice-free seasons.” But what NOAA isn’t saying is that snow is falling earlier and heavier in the Northern Hemisphere. Rutgers University Global Snow Lab has reported that January was the sixth snowiest on record, and that six out of the last eight Januaries were above normal snowfall.”

Yes, well, so, we’re having above average snowfall, and this is said by the press that it’s the globe warming. And nothing says “warmth” like snow! Yes. I’m sure the Occupiers will truly have to take over the Chase Tower to get out of the impending white stuff. And the NOAA? Why, they seem to be making it all up! For the snow is heavier, and the glaciers growing – what are they talking about “snowmelt” when there’s 2 or 3 feet of the stuff left over from last year?

January, 2008 saw the second greatest snow extent ever recorded. December was the third snowiest on record in the Northern Hemisphere and seventeen out of last twenty-one Decembers were above normal snowfall. November was above normal snowfall and fifteen out of the last nineteen Novembers have had above average snowfall. October was the sixth snowiest October on record and seven out of the last ten Octobers have had above average snowfall.

My bold, without a doubt, for it’s mind boggling to me that with this much snow the idea of Global Warming should be occupying anyone’s mind. And why I doubt there’s a new ice age coming – or otherwise I’m sure we’ll have massive calls by the media for the government to do something. Perhaps they’ll want to step up the output of the greenhouse gases so we can get to the correct temperature as decreed by the scientists at the Office of Correct Temperatures deep within the Department of Energy. Or, well, we could just abolish that boondoggle and save a trillion bucks over the next 10 years or something.

The data shows unequivocally that snow is coming earlier and heavier than it used to. Perhaps the snow season is shifting, rather than shortening? NOAA’s failure to mention this is negligent at best.”

Well, this is the answer that Mr. Watt came up with – oh, I quibble with him too – the season is starting sooner – and staying later! Why, when 2 to 3 feet remain from last year, I dare say, a lot of the stuff is hanging around. I’m sure global warming is to blame though, for the press says so. And to have so much warmth as to have record breaking snow is quite the power of the 1% I’m sure. For the Occupiers are against the 1%, like Al Gore, right, who makes a living off of the record breaking snow by calling it warmth and getting a billion dollars from his cronies in government right? Ah, but Al is FOR the Occupiers of course, who are against him, but hey, he’s a swell guy, and a billion could buy quite a bit of security from the mob, I’m sure..

And aw, look, the snow is starting in New York City already – recording breaking amounts of the stuff occupying the city parks. Oh, ’tis a mere inch or so, but still, brace thyself for record breaking “global warming” cold:


Authorities say New York City’s Central Park is seeing its snowiest October on record.

National Weather Service spokesman Chris Vaccaro says 1.3 inches of snow had fallen at the park as of 2 p.m. Saturday, making this the snowiest October there since records began being kept in 1869. That’s also a record for the date of Oct. 29.

Vaccaro says it’s the first time observers at the park have measured an inch or more of snow.

Snow was continuing to fall in the city Saturday, meaning the record will grow.

The snowfall is part of a storm that’s expected to dump anywhere from a dusting of snow to about 10 inches along the East Coast.”

Oh, I’m sorry, is that only from the “evil” Fox News? Oh, no, it’s reported everywhere, just can’t avoid record breaking snow no matter how hard one tries to say the temperatures are going up and snow will be a thing of memory:

Here, from a hotbed of Global Warming loving Occupy some other 1% and not us Billionaires Club called the:


 And well, let’s look at last year, from here to there across the country:



 My heavens, from Spokane to Dallas – just socked in. Hell, I was stranded in Boca Raton Florida last January for two days! – because of a blizzard of record breaking proportions that hit Atlanta. Though Boca is not a bad place to be occupied while awaiting the snow melt.

 And then, nationwide last year:


“The idea of 50 states with snow is so strange that the federal office that collects weather statistics doesn’t keep track of that number and can’t say whether it has ever happened. The office can’t even say whether 49 out of 50 has ever taken place before.”

Turned out to be 50 when the snow fell on the volcano on the Big Island, oh well.

Maybe the government should go get the money back from Al Gore, for his mission is completed, the global warming stopped in its tracks, and now the worry is the snow everywhere.

The record February snow extent occurred in 1978 with an anomaly of more than 5 million square miles. That may be tough to beat, but from the map above it may have already happened. February will definitely be ranked in the top two.”

Yes, the map is at the website – 5 million square miles of snow – my my, the Occupiers are going to be cold, for the snow is going to be coming again this year, and it already started. They’ll be begging for a power company to stoke up the furnaces before long. The millionaire press pods in the comfy studios will continue to laud their dedication, then wrap themselves in furs and head for some swank restaurant for $100 steaks, I’m sure.

And then, oh Europe – look, 2009-10 winter – Coldest Snowiest on Record. And wait, no, it was not. Why, 2010-11 was Coldest Snowiest on Record! And wait! No it won’t be – 2011-12 is going to beat the records:



Now, why the good scientists all over the world watching glaciers grow, as the claim all over the world are shrinking, can’t see the glaciers of Norway, Sweden and the Alps grow under all that snow, of which probably 2 or 3 feet haven’t melted from last year too, I don’t know. Perhaps they are busy monitoring the last few glaciers shrinking wherever they might be. In Peru, perhaps, where record breaking cold this Winter caused the government to step in and rescue thousands of Quechua, Incan, Athabascan people etc, etc, the indigenous of the Andes, from the Record breaking snow and cold. Still, the scientific global warming crew is monitoring shrinking glaciers somewhere, I’m sure.

Meanwhile, like the losers of the Occupiers, it appears that the losers of the Climate Fraud are all, well, just not whom they pretend to be, and definitely not those the press masquerades them as:


“Donna Laframboise is a journalist, feminist and civil libertarian. Not exactly the ‘white male conservative’ who is assumed by the media to be the typical ‘climate change denier’. First online, and now in this book, she has subjected the IPCC to the critical scrutiny that is should always have received. And what she, and a small group of volunteers who gathered around her, discovered shows that the IPCC is a body that is fatally flawed and is probably beyond redemption. –Pan Pantziarka, London Book Review, 28 October 2011

In March last year, Laframboise recruited 43 private citizens in 12 countries online to audit the entire IPCC 2007 report and count the number of non-peer-reviewed references. The audit showed that 5587 of 18,531 — fully one-third — were non-peer-reviewed sources: including newspaper articles, activist reports, even press releases. The IPCC had a rule that such sources must be flagged as such. It had been ignored. When criticised for this last year by a panel of the world science academies, it simply changed the rule. –Matt Ridley, The Australian, 31 October 2011

My my, students and press releases joined together – and the media leads the way – in spinning this tale of global warming as the snow keeps falling and the glaciers grow – and the Occupiers are the 99% they say, representing the “average” person in their destruction of small parks and anything else they can get their hands while demanding an end to Capitalism. It’s astounding mush to wrap one’s mind around, and one should be able to see this connection.

Alas, so many of my close friends seem to have bought into both angles of this Occupy Global Warming mush, and if they conflate the two, well, then, the two must be dealt with side by side – as the twin delusions are spun together into Siamese twins. Let’s hope it all just falls down and goes boom soon, and not through the usual “peaceful” throwing of Molotov Cocktails as usually takes place with these things.



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