Astonishing contrast: 40 yrs of Gay Protests vs. The Occupiers

The press and politicians are all a-gush about the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. It fills the media now, as the multi-billion dollar news corporations staffed with 10s-of-millions of bucks a year “reporters” are simply smitten with the rabble they wouldn’t let into their headquarters’ lobbies. Obama, Pelosi, Biden, this man Mook of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee are simply joyful at the hooligans who have taken over parks here and there. This rabble is relying on donations while demanding their fair share of something. They are against some big corporations, like Exxon, most definitely, for poor Exxon is always guilty, no? – and yet they are not against Citgo, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Venezuela.

And everyday, as is my wont, I go to to get the latest scoop on the “worldwide” protests – with “thousands” or even “hundreds” at least, and here in Baton Rouge I heard a first hand account that there were at least a 100! My my, such anger in the streets. The peaceful protestors call for violence if their demands are not met – and in Rome turned violent for peace, such is their love of peace. Indeed, it seems every march for “peace” every waged was waged with violence. Much as the anti-globalization people who fly into some target city from all over the world turn to violence.

But the one thing that strikes me big – and it is astonishingly big – it this: not once in 40 years of worldwide gay protests have we gays gotten this sort of adulatory press attention. Rarely have politicians come out and said “I’m with you.” Not once has a president supported the gay marches with the verbiage of praise Obama is ladling out to the Occupiers. Hell, he’s still “Evolving” on us, but has leaped into the Occupiers’ ready demands. Nor have any politician ever really got down to a Washington monument to call for the righteousness of our cause. And still, we march far more worldwide – we are in 1000 cities – here’s a list for America alone:

Here, just one week’s worth

Weekend of June 17, 18, 19:

  • Louisville, KY
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Boise, ID
  • Las Cruces, NM
  • Denver, CO
  • Nashville, TN
  • Providence, RI
  • Columbus, OH
  • Bozeman, MT
  • NYC, NY
  • Santa Fe, NM
  • Seattle, WA
  • Portland, OR

Wow, 13 cities in one weekend, and we did it last year, the year before, and a decade before that, ever more, ever more gay protests – did we get any fawning press coverage about our little attempt to “change” the world by getting a dash of decency and honor, along with the right to smooch in peace? We did not. I doubt it even made the local news, never mind the national news. Tens of thousands, millions even, from tiny Bozeman to giant New York came out to protest – and got nary a nod from the press. We “occupied” those cities for a day or so – and no one in the Media said a word, so sad.

Here’s a list of worldwide gay political protests, our “occupy” for “change” and “social justice” – yes, pride marches are political protests without a doubt, for we seek to change laws, and hearts and minds, and yes, I suppose, a bit of the system – by simply asking to be allowed to live peaceful productive lives without government, church and neighbor hounding us for our mere existence – here – worldwide indeed. Take a peek – nearly 1000 events – I doubt it’s comprehensive. :

Yes, worldwide, by the 10s of thousands, even, in some cities, 100s of thousands, and in a few, a million or more – yes, a worldwide phenomenon of millions of protestors – and virtually a 100% news blackout – it’s so unknown by heteros, it’s astounding. Oh, sure, you know of San Francisco – but Talinn Estonia? Do you know there, too? Do you know in Helsinki, Rome, and Cape Town? Bangkok, Tokyo and Sydney too? From Buenos Aries all the way north to Vancouver and Anchorage – protests all the live long day. If China allowed it, we’d be there too, by the millions, for at 5% of China’s population, I dare say that’s 50,000,000, no? Egad, so many queers! How will “civilization” survive the onslaught of the tiny minority?

And have any of our protests turned violent? No, they have not.

Have there been riots? No, there are none.

Do we call for ending capitalism? No, we ask not to be fired from our jobs.

Do we demand other people’s wealth? No, we ask to earn our own in peace.

Do we demand the end of corporations?  No, we are avid consumers and love shopping!

Have the communists and the Nazis come to support us? Absolutely not! No, they come to harass us. Why Skinhead Nazis broke up Moldava’s pride march – my god! Queers in Moldava? How did that happen? Or is the gay recruiting prowess so astounding that we have reached out to that forlorn poverty stricken nation? Nah, it’s just natural gay folks worldwide, that’s all. And, actually, it is Paul Cameron, of the bizarre “Family Research Institute,” which is just an offshoot of the Family Research Council of the GOP hustings, who went to Moldava ( to try to squash any nice words by the Moldavian government about gay folks, lest Moldavian civilization crumble to the ground, which, considering the place, is not far to go.

And then, from Jammie, I followed these links to these sources for other Communists, Nazis, Sex Offenders and other crazies all endorsing the Occupiers:

These last two on the utter audacity of hypocrisy of Obama and Pelosi, Gore and Biden, endorsing the protestors along with the Nazis and the Communists, while hobnobbing with the rich and powerful and the establishment which is being protested. It’s sore amazing – and the press? – no, they are still blind to this, willfully of course, and not in any real sense – they are for the violence and the rabble and the threats, for they think they shall be among the ½ % who seizes the other ½%’s wealth for the good of the nation and the “people” – one always seizes people’s wealth for the good of the people of course.

Meanwhile, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN – our alleged “friends” in the “gay friendly” media have a constant parade of Tony Perkins, Brian Brown, Maggie Gallagher, Peter Sprigg, Bryan Fischer and Rick Santorum and other wackos, Joel Oostein, comes to mind, on the air to present their “belief” that gay people will destroy civilization by asking to be left in peace with our jobs, homes, lives, and love – but we won’t be, no, not by these new born theocrats who are not that much different from Communists and Nazis in wanting to get rid of the “Enemy of the people” which they do proclaim us to be. Indeed, Tony Perkins is quite sure we’re the biggest enemy of the people ever encountered among the people. Even Capitalists get more respect from Communists than this forlorn political failure gives to us.

Yet, still, I can’t help but noticing – It is mind numbing to me, even – how utterly ALIKE the peaceful Tea Party “Don’t Tread On Us” Limited Government rallies and the Gay Honor Rallies are to each other – clean, polite, peaceful, and driven by a strong desire for smaller government. And, I dare say, outlawing gay folks and rounding us all up as Perkins, Sprigg & Santorum want to do, as they say repeatedly – for that sorry set of details, daily – is not “smaller government” – but rather the installation of a police state not unlike Soviet Russia and Germany of WWII at a cost of billions.

And Newt Gingrich things we’re part of the “secular left”? He’s so friggin’ confused I can’t fathom it. Sir – look at the contrast between the tiny protests of violence and filth filled rage, and the hypocrites supporting them, and what the communists and Nazis do to gay folks! Can’t he see the peaceful decency of us versus the rabble calling for the end of, um, civilization as we know it? It’s said he’s a smart man, well, do something real thinking for once, on gay folks. Get a grip. Here you go sir – some tea partiers, whom you support – went down to the Occupy DC event – and got called “Faggots”! – there you go, Newt, some proof positive – gays are like the tea party.

In fact, gays are so alike the tea party it’s not funny – quiet people with jobs and homes and businesses tired of paying taxes to be bossed around by government flunkies, worried about our liberty – worried about the “don’t tread on me” – my my, what does it take? Oh, and when gay honor rallies end, the places are left pretty clean, too. Then we go back to work and earn a living, for we can’t get a government handout for being “sick” and “dysfunctional” and “psychologically stunted” oh, no – we got to earn a living.

Yep, absolutely astonishing – and the press treats our gay rallies pretty much like they treat tea party rallies, and they treat us just like they treat tea partiers – with scorn and belittling and allowing the most horrific lies and canards to be spewed by illogical creeps with an agenda for a police state. Oh well, go figure – and time for a little reshuffling of the political spectrum, and the two “don’t tread on me” forces to join together and get rid of the statists, “left” or “right” – which are both on the same side of ever expanding government control over what we do with our lives – and I dare say, trying to prevent my very smooching with the man of my choice is rather intrusive government.





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