An email to Michael Brown at Town Hall website

I read today an interesting article by a man named Michael Brown at:

So I emailed the man, as he allowed me to do:


thank you for you fine words about Frank Kameny. It’s a rare “social conservative” who says such things, or gives praise to any gay man. So for that, kudos, indeed.

However, I wish to look at your closing line — “If there were more people on the side of conservative, biblical values who had the commitment, tenacity, and fearlessness of the late Frank Kameny, the world would be a much better place.” For I agree with it in a sense, one that you will find quite opposite, perhaps, to what you perceive you meant.

Well, here, let me tell you: there are few people more liberty loving, conservative and dedicated to the prospect of smaller government, and that all men are equal and endowed by our Creator with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness than we gay folks. We clamor for marriage, by any name. We are taxpayers all, for we can’t get a Disability check for being gay; we haven’t even tried; I doubt we will.

And there is nothing sinful in gayness, nor is it an “attack” on anything. We are like unto Autism — we simply are a tiny bunch, by some unknown as yet quirk of nature – gay – and all over the world too, not just here in America. We are not an American phenomenon – but every nation must deal with its gay citizens, just like every society deals with its autistic kids. And we did not choose to be this way; we just hit puberty and realized, “yep, one of those.” I knew when I was 10 or 11, my family within moments, for I was never “in the closet,” as is said.

We don’t riot, (well, once or twice, when the provocation by the police state against us was too much,) we don’t kill (the best reason to keep us out of the military is probably that we’re not violent enough,) nor do we leave behind a trail of unwanted babies, social welfare problems and abortion, (which is oddly, the chief complaint against us – we don’t make babies.) We are indeed, good citizens, and contribute positively to our nation far more than our numbers might indicate is possible. And yes, we pay more than enough taxes to cover any costs of AIDS if one still thinks that’s only for gay folks — and if only us, well, there’s some genetic reality, eh?

And you know, I’m a 53 year old guy, who never so much as smooched a girl, never mind gone any further (it’s just icky, yech, what can I say?) Though, truth be told, I never quite heard of Kameny until recently, nor have I followed much in the way of the history of gays, except that I lived it – in bar raids, in job firings, in listening politely to some of the most absurd lies and mush ever uttered by man, and turning the other cheek, as Jesus commands. But one thing I always had, and that was my family – they never chased me away, they never abandoned me, they only kept me in tight embrace and helped me be me – which is a conservatism that is indeed tenacious.

And if there’s other Biblical precepts that gay folks follow, besides “turn the other cheek” it is these: “treat others as you wish to be treated” – “let your yes be yes, and your no, no.” – “bear not false witness” and “love thy neighbor as thyself.” And “hypocrisy is the worst sin.” We exemplify this credo, and we only ask of our hetero brethren to join with us in just accepting us as we are, and stop the condemnation and trying to change us. It would be grossly unfair to any woman for me to court her now at this point in my life. And the 89 year old gay WWII vet I take care of? Well, he’s not going to change, either.

And it behooves hetero Christian America to just put us on the autism scale, where we belong, and start some mollycoddling, instead of maintaining the steady drumbeat that we are against everything and anything. Such is simply not the case, it has no basis in reality. You know, the Left always seeks to create this “new man” – well, I dare say, trying to make me straight is trying to create some “new man” as much as any Leftist is. And I shall not relent, ever. I’m rather Kameny in this matter.

You know, I don’t know if Frank was of Czech heritage, as I am, with relatives there in Prague with whom I can speak to in Czech – but his name is a Czech word: Kamen = stone, Kameny – stone-like. We are like stones sir, we are unchangeable and natural and God’s gift to humankind.

Yes, a gift – and you know how? We are the people God put here as a test of you heteros to “treat others as you wish to be treated.” And I dare say, you all have failed. And yet we few, we get up the next day, and as millions of Kamenys, joined together without an organization and say “Let my people go.” Yes, let us be, stop this unholy nonsense. Not embrace gayness, no. Don’t become gay, no. But let us few, us gays, let us live in peace among you. There is no Biblical, Family or American value in constantly berating us for being whom we are.

But one thing is true – we are simply flummoxed at heterosexuals’ inability to handle us. We simply don’t know why you are opposed to our existence. Nor can we conceive what a threat you perceive us to be; we are not that insecure as to think we will change, why are you all insecure that you will change? The problem with gay people is not our gayness – it is the rest of yours inability to accept a simple reality of life all over this globe: there is a static tiny percentage of gay folks. Oh well, that’s what we face. We do our best.

But long before I ever heard of Kameny, I uttered the same words as he did: if your God doesn’t like us – get a better God. Ours is very accepting of your kind, I assure you.

Cheers, God Bless,

Jim Hlavac


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