Hetero Republican Rednecks are friendlier to Gays than Liberal Heteros

Does the GOP RINO elite want to arrest us at home or work? And yes, that’s quite a proposition I offer as my title today — oh, do read on…

That’s the question I have as I listen to the incessant blather of so many of the GOP elite – an elite called RINOs (Republican in name only,) that none of the rank and file Republicans I know especially likes. Indeed, there’s plenty of evidence that most of the current crop of presidential contenders is reaching only up to the low 20s%tile (how’s that for a coinage?, Hmm,) and Romney, the most RINO of them all up to the low 40s, sometimes, on a good poll. And Cain raising his profile, maybe up to 40% if some polls are true – and Perry perishing in perdition, and well, the rest of the also rants, um, also-rans, in the single digits of support. Well, I do say, they have precious little to offer the nation than “gays are the problem.” It’s nuts. Face that, at least.

Oh come now, let us face facts – no, not us gay folks – we don’t need to face facts – we got all the facts we need, and Declaration and Constitution to back us up to boot; the rest of the mush we’ve heard so often we can recite it by rote in our sleep. No, it’s the fundamentalist heteros in the GOP. This party (OH, hell, let us not forget the Democrats – I will included them – let us go down the list, I’ll get to them, feareth not exclusion!,) is currently filled with people who wish to outlaw gay people. They are clear, they are insistent: “Outlaw sissy smooching! And our problems be solved!” Egad, what mush.

No, not the Tea Party or GOP at the local level, nor at the family level (I have many Republican uncles, aunts, siblings and cousins and a Republican father included,) nor at the friend level – I have too many friends who are Tea Party Republican – including more than a few gays even – who are not thinking that outlawing gay folks is good for the nation. But at the national level, well this bizarre idea persists. And perhaps not even so much at the candidate level; but no, at the adviser level – the little known people behind the person behind the podium. It’s not Perry or Romney or Paul – it’s the people behind them I worry about.

There’s Rick Santorum, though, of course, famously working to outlaw my existence – yes, mine – not some amorphous “homosexuality” – but Jim, yours truly – to remove my voice from the hustings, lest I sully his world with my free speech. He’s intent on removing gay people from this land. He’s genocidal and nothing less. Face that fact. For he wants me gone. For his sake. Well, sir, screw you, just screw you.

For how can you remove people who insist on remaining? Unless you organize a police state and a genocide of whatever proportions. The man is clear – we are the problem – – he wants us gone – listen to him – I take him at his word –

http://ontopmag.com/article.aspx?id=9842&MediaType=1&Category=26 – here – he pledges his life against mine – he would die before I’m allowed to pursue happiness – his only happiness is my removal from society – well, Rick, you got one pissed off sissy on your hands. And you demand the right to get rid of me, while trying to deny my right to exist? Are you out of your mind? Yes you are, yes you are.

And there’s Bryan Fischer – who is entitled to his lunacy as much as any Wall Street Occupier is entitled to theirs – but to advise Rick Perry? About what? About the only thing that consumes Mr. Fischer’s mind? Gay folks? What a strange fellow he is. Absolutely obsessed with what he claims he doesn’t want to hear about. He speaks incessantly about what he declares should never be mentioned – and he too calls for outlawing us – www.goodasyou.org – or it’s so incessant that one might not need to put a specific reference but “everyday.”

And there’s Herman Cain – who needs more proof than 350,000,000 gay people around the world saying: “we’re born gay.” Should we offer in words just shy of legal depositions and notarized statements of belief? You know, as the lawyers write “To the best of my knowledge and belief…”? Or perhaps even to 350,000,000 individual Amicus Curie briefs filed with any court on this planet. You know, “friends of the court” briefs – how many will it take? Will it really require so many signatories to a singular belief to make this man see our point? Will he remain simply disbelieving of what we say? And if he continues to disbelieve us – will he call for the CDC, the NIH, and the HHS and all the other health care and scientific authorities to band together to figure us out? Surely he should; for so many advisers to the Republicans are incessant about the threat we pose to the nation. Such a thing needs solving.

Yes, there are many in the Democratic party who feel the same way – mostly the African-American community – and yet also too, significant portions of the Hispanic community. And let us not at all exclude many a Liberal, died in the wool communists even, who are unalterably opposed to gay marriage, or gay anything. Indeed, I often receive from my redneck hetero Republican friends a finer welcome than from any Liberal heteros who I am acquainted with. Why, Redneck Republicans support gay unions a hell of a lot more than Liberal Democrats, though perhaps I should have kept a more careful track of this odd phenomenon. Such that I offer “proof” rather than anecdote.

There’s Democrat NY state senator Ruben Diaz – he’s easily found preaching “gays are worthy of death.” It’s not hard for an educated person to track down his genocidal rages. And the our “gay friendly” press? Nary a word. They couldn’t find a 15,000 person rally in the Bronx in May 2011 calling for the destruction of hairdressers – but there they are today, extolling the virtues of destroying the private enterprise which um, provides the hairdressers with all the things they might need. Whom then is my friend? The Democrat who wants to get rid of private enterprise and gay people – or the Republicans who want to get rid of gay people by wrecking my private enterprise. And all of this, for the good of the economy. Most astounding.

And Obama? Well, well, he’s “evolving” – whatever the hell that means. I guess it means that sometimes he’s for us, and sometimes against us as gays – but always against us economically, let us not forget that. He’s the one responsible for the fall off in gay bar business. He’s the one responsible for the closing of the new gay bar in town – for he’s the one creating the un-and-under-employment. For if gays made more money than we’d be out more, and the bar survived. Obama’s the one killing gay bars.

Still, never have so many people been so confused on such a tiny subject. Never have so many 100s of millions, 300 million of you exactly, been so fearful of 20,000,000 or less. It is so strange to observe. So mythological in the proportions of what is said. So delusional in the portrayal of reality, of fact, of existence. And so in denial of the reality of what? – in this country at least – 20,000,000 people tell you. So strangely afraid of us gay folks you heteros are, that you decry the very existence of so few as a dire threat to your existence. I don’t think I’ve ever observed such a fretful folk, such frightened freight cars full of frilly funny folks fearful that faggots will destroy your world.

And you know, frankly, we few are simply flummoxed by your reaction to our reality. We truly are. But the one group of people with whom I’ve never had a problem is with – so very oddly, and it surprised me at first – is Louisiana Rednecks – yep, country folks, all steeped in guns and patriotism. And not even just Louisiana Rednecks, no, but rednecks across this great land. It’s been an eyeopening journey. For Rednecks aren’t really fundamentalists, so much as the are “Live and let live.”

And fundamentalists, well, they’re just Democrats in theological clothing – they want control, control of an absolute sort. Beware this, my hetero friends – lest when they are done with us they will come after you.




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