Murderers, Rapists, Molesters, Autistic get married, & gays can’t?

I find it astounding that murderers, rapists, child molesters, autistic people, alcoholics, even the mentally retarded (or whatever the politically correct term is today,) can get married – the elderly, with no chance of kids, can get married too – indeed, it seems no sort of heterosexual is ever denied marriage – and none of this is “for” families, or “kids,” or “values” or anything; but merely making whoopie. One cannot argue that murderers are good for family, can one? – and yet they can get married. Ditto the rest of my list – and gay folks? Oh, we’re the threat to it all. And I think – “are people out of their minds?” I conclude, “yes, yes they are.”

First they declare us to be a ridiculously small portion of society: 1% supposedly – despite much evidence to the contrary – and 90% of anyone with a brain believes gay folks are either “born this way” or “made gay in early childhood” (see NARTH, AFTAH, and a plethora of anti-gay groups – we were “made” gay.) – and for us less than 5% they are fearful that we will “destroy” marriage? Or worse, “make everyone else gay”? Are they kidding? Are they just this dense? This stupid? This obtuse? I don’t know what else to call it anymore. This unholy fear of gay people is one of the most bizarre social phenomenons of our times. We claim we’re born gay, and the world of politics, left and right, seems to call us liars. It’s quite amazing.

There are even people so fearful of us, or so against our very existence, such as Rick Santorum and Bryan Fischer, and perhaps even Newt Gingrich, and Rick Perry, and Michelle Bachmann – that they want us all arrested and rounded up and incarcerated together to keep us from, um, being together. It’s such bizarre mush that I can’t fathom how to answer it. I’m not sure any gay man can, other than to just rail against the stupidity.

Herman Cain has now said several times recently that “being gay is a choice” – in direct contravention to all known science as it stands at this point. Even our most obstreperous opponents like Peter Sprigg said – and he’s listed as “the point person on homosexuality for the Family Research Council,” — “I don’t think that people choose their sexual attraction.”) Well, then, I do declare Peter, talk to Herman Cain – perhaps you can help him unravel his dilemma.

Of course, here’s the rest of the quote from

“(In fairness, there aren’t many leaders of groups representing social and religious conservatives who still argue that homosexual orientation – as opposed to behavior – is a matter of choice. Even as he insists that no one is born gay, Peter Sprigg, the point person on homosexuality for the Family Research Council, says, “I don’t think that people choose their sexual attraction.”) – and I think – really, we’re not “born gay” but we “don’t… choose”? So how does it come about? He has no answer, other than, gays choose to be gay. And there’s no arguing with this nonsense; nope. It’s just mush, and mush can’t be argued.

And from the same article, I find this gem: “The Family Research Council, a conservative Christian think tank in Washington, D.C., argues in its book Getting It Straight that finding people are born gay “would advance the idea that sexual orientation is an innate characteristic, like race; that homosexuals, like African-Americans, should be legally protected against ‘discrimination;’ and that disapproval of homosexuality should be as socially stigmatized as racism. However, it is not true.”

Oh, I’m sorry, it’s not like “race” – it’s like Autism, brainiacs. Egad; race is so much more obvious, while autism is so much more ephemeral – however, autistic people aren’t roundly condemned, and are entitled to get married to, and at least form human bonds, and no one says “they choose to be autistic.” But us? Nah, Peter is against our very happiness, and that’s a bit anti-American. Why, to just hound us forever is just evil. Put us on the autism spectrum and be done with us, for heaven’s sake, and quit your bellyaching.

We should be protected against discrimination like autistic people are – and we should be allowed to get married to each other like murders, alcoholics … and the rest can. Indeed, we’re compared to alcoholics all the time – that we somehow ingested some legal product that is produced in factories and allowed to be sold is a logical bit of mush I can’t fathom either, but I’m not the one pushing it. But to argue that saying something nice about us is going to change the world to all be gay is like saying something nice about autistic kids will wind up with everyone else “choosing” to be autistic. It’s beyond reason, but like I said, I don’t make this crap up – it’s just what’s spewed by people who are in genocide mode. For there is no other way to describe it – they want us gone – that’s genocide. Sprigg is all for exporting us even, if that were even possible.

And my gay friends and fellow bloggers are more into whining then attacking this mush – well, many commentators attack it – but I don’t see them having blogs – but the gay blogs? They just whine, and don’t do much to demolish this nonsense.

And I keep coming back to the idea that if gay folks are truly such a threat to the nation and the heterosexuals than something ought to be done with us, right? Either deal with reality – us few are fervently sure that only we are gay – or deal with the delusion that heterosexuals are so unsure and insecure of themselves that they will turn gay.

The nonsense that we are “sinners” for our mere existence simply lumps us in with criminals of all sorts. Well, how the hell are we like “Murderers”? They can kill with near impunity – and after a few years in jail, they go get married. This is not a threat to family? And not to mention alcoholics, who after ingesting copious amounts of a legal substance – they get married – and what substance do we imbibe? They can point to none, these people who compare us to alcoholics. Nothing we ingest could conceivably make us gay like liquor makes an alcoholic. But that doesn’t stop the mush, no.

And then, what laws do they think they will pass? They’re all for cluttering up the Constitution with an amendment denying that gay couples exist. It’s absurd. Is our sacred founding document really to be used to push some bizarre opinion? Well, apparently so – but how will it be worded? “No gay couples will be recognized, ever”? And what of the states that have gay marriage – will those marriages simply disappear? Will they Bill of Attainder those marriages into non-existence? They don’t say. Indeed, no one seems to see the policy conundrum. How can you outlaw that which exists without passing an ex-post facto law that simply dissolves the marriages and nullifies the state laws? I don’t know. Maybe the states will all allow gay marriage, and the federal government will be at war with the states on the issue. No one is clear – I’ve seen no logic or legal argument to deal with the problem.

And for those who want to outlaw gay sex again – Santorum, Perry, Perkins, Fischer, Bachmann, etc – what sort of police state would be required to prevent it? There aren’t enough cops to deal with the real crimes – never mind the sissy smooching. And for 30 years of my life I was a felon, and yet, and yet protected by the very cops charged with upholding the law and arresting us all. Is a law against us really necessary to make heterosexuals sleep at night? Apparently so – and I can’t wrap my mind around that either. They didn’t arrest us when they had the laws – all they did was come for the graft. Will we have to start paying off the cops again, and occasionally tolerate a bar raid?

Oh, the whole thing is so silly – and never before have so many gay men been so harassed as at this time – for these people against us are rather serious, it seems. What will they do with us? We’re told by John Boehner that we have some enormous political clout, and ergo we need no protection under the law – as he comports with people who want to arrest us? Is he out of his mind? How can we have all this political power if we’re about to be declared such a menace to society that we need a law against our very smooching?

And what would such a law look like? How detailed will it be? “No two men can touch each other ever!”? Will they outlaw fathers and sons hugging? Can football players hug after a touchdown? Or will only gay men be prohibited from body contact with other men, and hetero men can hug at will? Will they declare that a mere smooch – and not even any willy in the hand inserted anywhere – between to gay guys is illegal? Again – it’s beyond rational thought.

And of all the problems this nation faces – sissy smooching ain’t one of them. And of all the problems the modern heterosexual family faces – sissies smooching in their own house down the block is simply not on the list. Still, there they are – a president who is “evolving” on the “issue” – whatever the hell that means – and a fleet of Republicans calling for the societal ostracism of us – and even our removal from society — against the will of our families, I assure you.

Well, let me inform the powers that be – ain’t going to happen. What we will get is more acceptance of the reality, yes the very reality, that some tiny percent of America is gay and we say “Don’t tread on us, either.” Is this too much to ask? Is this too hard to contemplate? Are you all really that fearful of us? Say it ain’t so.



  1. Freak Liberation Front

    I find it astounding that you put autistics in the same category as murderers, rapists, and child molesters.

    • Freak Liberation Front

      … and then claimed that autistic people are protected against discrimination (we aren’t), and that you want to be treated with the same rights and dignity as autistics (you want people to send their gay kids off to abusive therapies to ‘cure’ them, have the media portray homosexuality as a tragedy, and to pretend it’s basically understandable when a parent kills their gay son?), while complaining about people comparing gay people to murderers (apparently, you want the same protections as autistics, and don’t want to be compared to murderers, but don’t think there’s anything wrong with comparing autistics to murderers).

  2. Oliver_Green

    It’s pretty disgusting that you can on the one hand complain so bitterly at what you see as an insult to your demographic, whilst at the same time being incredibly offensive to people with Autism and mental issues. Oh and lumping the elderly in there was real classy too, asshole.

    • Being autistic myself I don’t think I’m being very offensive to anyone — nor do I use nasty words — and I’m merely pointing out the various different classes of people whom all had to go to court to get the right or privilege to be legally married — after decades of legislative inaction. And I thought I was unfailingly polite to everyone — and perhaps you are too sensitive — which is half the problem with entire nation — and over-sensitive nature now descended upon us — where everyone thinks they are more special than everyone else, who is therefore less special, of course. But thanks for your comment.

  3. lamar

    gays are no different than rapists or serial killers. God understands this….sin is sin.

    • A most hysterically funny comment — showing that the writer is clueless as to what rapists and serial killers are and do. God put gay folks here to test the decency of mankind — and this writer here, Lamar, has obviously failed the test — and moved into a level, or should I say depth, of stupidity that I’m unable to grasp. Stupidity is not a sin, it’s merely terrible. Have a pleasant day.

  4. Jorge

    How manipulating of this article to lump autistic people in same catagory of gays. Not even close buddy, nice try.

    • Strange, not only have I given university psychology classroom lectures on the connection, but one of the foremost researches into Autism thought that my “lumping” together gayness and autism, or at least Asperger, very much possible — and not only have several rather renowned researches considered the issue, but thanked me for my comparisons and told me they thought they had merit. Perhaps I’m closer than you think, and I shall, of course, keep trying 🙂

  5. Urm...

    What about gay autistics?

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