The Ends: Gadhafi, Backmann, Obama, & Occupy Wall Street & No Gays!

My my, so many ends this day – Gadhafi is dead, Michelle Bachmann’s campaign falls apart in New Hampshire, Obama sinks still lower in the polls and the Occupy Wall Street mess is coming to a conclusion, one hopes – as the No Gays! Movement also comes to a stuttering fall.

Well, of course, Gadhafi was found in a sewer, which is where dictators usually wind up. He was quickly killed – anyone who thought that wasn’t going to happen was being silly. That’s always the ends of dictators, unless they retire to the South of France, or some other haven. Too bad Gadhafi didn’t take the sage advice of many and take his billions and run off to Nice, which would have been nice for him. No, he vowed to stick it out to the end. Well, they stuck him in the end, now didn’t they? Yep. Dragged his body through the streets of course, for that’s a tradition with fallen enemies in those parts, amply illustrated over and over again to a much horrified world.

The headline today was “Questions surround Gadhafi’s death.” Oh really? I got no questions. Who would have questions? Who would care? What, did the revolutionaries who killed him do something wrong? Absolutely not. The man was a murderous dictator, he met the end he meted out to so many thousands. The mass graves are still being found, I’m sure there will be more.

Though too, there’s all this silly talk about “democracy” breaking out and peace and such – no, not going to happen. What will happen is some strong man will emerge – almost certainly from the army – or a henchman of the old regime who made just enough nice with the new powers that be that he gets in. It’ll be confusing for a while, but that’s OK – if they keep the internecine crisis going then that will keep them from other mischief. Will the Muslim Brotherhood or some other international terrorist sort get in? Perhaps; perhaps not. We should of course push for the nicest most benign dictator we can get – and promise the new folks and holy reign of terror and destruction if they try to invade Italy or Israel or Tunisia or Egypt. Will out leaders have the stamina for that? Hmm. One hopes.

Still, perhaps Libya will become a benign dictatorship and use its oil wealth for a little infrastructure rebuilding and repair instead of on weapons and war. Though the country only has 6.5 million people (the other day I think I wrote 3.5 million, oops, oh well, I’m not a professional, eh?) and so how large of a military could it get? And where would it go and how would it get there? I’m sure if Israel is attacked by Libya – which is several hundreds of miles away – than Israel will take out what’s left of the Libyan air force. Israel already routinely flies up and down the Mediterranean Sea, all the way to Gibraltar, for fun and training. Benghazi is along the way. Let’s see, 600 mile and hour F-16 – 1, 1½ hours from Tel Aviv to the killing fields, and home in time for lunch. So I wouldn’t worry about Libya too much just yet; let’s see who the next dictator is first, eh?

Then, oh poor Michelle – her entire New Hampshire staff up and quit –

Oh well, that’s too bad. Seems she’s had no time to go to the Granite State. Hell, she probably didn’t have the money to get there and stay a while. Still, she’s had other major people quit – I can’t recall them all, I don’t have to. And she’s stuck with a few % of the polls, and will almost certainly go nowhere. Perhaps she’s angling to be the next Speaker of the House, and challenging Boehner – who may move to the Cabinet. Or maybe she wants to be in the Cabinet, or even V-P designate, which is unlikely. Still, perhaps if she had been such a one issue “no gays!” candidate all her life she might have gained more traction. So, I suppose, now it’s a matter of time till she gives up the charade and the hustings and goes back to Congress.

And then I read, at – of the ever dwindling support for Obama, this time in Illinois, he’s apparently within the margin of error against any Republican, probably even me or you at this point. And he’s lost 20% support in Hawaii, and New Jersey has him down to only 55% liking the man, though why, one wonders. Is Jersey doing that well? Could it be her Governor Christie? Hmm. And the Democratic controlled Senate refused to pass his “jobs” bill or any portion thereof. As well as Democrats in Virginia and North Carolina conveniently out of town or with scheduling conflicts while the president is in town.

Oh, daily come the stories of the failings of the Obama administration at Jammie’s site – I recommend it. It’s sad to see, in a way; for while I didn’t vote for the man (I only really vote Libertarian for president, I don’t care how many people say I “throw away” my vote; I do no such thing – I cast it for the man I think can save the nation from its foolishness. I can’t help it if the rest of you throw away your votes on Democrats or Republicans.)

Still, most polls show Obama and any opponent within a few percentage points of each other. And if the economy doesn’t get better than he’ll continue to tank. If his bitter half, Joe Biden keeps saying ridiculous stuff, Obama might suffer all the more. If his teleprompters get stolen or lost or damaged and he had to give a speech without it, perhaps another few points. For he does seem to be inarticulate and mush headed without the device. Everything is very carefully scripted in this administration, of course. Alas, the poor fellows haven’t realized that the film has changed, and the directors, aka, We the People, have called for a script rewrite.

Meanwhile, the Occupy Wall Street folks are flailing around for a purpose other than occupying a park or two. Their numbers dwindling, the cold setting in, and thus the dwindle more, and they’re getting arrested here and there – apparently in Australia, Seattle, soon Oakland California, where the mayor has told them “OK, 10 days, you made your point, go home.” And well, I’m sure Boston will be ended soon, if not by the police the 30 degree nights. The fervor has left the movement, which is now, if Jammie is to be believed (and he is, for he backs it with quotes and video,) decayed to bums, Marxists, die hard bent on violent revolution lunatics and criminals, kid molesters and other assorted criminals, including those who “steal” from those who want to “share” until the sharing involves their stuff, and then they are suspiciously, conspiratorially, capitalistically and even greedily quite sure that their stuff is theirs indeed, and no one else. Which is something they should practice, and which they are hypocritical about.

And oh yes, let us not forget the end of the No Gays! Movement – yes, real live Americans calling for the elimination one way or the other, they don’t care how, of another group of Americans. Namely me. And such is not going to happen, at least while I got breathe in my body. Well, Brian Raum, he’s the newest creep in the ill-named National Organization for Marriage – for they are not “for” marriage – but are against the existence of gay people – here, look, his words:

We should not turn a blind eye to the physical and mental harms that people engaged in homosexual conduct bring upon themselves by chalking those harms up to ‘stigma, discrimination, and victimization’—demanding more health studies and changes to the medical system—rather than dare ask people to reconsider the path they are traveling down. Instead, we tell them ‘it gets better’ when, in fact, it does not.

Clearly he wants us gone. And well, he’s losing, and we’re winning the hearts and minds of people. So it will not be the end of me, no – but the end of he. He of this bizarre idea that I’m entitled to nothing more than “stigma, discrimination, victimization” – I dare say, he calls me a “victim” of my “lifestyle” – which is rather middle class and decent, and would rather deal with tax policies and the deficit and the foreign policy conundrums of Libya and Syria than having to defend myself against this nasty arrant nonsensical mush. But such are the political times. I’m attacked daily as a threat to myself, my family and my nation – and this man thinks he right? He’s an idiot, of astounding proportions. And deserves all the stigma and discrimination one can mete out to him.

As well as a hug and bit of platonic sissy smooching to realize we are whom we are. He’s the type who blamed autistic people for choosing to be autistic no doubt, and thus ready for incarceration. He’s delusional, and if his end is not soon, then it is coming, for the nation will not tolerate this attack upon my being.

And that’s the end of the ends.




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