Cain’s Problems: Libya, Economy, Domestic Violence – & sissy smooching?

My my, what a news morning – so many things to cover, including Libya, the economy, the family and of course us gays, since presidential contenders are mulling over our fate, instead of tackling real problems like, oh, Libya, the economy and the hetero family mess.

First, Libya does not need our money – they have billions in oil revenue. And a paltry $11 million will not do anything in the sea of oil money the 3.5 million Libyans sit atop. But what do I see … yes, us giving money to Libya – egad, there’s a wasted $11 million in “humanitarian aid” that will be siphoned off to new Mercedes for the recipients who will be rounded up to give “people” the aid. Yah, that’s a brilliant idea. Here, the report in entirety, with my annotation:

TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) — The Obama administration on Tuesday increased U.S. support for Libya’s new leaders as Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton made an unannounced visit (Yeah, I wouldn’t want to tell anyone we’re giving away millions to billionaires when I’m also supporting protestors who are against giving millions to billionaires, either.) to Tripoli and pledged millions of dollars in new aid, including medical care for wounded fighters and additional assistance to secure weaponry that many fear could fall into the hands of terrorists. (Um, the whole nation is essentially a terrorist state, why there were declared that for years – I would think that whom ever gets a hold of the weaponry will use it to terrorize whomever they don’t like, as is the Libyan way for centuries.)

U.S. officials said the fresh aid Clinton is bringing totals about $11 million (nothing can ever “total” “about” anything – either it is one or the other, eh?) and will boost Washington’s (American Taxpayers’) contribution to Libya since the uprising against Moammar Gadhafi began in February to roughly $135 million. (I’d say a bit more like a billion or two – I dare say, all the military support and material surely was more than $135 Million – what, that doesn’t count as “contribution”?) The officials told reporters traveling with Clinton that it is evidence of the administration’s commitment to working with the National Transitional Council as it consolidates control over the entire country and moves to hold free and fair elections. (hahahaha! If anyone thinks there’s going to be free and fair anything after the NTC consolidates control is in lala land.)

Clinton met Tuesday with Mahmoud Jibril, who has taken over as Libya’s prime minister, and interim leader Mustafa Abdul-Jalil. (great, as if how to spell Kahdoofy wasn’t enough of a problem, now two guys with similar names are going to vie for the president-for-life position. Maybe there’s Jibil hanging around too, in the wings, with some weaponry of his own. Still, the musical chairs have started and someone will wind up the supreme leader to decide when free and fair elections might be held, ahem.)

“Now the hard part begins,” Clinton said heading into the meeting, a reference to the country’s transition to democracy. (hahahaha! There’s not going to be a transition to anything but more of the same. Oh sure, the platitudes will be uttered, why, here they are already – and the wannabe dictators are circling each other in a language and culture and networks of friends, family and frenemies and enemies, and we are almost assuredly not in the loop. No matter how much we “study” that place, we’ll never understand it – and frankly, we shouldn’t try – we should just stay out, let them finish off the last dictator, and let them figure out who will be the new dictator. Democracy? Hahahaha!

And to laugh at serious business is OK, for obviously our government can’t be serious if it is giving millions, to become 100s of millions I’m sure, to a billionaire oil rich tinderbox that we can’t understand, and doesn’t really like us, all the while supporting protesting of giving millions to billionaires.)

That’s the link.

Meanwhille – oh my – the flailing economy – and not just here, of course, but all around the world.

“WASHINGTON (AP) — Companies paid more for gas and food in Sept., as wholesale prices rose by most in 5 months”

Yes, well, that’s the entire report! And now why did wholesale prices rise? Was it demand or was it inflation? Well, that’s easy to figure out – Lowes is closing a bunch of stores, companies are downsizing everywhere, housing construction is down, unemployment is up, etc etc – obviously, there’s not enough demand for anything much anymore – I suppose just what anyone absolutely needs – and indeed, I have it on good authority that the bar business is down, which when even the unemployed can’t drown their sorrows in a beer, well, times are tough. So, it must be inflation!

Of course, the Occupiers would say “corporate greed” – but oh no, it’s government – whether the prices rose to cover the cost of compliance with new regulations, or the rise in taxes, or piling up reserves to cover ObamaCare’s mysteries, or the priming of the pumping of cash in the economy – which oh my, look – that’s what the Federal Reserve has been doing for several years now – why, that’s stimulus I tell you! Just pumping cash into the economy cannot spur demand, of course. And one should always follow to get a fine sense of the problems the government and busybodies trying to “help” the economy have wrought.

This for the salacious –

Which is weird enough, but this very day, of course, again, is reported sundry murders of this family member by that family member – or maybe just beaten or battered – and this domestic violence epidemic – ongoing for decades – is a sure thing that Rick Santorum should concentrate on – without a doubt, all this violence does mar the traditional family – as does the single mothers, divorces, remarries, etc, etc – yep, he’s got his work cut out for him: perhaps he should start with a Constitutional Amendment against Divorce and Unwed mothers, eh?

Ah, but no! He’s a got a better plan! Why, he’s a genius – he will defend marriages, preserve them, strengthen them, encourage them, and end the sully of adultery – a very Commandment of God against even! – and he will do this – how? Yikes! With mush! Here, look:

Verona, PA – Today on NBC’s Meet the Press, Republican Presidential hopeful Herman Cain stated that he “wouldn’t seek a constitutional ban for same sex marriage” and that state “would make up their own minds.”

In response, Senator Santorum said, “I have been a long-time advocate for states’ rights. However, I believe as Abraham Lincoln did – that states don’t have the rights to legalize moral wrongs. Mr. Cain, Congresswoman Bachmann and Governor Perry all believe 50 different definitions of marriage is fine, I strongly disagree and will continue fighting for traditional marriage between one man and woman.”

Hogan Gidley, National Communication Director, said: “First Herman Cain supported TARP, then he pushed a new 9 percent nationwide tax on top of income taxes, and now he’s supporting the redefinition of marriage at the state level. The more they learn, the more concerned conservatives become.”

Senator Santorum is one of the original sponsors of the Federal Marriage Amendment and the nation’s leading advocate for the traditional American family. As a presidential candidate, Senator Santorum proudly signed the National Organization for Marriage’s “Pro-Marriage Pledge,” which Mr. Cain refused to sign. Last fall, Senator Santorum was the only 2012 presidential contender to travel to Iowa and campaign in opposition to Iowa State Supreme Court Justices who decided to take it upon themselves to redefine marriage.

>>>>>>>>> That’s the good man’s press release – yes, banning the recognition of gay couples by any name under the sun with a Constitutional Amendment will magically solve the problems of the modern American family situation! Wow, who knew? I mean, such sage sagacity is to be marveled at. No doubt, as soon as he gets his Amendment, divorce and poverty, unwed mothers, and abortion, shacking up and safe houses for battered women, and female teachers dating high school teens, and the Swedish 23’s shenanigans, will all come to an end – oh, maybe in a year, eh?

Oh, that’s right, the idea is so ludicrous I can’t imagine anyone holding it. Apparently the GOP voters seem to think so too, for not only does gay marriage register about 1% or 2% on the concern-o-meter, but that’s what Santorum is polling, as yet he still seems to rake in millions by calling me a threat to his kind.

He even hangs out with weirdos who think that for the safety of the nation, and a boost to the economy even! – they being Maggie Gallagher and Peter Sprigg, Tony Perkins and Bryan Fischer – that outlawing gay folks and rounding us up and incarcerating us at a cost of billions, and the loss of billions in economic activity and taxes, is good for the nation. I do believe the nation has a somewhat different idea. Oh well, too bad Ricky.

And what of the man that Ricky castigates for not being sufficiently into blaming gay folks for everything and hounding us into submission (as if that’s going to happen!)? Why, he’s leading in the polls! Against Obama even! Here:

“Former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain, long considered a second-tier Republican presidential candidate before his recent surge in the polls, now enjoys a slight lead over President Barack Obama according to Rasmussen Reports.

In the poll, Cain leads President Obama in a head-to-head contest 43 percent to 41 percent. All other Republican candidates included in recent Rasmussen surveys trail President Obama, including former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who is viewed by many to be the GOP’s most electable option in 2012.”

And Romney? He’s not nearly as anti-gay as he sometimes pretends – why Bryan Fischer is outraged that Romney “rammed” gay marriage “down the throats of Massachusetts” – oh yes, Fischer will have to campaign against Romney, he says. Why, even to the point of questioning his religion. So, Cain is rising – and even I am examining him.  What would Herman do about Libya, and Syria, and Iraq & Iran, and well, foreign wars and policies in general. What would Cain’s 9-9-9 plan do to the economy? Sure, worthy of examination, for it affects us all — but I really don’t give a damn if his position on my life is “who cares? we got more important stuff to worry about.” But no, Rick and the rest are sure I’m the problem. Bizarre people.

Yes, Cain did say some things, oh, back in 2004, and earlier I’m sure – and even lately – that he thinks, it’s his “opinion” that gayness is a choice – “but show me some evidence that it isn’t” he said – which shows some sort of “evolving” or at least a willingness to tackle our tickling. So we should endeavor to bring all the studies and things we could and present it to the man and say, “Here, look, see, Proof!”

But if there’s one thing gay folks have long accepted, and that is that the nation has been Evolving on us for quite a while, and it’s getting better – and I don’t think there’s going to be too much of a reversal of this trend. And soon, oh, maybe a decade, the whole “debate” will be over, except by those who are marginalized as loons with ancient ideas – marginalized not by us, not by science, not by reality, but by their own insistence on believing ancient ideas. I would rather they woke up to reality. I would rather Perkins and Sprigg and Santorum and the rest come to their senses, for their own sanity. But still, they’d rather argue over my existence. Poor fellows. I’ll be still here. No matter what they do.

Just like I’d rather Clinton & Obama and Washington would give up on the idea of “democracy” in Libya, or Tunisia, or Egypt, and concentrate on getting the best & friendliest dictator we can help get to power. And so, indeed, now that Cain is rising, what is his position on these issues — how would he handle the situation? If he would send $11 million to billionaires with dreams of democracy, well, I dare say, not much hope for change there.



  1. ted

    Cain’s foreign policy is simple, as he says “I know who our friends are. And Israel is a friend. Anybody that messes with Israel messes with the United States”. And so presumably, Australia, France, England and other democracies.

    I met him last summer and had a chance to talk about gay issues. he is not anti-gay, and thanked me for telling him I was Log Cabin and for talking with him honestly about my political ideas.

  2. Ted, I detect in Cain a “gay-perplexed” but no animosity. Contrary to Santorum who is “sure” we’re a threat to society. I believe Cain, like Palin, will come to an inevitable conclusion far closer to ours than Perkins could ever stomach. I quote Cain -“proof” – -well, then, let us offer him proof — for he seems very reasonable — and I’ve seen far more unreasonable I assure you — and well, suppose the proof changes him? Hallelujah, eh?

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