Billy Nungesser just lost my vote! Tony Perkins endorsed him.

Well, I just got an email from Billy Nungesser, president of Plaquemines Parish, running for Lieutenant governor of Louisiana — telling me that Tony Perkins — demented leader of the “family research council” — endorses Mr. Nungesser — the election is tomorrow — and I hadn’t planned on voting, but now I shall go — and vote for teh opponent — and so, well, here’s what I emailed “team nungesser” moments ago:

Well, sirs, you just lost my vote —

Tony Perkins is a ridiculous person who seeks the elimination of gay people from this earth, and from this nation. And I’m not going anywhere, not without a genocide of the sort Perkins calls for. You had me, you really did; I was all content to go vote for you tomorrow — and now, you done sent the water over the levee and washed away any shred of desire to see you in office. Now you tell me he endorses you?

Mr. Perkins is not “for” anything — he’s against gay folks, he’s against my existence. And it’s not just about marriage. See for the daily compendium of mush this man spews — he and his boyfriend (any two men who spend all day together obsessing about gay sex are boyfriends, I assure you,) are out to “criminalize” and “export” gay folks — can this state stand tens of thousands of more prisoners? Isn’t Angola filled enough with really dangerous people to all of a sudden round up us sissies and put us all together for being, um, together?

And surely your hetero lives are not imperiled by gay folks — it’s absurd and delusional — I want to hear you don’t believe what this man says!

Do you know what Perkins really says? My my, one would think a rational politician would run away from his endorsement, not boast of it. Oh, it’s one thing to not like to hear about gay folks, or to deny us family marriage, while letting us use the commercial law to affect the same things (what? you think there are no gay couples with legal matters to resolve? are you that obtuse? Another disqualification,)  — but to call for our elimination? Is this what Mr. Nungesser want’s to be associated with?

Oh, I don’t care about your ideas or opinions on gay folks — Frankly, I never heard you all utter a word about it — but Perkins? He’s calling for a cultural genocide — a destruction of a whole class of people — a removal of us from society  — and our incarceration and forced Bible reading until we all become good whatever he thinks we should be — and not even proffering his sister as the gal I should marry.

Oh, sorry, Mr. Nungesser, you just lost my vote — and the day before the election, oh well.
Jim Hlavac
taxpaying Louisianian in Baton Rouge

and might I remind you — you may come to oversee the CRT [Culture Recreation & Tourism] department — and I wrote the book on the Czechs and Slovaks of Louisiana — yes, you got Bohemia Plantation, Spillway and Bayou down there in Plaquemines, south of Point a la Hache, — and let me tell you, my people have a phrase for people like Perkins: Strc prst skrz krk — roughly, “gag me with a spoon.” — or better — strc prst skrz prdl — shove it, Perkins, just shove it you know where.  (and yes, those are real sentences — kdo mluvi ceske tam na svuj urad?)


>> geez, I’m quick, eh?


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