If “Occupy” goes violent, & Obama supports it: Impeach him

There is worry by some that some sort of violent Socialist revolution is brewing with the Occupy Wall Street “movement” – and happiness by others that it could be brewing. With more of the former than the latter by, oh, 10,000 to 1 I would think. Though it’s not a “movement” at all – rather, it is “rabble rousing.” For a “Movement” must have more than a few disorganized and contradictory adherents to be a “Movement,” no? The press likes to talk about how “big” this “movement” is – how it’s “sweeping” the land – sure, 100 people here, 1,000 there, maybe 4,000 at most in Downtown Manhattan; until the snows set in I’m sure. And what are those numbers in the scheme of things? That is nothing, they are nothing; go violent and be squashed.

There are calls for violence, indeed, to one degree or another, by many down there in Lower Manhattan, and they’ve already scuffled with the police. There’s certainly intimation of violence by many, what with calls for “radical change” and such. And there’s certainly violent rhetoric like Jimmy Hoffa Jr.’s “take the sons of a bitches out.” There’s the usual anti-Semitism that these protests always have, and “Kill the Jews” is never far behind, which is violent indeed. And of course, there’s talk of “occupy” this place or that – “whether they like it or not” or something. Some of the rabblerousers are true believers in the violent overthrow of the system; I’m sure they’re being watched by the FBI, even if it is being directed by Obama – who is saying he supports the protestors.

The Communist party, and I’m sure all the many Socialist Parties (there’s oh, a good two dozen factions among the socialists,) and the NAZI party, which is, of course, merely the National Socialists, to distinguish them from the International Socialists and Fabian Socialists and Fascist Socialists, et al, would simply love to leap into the halls of power – and indeed, at least 80 elected Democrats in our Congress are Socialists – proudly so, card carrying members of the parties indeed; like Bernie Sanders “Independent” senator of Vermont, as he’s called by the media to confuse his true colors – but no, Bernie is a Socialist, without a doubt. Though I think even Mr. Sanders is going to have a hard time saying to his constituents, “Yes, armed insurrection and violent riots are the way we are going to achieve our goals.”

I would think that if the rabble down there in Zuccotti Park (that they can only take over a small park – what, an acre’s worth of land at most? I know that park – it’s smaller than a football field,) all of a sudden starting busting the windows in the Chase Bank and Merrill Lynch buildings right there the police would sweep in so quick the protestors would know what hit them. I’m fairly certain that the NYPD is not going to just stand by and let the glass crack and the Molotov Cocktails engulf the lobbies in flames or whatever other violence they might construe, such as attacking stores or restaurants, or even attempting to beat up passing stockbrokers. The few forays of 400 to Times Square, and 400 to the houses of the “evil” rich, but not of course, to the houses of the “good” rich, for sure – have been met with more cops than protestors. And that’s going to continue. And if all of a sudden the tiny forays starts to throw bricks or something the police will quickly move in and arrest them.

So, from the practical perspective, I would think any violence would quickly be brought under control. I’m fairly certain, 99% even, that Governor Cuomo would call out the National Guard if he had to – as I’m sure that the National Guard would be willingly up to the task. The military, the police, the security forces of this nation – well, they’re pretty good at squashing violent protests – none have gone on very long in this nation. Weirdly, one of the longest riots were the Stonewall Riots, 3 days and nights, for the police had no idea how to tackle queers and drag queens in violent rage, that’s for sure. But garden variety unruly mobs? Ah, they got ways to handle that in a jiffy.

But then there’s the political angle – for this is politics indeed – for there are many a Democrat now on record as being wholly supportive of the “aims” of the protestors – that the rich and powerful of the Democrats are all for people who are against they themselves, rich and powerful as they are, is ironic, and hypocritical and just plain looney, but hey, I didn’t make the choice to support the rabble. Of course, to Democrats, some rich and powerful are “evil” and their rich and powerful are “good,” right Ms. Pelosi? A woman with $25 million bucks in the very seat of power for decades – my my, she is the 1%. Or maybe, the ½ of 1% which is “good” and which wants to seize the wealth of the other ½ of 1%, for they are “evil” – for the “good of the people,” always, of course. Weird thinking they got going, but that’s the nature of the Democratic Party today.

OK, so let’s say the rabble goes a-rioting – well, if the president says “hey, leave those rioters alone” or “hey, I love the rioters!” or “hey, let’s have more riots” or some other confabulation of “I support the rioters” than I would think that this is a high crime and misdemeanor – to call for the armed insurrection of citizens against the very government you have sworn to uphold I would dare say is an impeachable offense.

And I would hope, I would think – hell, I would demand – that the House of Representatives quickly vote Articles of Impeachment and send them to the Senate for the trial of the president to remove him from office just as lickety-split as could be done. Which, depending on the rhetoric of support the president and vice-president and Nancy Pelosi uses for the riots might be pretty darn quick. I would think, I would hope – Hell, I would demand – that every Democratic senator vote for the impeachment of the president – and even the Vice-president. And I would expect that the House might just vote to expel Pelosi and any other Democrat who says “Hurray for the Riots!” That would be such an egregious abrogation of their Oath of Office that they would should be deemed unfit for office immediately if not sooner.

And while the tiny bunches of rioters are being rounded up – the president who supports the riots will be led out of office – and a grave Constitutional challenge will be had. There’s no way that the impeachment of a president and vice-president wouldn’t send a major shock through the political world, and the financial world (actually, it might help boost the economy, for the socialists would be gone and the commerce of the nation return to normal.) Why, if I were a thinking man, in a position of power like Boehner, I’d already be writing up a rough draft of the Articles of Impeachment so as to have them ready to print out and distribute within a few hours at most, after a detail or to is inserted. And the plan to call the House into session ready to go, too. Oh yes, I wouldn’t be waiting to see if the mob took the Pentagon or whatever they think they’re going to do.

For the calls for armed insurrection against this nation are rather silly – it’s never going to happen. And the military is certainly not going to all of a sudden start shooting up cities and at each other – nor will some police join the protestors by all of a sudden taking on other police in a violent show down for the glory of Marx and “the People” – no, this is a rational country. Still, the rabble calls for the insurrection one way or the other, to some degree or another – they are conflicted on this – and I’m sure many of the “well, let’s go down to the protest” wishy-washy yoga gals who made the front page of my Advocate a few days ago will quickly go home and lock their doors should the banks be firebombed.

I would imagine vast hordes of the crowds will melt away quickly when their game turns serious. And I definitely don’t see thousands of suburbanites taking the Long Island Railroad or taking the PATH trains in to Penn Station to join the melee. Just as I definitely don’t see Upper West Side liberals, however much in “sympathy” with the rabble they might pretend themselves to be, taking the #1 Train down to the World Trade Center so that they can join the mobs which want to turn them out of the their cushy condos on West 90th Street. Nope, not going to happen.

Still, then, the president and vice-president and Pelosi and Mook of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee are courting a Constitutional crisis if the mobs turn violent – for they have endorsed the mobs already. Politically, they’ll be boxed into where they don’t want to be: and they will either call for the complete & utter destruction of the rabble, and their swift arrest – or they will muddle through and say “oh, well, no, not the violence, just the goals of the violence” – or they will boldly go where no politician has gone before and say “To the barricades! Overthrow the system!”

In the first instance, they will not be perceived as heroes, no – they will be perceived as people who pushed for violence and then stopped short and most of their supporters or well-wishers will say “Oh my God, those people really are nuts!” In the second instance it will mean the sure loss of elections for many Democrats at all levels – for the majority of people – the “Independents” – well, they don’t want violent insurrection whatsoever. But well, I’d get the impeachment hearings going that’s for sure. And in the third instance – well, yes, the man must be impeached immediately. And frankly, this is the corner that the Democrats are painting themselves into – and they’ll soon find there’s little wiggle room to get out of their pickle. Oh well, such is what happens when you hope for too much change through violent insurrection against a stable system.


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