Arab, Chinese, Tea Party, Gay & other protests vs. the Occupiers

I just got to laugh at the breathless reporting for the Occupy Wall Street rabble by millionaire newscasters like Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, Katie Couric, Matt Lauer, and the rest of the pantheon of beautiful people who read us their version of the news every day. For when millionaires, based more on looks than knowledge, are supporting those who are AGAINST millionaires, there is something else afoot.

And if anyone who supports Occupying anything doesn’t see this big disconnect, well, perhaps they are part of that which is afoot. Which, being FOR socialism, always means a boot on said foot on top of anyone who is an “enemy of the people” – which are, always, people themselves, and mostly of the sort who earn their money through knowledge rather than through looks.

Here’s a chart that purports to show the amount of news coverage – I’m not sure whether it’s “True” in a pure number sense, for some of these things are uncountable – but I am sure that from what I hear on TV in the past two years there is a big difference in the number of stories that is obvious. And certainly the tone of the articles is different: Tea Party danger, Occupy peace. Sure, facts don’t show that, but sounds nice, I guess.

There are, of course, currently, several series of protests, riots, even civil wars going on here and there in the world. And of course, many in the news are attempting to link all this together. And there is a link, though, it is exactly opposite to what they believe it to be. The press is wholly confused about what they are reporting – though whether it is intentional, or they really are that stupid, is hard to say. I could quibble it is both because if it is intentional, it is stupid, and if it is not intentional, well, then it is stupid. I mean, really now, let’s take a romp through the various protest movements of our current times.

There’s the Arab protests. In Yemen, Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt – all to get rid of dictators who have been in office for decades. All of them having nothing to do with “democracy” or even “Capitalism,” but surely crony capitalism indeed – and those protestors know exactly who the culprits are – and they have directed their anger at the government which is the problem. And while their solution is more a change of dictators, rather than free or fair elections, and certainly not for taking down corporations, such as might exist in those places. Why, somehow big banks are not part of the Arab landscape. But the corruption is. I dare say, if those places get a bit more economic freedom, then they will probably get a little more political freedom somewhere down the line. Time will tell. Relationship to Occupiers? Absolutely none.

What connection could there be? What have the people camping in parks have to do with getting rid of dictators for decades? And those people there are not calling for “Abolishing Capitalism” – I’d say they want to go earn and spend money like there’s no tomorrow. Those folks know poverty – all indications are that they will seek more wealth. And if the new governments aren’t as corrupt as the old ones maybe they’ll get it.

Then there’s China. Yes, the Chinese are in open riot – to the tune of some 90,000 violent demonstrations a year. Hardly makes the news here in the US. But, we have the handy dandy internet and a brain and presto:

My, my – all that rioting! And are they trying to “abolish capitalism”? Hahahaha! Oh my, no, they are trying to Occupy Communist Party Headquarters. Screw Wall Street, hell, they love Wall Street in China, they’re building skyscrapers galore to hold their banks and their money and everyone is clamoring for the American Dream – um, perhaps, the Chinese Dream – no perhaps, the Human Dream – of more wealth, earned the good old fashioned way – with brains and knowledge, and not just looks and connections to high party officials.

Why, the protestors in China, – 90,000 incidents? How many millions of people must that be?! Why, tens of millions perhaps, the 99% even, rising up against the Communists in power. Dragging cadres out of party offices, beating the hell out of them, and torching the edifice with the offending stench of socialism emanating from within. And not a few police stations while they’re at it. But protesting at the New Shanghai Bank of Riches? Nope.

No wonder the American press ignores these protests – and pretends that the Chinese are just thrilled with their brand of socialism. And boy does that contrast with the measly few thousands down at the parks in a few US cities calling FOR socialism! No wonder the American media never mentions the Chinese clamoring for a little Tea Party Republicanism and Free Markets – the size and extent and ferocity for freedom from government would so overwhelm the bleating for socialism here in America. What do the Chinese know that we don’t? Well, they know socialism doesn’t work. Maybe they are smarter than us now, if “We’re all Socialists Now” as Newsweek proclaimed, shortly before being sold for a dollar as scrap.

Here, Newsweek bleated incessantly about the horrors of the Bush era Deficits. Even Obama was “against” deficits. And the Occupiers, well, presumably they’re against deficits, for that’s just a sign of some folks being greedy, and corporate and bank bailouts — that’s what we borrowed $2 trillion to do — and there’s nothing like being “against” deficit spending while tripling and not batting an eyelash. Here’s a fine chart for that:

Meanwhile, the Communist, Socialist and Nazi parties of America are all FOR the Wall Street protests – and I guess they also don’t know what it going on in China, eh? Actually, knowing these clowns, they are for the repression of the Chinese Tea Party people rising up against the Communists! For since when would a communist help out a capitalist? Why, one should always crush the “enemies of the people.”

And then there’s our own Tea Party protests here in America – by the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even low millions – who could count that high! Yes, against the bank bailouts, yes, against the crony capitalism, yes, even against the 1% mega rich like Warren Buffett and George Soros, billionaires many times over, in happy league with Obama, who is – wait for it – FOR the protests against guys like Buffett and Soros. Yes, the thickening mush of hypocrisy is found all around this morass. And there are no ideals other than to figure out how to get people to vote for Obama again. Hell, the Occupiers are his campaign volunteers – and what do they say they are against? Why, the very things Obama, Pelosi, Biden, Kerry, and Mook and the rest of the Democrats are all FOR!

It must be nice to have supporters who are against what you are for, and still so friggin’ delusional that they keep supporting you. Egad, are they that sycophantic? Yikes! No, they say they’re disappointed in Obama for not bailing out everyone! Though they be against bailouts. Weird folks, I can’t fathom it.

Then, to segue to some older protests – those of the 1980s in Eastern Europe – what did those millions clamor for? They clamored for private corporations, big banks, shopping malls, consumer goods, cash and wealth – why, they were AGAINST communism and socialism. And what are our Occupiers here for – what Eastern Europe used to be. And still the millionaire press pods gush over this? Are they out of their minds? Do they think that they will be among the 1% who winds up owning everything in society, aka, the government? Hmm. I notice the press hasn’t compared our current morons with the fine folks of Prague who said to the government Strc Prst Skrz Krk – which is has tough as it sounds.

And then, of course, there’s the gay protests – the biggest, longest lasting, most fastest growing, most peaceful, most multicultural worldwide political protest movement ever seen. Only, weirdly, few actually see it – for the press – our alleged friends – they never report this. They didn’t spend more than 20 seconds apiece in this entire year covering the tens of millions of gay people in the streets protesting, festively so, even, in over 1000 cities and towns in America and another 1000 the world over. Oh my, we didn’t get a friggin’ expose about our demands, that’s for sure. We sure don’t get the constant blather and breathless “there they march!” and a complete airing of the forces against us.

Hell, the media – our alleged friends – not only invite our most horrific and absurd opponents on their airwaves – but pay them! I dare say, the media would rather the blood of gay folks be spilled as the likes of Peter Sprigg proposes than listen to a word we say. Typical liberals – if it doesn’t call for more socialism and bigger government – it shall not be mentioned. And do gay folks ask for other people’s cash? No, we do not – we ask to be allowed to keep our jobs. Do we demand the end of big banks? No we do not, we work for them, as tellers galore. Do we declare anyone “evil” or “a threat” to the nation? No we do not; but welcome all to come and say a nice word.

The differences, then, between the rabble of Zuccotti Park and some real live, got something done, and biggest protests movements around the world: Arabs, Chinese, Tea Party, Eastern Europe and us gays? It’s that we all want less government – and more freedom and wealth – and the American media has all but blacked us out – While the Occupiers are the darlings of the media because they want to wreck what everyone on earth seems to want. Billions of people clamoring for wealth and a business in happy peaceful capitalism — and these few clods in downtown Manhattan want the very opposite. How very very strange then, what the press coverage is.

Yep, something else afoot – the socialists have seized the media. Put those puppies out of business already.


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