Gay Folks have nothing to do with Occupy Wall Street.

I have now begun to see a disturbing trend on some gay blogs that gay folks should join the Occupy Wall Street protests – nothing could be further from the truth. I’m fed up with this crud. We got it tough enough, without joining any other movement. The gay thing, our very existence, is debated in every country on earth like no other subject. We are simply so different than any other thing that I can’t fathom anyone trying to say this or that “movement” of heterosexuals, whatever it is – has anything to do with gayness. No, we are a thing apart.

There’s no way “Occupy Wall Street” would tolerate this:

I don’t say that “proudly” – no. I don’t say it because I think I’m special. Nor to provoke anyone to anger, though sure to provoke to thought. For I say it because it is the reality that every side of the political spectrum has problems with gay people.

Oh, don’t tell me Communists like gay folks – what the hell did they do to us in the Soviet Union? The same damn thing they did to us here in the “Conservative” “Liberty based” United States. Don’t tell me Latinos like gay folks, because they too are an “oppressed” minority – hell, they aren’t in their countries, right? Don’t Latinos have simply marvelous lives in their nations? Well, I guess, except the desperately poor and those who work hard at escaping, talk to Occupy about “elites,” indeed. But gays are treated equally in both Latino and Anglo societies: like crap.

Not a single “protest” march in all the world — from Tahir Square in Cairo to Red Square in Moscow to the Zocalo of Meixco City to Tienanmen Square in Beijing to Times Square in New York City would tolerate this:

Only gay protests have such things – the rest is heteros run amok.

Don’t tell me that the Socialists are gay friendly – every socialist regime on earth is anti-gay. Don’t tell me about Multiculturalism – what utter hogwash – every culture is against gays. That’s what all our opponents so proudly say: “you’ve never been accepted, you are bad, we will wreck your nerves, no society accepts you.” They are right. No society – anywhere, at any time, under any form, has ever been gay friendly. No political movement, no party, no president-for-life, no Iowa straw poll voter has ever been gay friendly, at least not in the abstract. We are so different as to almost defy explanation. And it would be far better for gays to recognize this rather than to try to ally ourselves to any other cause.

No political cause in this world every embraced this:

Here, some posts at just one blog, at which I went hog wild – check out the comments, go seek for once:

What utter mush uttered; and no connection even seen between this? I find it astonishing.

And then, for fun, see this:

And what on earth do Taipei gay folks have to do with Occupy Wall Street or how Egyptian, Indonesian, or Venezuelan, or American gays are treated?

And let me tell you this – both my gay friends and readers – and my hetero friends and readers – no societies on earth are as friendly and peaceful to gay people than the English Speaking Democracies, starting with Canada, the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. They are followed closely behind, though in a slightly different way, by the Scandinavian and Northern European countries, and then through the rest of that continent. One could quibble on which is better than the other; none are perfect for us. Perhaps one could put the Netherlands ahead of them all; I’ll leave that for more in depth analysis.

But none of them truly tolerate this, more than in a vague “well, so long as we don’t see it” way, while cringing in their boots:

Oh no, it’s true, not a single society on earth can handle the simple reality that two young gay men might be so much as in puppy love with each other. Are you kidding? And so what do we have to do with any of this? Nothing, nothing at all.

But one thing for sure – in this nation – the socialists and the theocrats have it in for us – and we are not connected to anything they do on any subject under the sun – other than on gayness. And then, we must take each individual at their word. My, how American. Individuals responsible for their own words and actions in relation to us. Some are greatly found wanting for sure. Most of them are the elites, though quite a few of the Occupiers and the Theocrats of all stripes and colors, banding together.

But certainly never connect decency – not rights, not laws – mere decency – for gay folks with any other political movement or party in this nation or anywhere in the world. We have nothing to do with it. And if that ain’t obvious, I don’t know what is.


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