Bill Maher just said the most ridiculous thing about gay folks

So, a quiet Saturday afternoon, and I’m confronted with such mush by this creep Bill Maher as to infuriate me. Here, the article:

And what does Billy boy say that just miffs me something fierce?

Based on that and how that particular culture strictly interprets Shariah law in the treatment of women, Maher concluded that homosexuality has become sexuality.

Now Groucho Marx said sometimes a cigar is just a cigar,” Maher continued. “And sometimes a stick up your ass is just a stick up your ass. But don’t these people have issues? I mean, when the first thing you do is stick something up the guy’s ass, I feel like it says something about you as a culture “ the men in that culture. When you segregate the women and you cover them up and homosexuality becomes sexuality.”

Um, no Bill, what it shows is a culture that likes to keep its women covered – and then proceed to be as heterosexual as every other culture is 95% heterosexual. Gayness, or “homosexuality” has nothing to do with it. And this guy is our friend? Is he kidding? We got Bryan Fischer going around the nation comparing us to head chopping Muslims. We got poor Rick Santorum claiming we’re waging “Jihad” against him for merely defending ourselves against his repeated calls for our incarceration and removal from society. Thanks, Bill, but with “friends” like you, I certainly don’t need enemies.

Is the man this stupid? I mean, really, until the 1950s even American women were “covered” – scarfs, hats, veils (hey, don’t they have wedding veils? Sure they do! Does that mean American men are homosexual because they like their damsels at the altar in veils? Hahahaha!)

Not to mention that the Muslim world has one of the highest birthrates of all cultures – I dare say, heterosexual conduct is rampant. And not to mention that many of these Muslim cultures are simply killing gay folks. He has now poured some gasoline on the fire of the No Gays! Movement. Bill, shut the hell up and be an idiot about something else, and not about gay folks.

And the murder of Gadhafi – well and good – all dictators deserve a good end, right? But the fact that the heterosexuals in the crowd went and abused the corpse with a stick up the butt shows not that they are “homosexual” but that they are very anti-gay indeed. Why, they have denigrated the man with the most horrifying thing they could imagine – gay “sex” – only, somehow, poking a corpse isn’t really sex, is it? No it is not.

Perhaps one could conclude that the Libyans are newly into necrophilia – something else we’ve been accused of – for anything might be said about us.

But really, this is just utter mush, and hardily helpful to gay folks here in America, or in Europe, or anywhere else on the planet, and certainly not in Arab lands. The man is risible. The man disgusts me. And he’s done me no good. Blah.

And you know Bill, sometimes idiocy is just idiocy, and this is an excellent example.


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  1. Larry Newman

    My dear James…I saw the “Real Time With Bill Maher” episode last night you are referring to, as I do every Friday night on HBO. What you have failed to recognize is that Bill is a comedian/satirist who is just goofing around to make a buck…no harm intended (all of his followers know that, including me). He is actually extremely gay-friendly! Remember…he is a COMIC!!! So every time Yahoo! News farts, you breathe it in like nectar from the gods…sheesh!

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