Occupiers may see right problem, but have wrong solution

When the Communist, Nazi and Socialist parties endorse something, be very wary of what that thing is. Now, already these parties have come out on their websites and statements with all sorts of glowing praise of the “Occupy Wall Street” puff and stuff. And the main Unions, AFL-CIO, SEIU, have also come out in favor of the “movement” – as have the President, Vice-President, and many a senior Democrat. And so that’s a weird melange of people who support this rabble rousing in the streets and parks of a few cities.

Oh, sure, the Baton Rouge Advocate was all a tizzy over the “70 protestors” come to the levee, like we were a big city. Yes, well, the other 450,000 people in this parish stayed home. We didn’t get a headline. And the millionaire Manship family, which owns the paper, shouldn’t be glorifying those come to take their wealth.

Indeed, the press, billionaire companies all, are just smitten with this “movement.” Which is odd, for the rabble are quite against billionaires it is said. And so how could one be “for” those who are “against” you? That’s a tricky bit to think about, eh? How could the Establishment Democrats, a party well entrenched in the stratosphere of government, possibly be “for” people who are, if one or two signs represent the demands of many, “all the presidents should resign around the world.” If Obama and Biden are “for” this demand, shouldn’t they immediately resign and lend both their prestige and example to the movement? I doubt they will, showing the charlatan nature of their support.

What exactly it is being protested is hard to tell. Is it the “system”? Well, I dare say, 99% of the people are rather happy with the system. There is not going to be some huge juggernaut of people rising up to overthrow the government or something, nor to change or even challenge the system. I suppose there are quite a few who want to institute some sort of socialist paradise in this nation – they are off their rockers, but hey, there they are. And they’re not crazy because the evil, greedy rich control the place, they’re off their rockers because the vast majority of people are just thrilled to live in the richest most powerful peaceful country on earth.

The Occupiers have this slogan “banks got bailed out, we got sold out.” Yes, well supposedly the big banks were too big to fail and thus need the bailing – which seems odd, for they obviously were going to fail – they therefore were not “too big to fail” but plainly too big to sustain themselves. The banks that weren’t teetering on the brink would have bought up the assets of the carcasses of the big banks – the nation would have gone on. The financial system would not have collapsed; the bankruptcy courts are an orderly thing. What might have happened is Goldman Sachs, font of much of Obama’s administration, would have gone out of business. Aw, too bad, eh? Well, sometimes companies just need to go out of business.

But got “sold out” by whom? Why the very people that are supporting the protestors! It was this current Administration which plowed a trillion or two into big banks and big corporations. Now they’re both for what they did and against it? Hmm, I smell something else. I smell the mush of big government. For that’s what the protestors are protesting – big government – by demanding, um, more bigger government. And the Democrats in love with the Occupiers are simply thrilled to be the 1% to whom the goodies go. While the protestors will get nothing still.

Meanwhile, there seems to be all manner of other weirdos in the groups – people who are just mad as hell and can’t take it anymore. Though what exactly have they been getting which has riled them up, other than a pretty darn good life so far, is not quite clear. They are merely “against” it all, I suppose. I look at the signs, I see Che Gueverra – I mean, really, Che? Isn’t he passe? Isn’t he a murderous raping thug who got killed in his own game? Sure he is. But you want to bring that man’s ways to us? Perhaps they’d love Fidel Castro to give pointers on how to run a government?

The movement is in league with the “Arab Spring” – odd, the Arabs are intent on bringing in the next dictator and making Sharia law a little more strong. Are the Occupiers really like Libyans who toppled their crazed dictator? Does that mean they are soon to go get tanks and missiles and attack the White House? Are the Occupiers really like the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt – which is swearing to destroy Israel? Really? And thus the Occupiers are supposedly not Anti-Semetic, but just are like the peaceful rioters of Cairo? And are the protesters in New York really just like the protesters in Damascus? Well, I dare say, that’s quite a leap from “get rid of dictator” to “support Obama” – beats me.

And the problem though, with these Occupiers, is that they are utterly clueless as to any practical solution. Do they demand the government simply seize the millions and billions and hand it out at the government office or something? No, they also want the millionaires and billionaires in government to take over the other millionaires and billionaires. Yes, in a way, this is a fight between the ½% who think they should run things against the ½% who would rather be left alone and go drill some oil somewhere.

I just marvel too at the numbers game – the president is down to 35% – 38% in popularity – and the occupiers claim they represent the 99% while being perhaps 10,000 collectively nationwide – well, nothing like being in the vanguard without a van to guard. And indeed, the homeless, the ex-cons, the thieves with no honor among them who have come and picked over the electronics and cash that have sullied the “people’s movement,” not to mention a lady from Florida who abandoned her kids and ran off to NYC to join the mob for the good of the country. And you know, all this stuff is amply reported in the blogosphere, while the mainstream press is pretending that this is some Democratic party middle class revolt against the Republican rich – it is no such thing. And how come the Democratic Rich, like John Kerry, are never blamed for being greedy? Hmm, conundrums abound.

And how can all these people – the few thousands actually – with no clear agenda, and in league with Nazis – possibly be “for” anything good? What good did the Nazis bring the world? And I don’t care if someone doesn’t like to think so – but when the Nazis give support, well, you are in league with them unless you say “Hey, Nazis can’t support us – we’re against that!” Ditto the Communists. But they have not, the protestors have embraced all the support they can get. And what a rag tag bunch of supporters it is – the loons of the fringe left, so far out that they live in the Land of Theory with nary a practical notion in their minds.

And as this changes into the violent riots that it is bound to do, at least in some of the bigger cities – I doubt the 70 here in Baton Rouge will cause more grief than a moment’s delay in traffic on the River Road – then it’s going to be fun to see the president and the vice-President and the Democratic establishment squirm their way out of things.

And what Obama and the Democrats think they’ll get out of this is also not clear. Perhaps they think this little spat of nits will cause so many more millions to go vote Democratic in 2012. Yah, meanwhile, every poll shows the people more dissatisfied with Washington, more dissatisfied with the Congress, more dissatisfied with the president – and I dare say the politicians who will win will be anyone who says “Dismantle this mess.” And I doubt the people who are dissatisfied with the current situation will vote for more of the same. Sure, there’s going to be yet another huge turn over in the Congress. And almost certainly a new president.

And what I got to laugh more about is that most the Republican field is far more worried about sissy smooching than they are about the Wall Street protests. But somehow I don’t think we’ll be supporting the end of shopping for goodies anytime soon. And any gay group that does so, well, they would be just as unrepresentative of the whole as the protestors themselves are. But, lunacy is lunacy, and calling for the government to own everything, or there be nothing to own, perhaps, or some trun to some fantasy land where a Communist run nation had a bit of wealth and decency, well, it just flummoxes me.

If you are against bank bailouts, vote Tea Party, not Socialist-Democratic for heaven’s sake. If you’re against the “establishment” then vote out every incumbent in the land. And the next election too – hell argue for term limits. If you are opposed to the crony capitalism, well, by all means lessen the regulation of corporations to virtually nil and there will be no need for the cronies to talk to each other about more than the weather. But what has happened is that the government has come and regulated everything and required all manner of reporting and factual data – and so, being rational, the people upon whom the request was made seek favors. That’s just the way of government. But to call for more of what you are against is rather strange, and ergo, the Occupiers are crazy.


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  1. Mary

    Jim, I love you because although I think you have many points that remain unclear, you make some valid (and wonderfully humorous) points as well! that i adore about you. a critical response to come shortly!

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