The Occupiers are AGAINST & FOR the same thing, how strange

I find it amazing that the “Occupy Wall Street” rabble, which I now find out, several of my friends are all for – yeesh, maybe I need new friends – are saying “companies should not have been bailed out” and then segue to “the government should take over the big companies” – which is the ultimate bailout. Those big companies would never fail, while the protestors are complaining the companies weren’t allowed to fail. So which are they for or against, fail or don’t fail? Beats me; they are for both, I guess. And they tell me I’m crazy? hahaha!

And soon after the takeover, they will ossify into a crony run system of scary proportions. Sure, have the government run everything – then you’ll see the 1% take over for sure. Not to mention that government run corporations are the ultimate in crony capitalism, which the occupiers protest against while calling for more of the same in tortured unreasoned illogical mush. And I keep finding more of it, everywhere among my friends; it’s bizarre. Who knew I knew so many crazy people?

Then there’s the folks who say “People before profits” without a blessed clue that the profits of a company go to many people – in the form of dividends, and a strong stock price. Do they think these large companies and banks are owned by one or two people? Do they not realize that they could probably have a bigger effect on companies by buying stock in them than they can have by screaming for the government to do “something” – which always seems to be “expropriate” the companies? Boy, talk about a violation of the “takings clause” of the Constitution. Have any of these people given a thought to how this is going to be done at a practical level? I doubt it.

Or should the government seize the wealth of the rich folks to buy the companies for the people? Which would thereby hand the money right back to the folks who own the thing, who will then be called in to run it for “the people” and not “the profits” – with profits being made all the same, for that can’t be avoided; even Stalin’s Five Year Plans called for a 5% “profit.” Or do we get some mismanagement political hack who doesn’t have a clue as to how to pump a barrel of oil or make a mortgage and make a wreckage of it all?

And do these people in the streets think that they will all of a sudden have entree to the West Wing of the White House to give guidance for the 99% to the 1% who sit behind the Marines? Do they not realize that quickly it will indeed be only 1% who own everything? Or maybe the government should require us all to buy stock in the companies, so only “the people” own the stock, instead of the, um, people, and unions, and pensions funds now that own the stock as people.

And once you start to just expropriate companies, there’s no stopping it. And with a wondrous new health care law which requires Americans to buy products they don’t wish to buy – without providing any new health care whatsoever – and weirdly, Obama, all for the “crony capitalism” complaint of the Occupiers, is going to force the 99% to buy insurance from the 1% evil billionaires who supposedly run the insurance companies. Doesn’t anyone see the apparent irony of a law that requires the 99% to buy insurance from the biggest insurance companies and providers?

Including AARP, a “non-profit” deep into selling insurance by the billions of bucks for profit indeed, just not taxed, that’s all. Still, they must be both “for” buying from rich companies, for they love ObamaCare, and they are “Against” buying from the rich companies, I’m sure. And so we’ll be perhaps told to buy Chevy’s for the good of the people, too. Or any other product of a failing bailed out public corporation. Hell, Amtrak doesn’t survive without a steady flow of government cash which doesn’t come from earnings, how could any other government run company? Where would the government get the money to constantly prop up the failed entities, with their being no more rich to tax?

And if you don’t like to help a company’s profits, well, don’t buy their stuff. Look, no one liked General Motors stuff, so they lost money, to the tune of billions, to the brink of failure – and then what? The protestors are all for “no bailout” for General Motors, presumably. And the unions are all for the bailouts, which they profited handsomely from – and now amazingly the unions are all for the protestors – who are protesting against what the unions are quite for: the General Motors bailout. How can one think all this is rational and still walk I don’t know. It’s simply beyond me, into a faith of some kind. I’ve always had problems with holding contradictory beliefs on the same matter – and I just can’t bring myself to call both “for” and “against” the very same thing. Call me silly, hey.

It’s just like so many people I know were quite against $500 billion dollar deficits under Bush — because deficits are bad — and are now all for $1.5 Trillion dollar deficits under Obama — because deficits are good? Wow! Then they are against big banks, as the Government pumps billions and trillions into big banks under the man they wanted in office. So they’re for bank bailouts when they’re not against bank bailouts. They’re against deficits when they are not for them. It’s quite an amazing political stance; and one hopes these people don’t vote.

Of course, too, it’s always “Exxon, Exxon, Exxon,” as if there are no other oil companies in the world. The protestors are, I’m sure, all for the government taking over Exxon. But what of Citgo? Will they also be all for expropriating the property of the people of Venezuela too? After all, that country owns Citgo for the good of its people – who are leaving at a steady clip with what they can get out of that failure of a nation, and fleeing to Miami. Not even to Mexico or Spain, no, but Miami. Oddly, I avoid buying gas from Citgo, I don’t like helping to pay for the oppression of other people, and I might wish it good for Venezuelans to stay in their fine nation and have a better go at it, to protect their culture, of course, which must be very valuable, right? Of course, the protestors, calling all for a Venezuelan style government run by 1% seem oblivious to this.

I see calls for “Abolish Capitalism” and I think – are they serious? To what extent? Will we get rid of all privately owned property? Will the government take over all the little stores that dot the strip malls of the nation? Will they grab McDonald’s and Burger King, and make sure that both provide equal things? Maybe the name changed to “McDonKing” or something. Perhaps the government should own all the housing too, and the convenience stores. Who knows?

That’s the problem when the government starts to own stuff beyond a court house or post office (And the latter so deeply in debt there’s talk of closing it.) First it’s the big companies, then it’s everything else, and pretty soon you have a one party state like oh, Russia. Sure, what a fine example of a nation for us to use, eh? And the Communist Party USA all for the protests indeed, proudly on the front page of their website. Can I know this many communists? Though, they are all Democrats, so, well, maybe I do.

But, let’s use oil as the example, for that’s always the buggaboo starting point for these people, isn’t it. Big Oil Bad. Yes, well, the government already regulates the living daylights out of the oil companies – right down to when and where to drill and how much and what might be done to do it and how, and with what safety, environment, equipment, wage rates, benefits packages to workers, and colors of the file folders almost – why, I’d almost swear that the government runs big oil so much that the oil companies have had to become buddy buddy with the government. Or they wouldn’t be allowed to drill a drop.

If you don’t like crony capitalism, get the government out of the micro-management of the oil companies. Then the executives there wouldn’t be tempted to ask for favors from the people who dole them out. But no, you’re going to make Exxon ask for permission to drill on some schnook’s 40 acres in West Texas.

And what of Shell? Isn’t that a big oil company? Sure it is. Seize it! Oh, but wait, the Queen of the Netherlands might have a thing to say about that – for she is a fairly major shareholder in “Royal Dutch Shell.” Why, she’s the “Royal” in the name of the thing! And the “Dutch” – well, they are, of course, the Dutch people. And Shell, well, it’s only about 1/3 “privately” owned. Maybe then we should seize but a third of it, I don’t know. I doubt the protestors have thought it out either.

And these oil companies, Exxon, Shell, Hess – oh yes, what of Hess? Or, as few know, Amerada Hess, yes, what of it? That lucky company has stayed off the protestors radar, for now. Ah, but poor Koch Oil, whatever that is – funny, I had never heard of the company before all this fuss. My, they’ve quickly gone from quietly doing what they do, and are now Evil Incarnate. Sure, as they continue to try to do what they do.

The Koch brothers apparently are a major shareholder in Georgia Pacific, too – which, by it’s name, seems to be from coast to coast – and it’s headquartered in Atlanta – and it’s been reported that the Occupiers of Atlanta wanted to levitate the building, and perhaps shake it all around, or turn it upside down and empty the billions that they think are stashed in the upper floors of their skyscraper. Bizarre, to be “for” something like levitating a building, and claiming this is rational.

And poor Georgia Pacific, they just make paper and wood pulp stuff, who knows? Who cares? Want to know? Buy a share of stock and get their mailings; I’m sure they got a website, but I don’t need to know. I need to know I can go to Albertson’s or Walmart and buy some paper products, from printer paper to toilet paper to paper towels – easy stuff to buy. What do the protestors know of how to make these things? And if these companies are taken over by the government who do they think will run them? Why, the very people who run them now. They’ll all be so cronyed up it’d be ridiculous. Which is why “Abolish Capitalism” is ridiculous.

What other sorts of companies will be taken by “the people”? Perhaps Delta Airlines – they are a billion dollar deal, no? Are they thus not evil, by the occupiers’ reasoning? Sure they are. Alas, Delta is already owned by its employees, its unions – why, it’s the people who work there that own it all! Shall we take it from the workers for the good of the um, workers? Have any of these occupiers and my friends and the politicos in support of this nonsense thought this out? Seems not.

Or will they simply hand over the decision making to the “Establishment” which they rail against too? Do they think that all of a sudden the political class is going to resign, or that this next election 100% of the people in office will be turned out so that some wondrous people unsullied by “greed” and “power” and “profit” and “wealth” and are truly part of the 99% – sure, what world do you all live in? Meanwhile, my friends are all for voting for the Establishment exactly as it stands – while being in support of people who are against the Establishment! Wow, and without a shred of irony or awareness, even, they say this.

Why, the Occupiers have called for all the politicians to resign – yes, well, even the ones who are supporting them, I guess. Though Obama, Pelosi, Biden, Kerry, and the rest seem to not be remotely interested in resigning. And my friends tell me they want to vote for these very same people who they are also in agreement that all should resign? Not to mention, they seem very interested in seizing the big companies, so they can be the 1%. For the good of the people of course, as is always said.

Sure, but who will churn out the toilet paper? Some politician’s friend who donated a lot of money to his campaign so that he could get appointed to the cushy job, while perhaps having not a clue as to how to turn trees into, um, cushy paper? Sure, that sounds like a plan! Mind numbingly so.

You know, it’s one thing to marvel at the brainless from afar – has a most detailed daily look at the characters in these camps, and their demands. Well, they are 1% all right – and Nazi, Communist and Socialist, Anti-Semetic, Anti-Gay, Homeless, Sex Offenders, thieves and crazy people and other assorted Loons – and the 99% don’t seem to be much interested in joining in sleeping under tarps in parks and urinating into dark corners because the porta-potties are filled to overflowing for the protestors won’t let the sanitation worker in to clean the place lest they lose the “right” to live in a public park. And people I know are for this? Yikes. And pitiful.

I don’t know who’s crazier, “Occupiers,” anyone who supports them, or Tony Perkins, who just wants to get rid of gay people.


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