GOP: outlawing gay marriages help the economy? Are you nuts?

I noted the other day that Tony Perkins and Rick Santorum – two mainstays of the GOP are sure that banning gay marriages, and repealing them where they exist in 6 states, and even outlawing gay people will help the economy – for we’re the ones who “wrecked it” they say:

and then I find this today:

“After the credit crisis, it’s been encouraging to see that across America credit scores have been slowly improving. Despite the improvements, many scores are still lacking. As to be expected, some cities that have been hard hit by the crisis still have very low credit scores up to 18% lower than the national average. Using data from Experian, a credit information group, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the ten cities with the worst credit scores.

More from 24/7 Wall St.:

The cities with the worst credit scores primarily fall into two categories. In the first category, the cities’ median household incomes are significantly lower than the national average of $51,425, and the cities’ average debt is medium to high. Very poor cities such as El Paso, TX, and Jackson, MS fall into this category. Because they are so poor, with such low income, their debt level, even if it is the same as that in other cities with better credit scores, is a larger burden and is more difficult to pay.

The cities in the second category have exceptionally high foreclosure rates and high unemployment rates. The national foreclosure rate, as of August 2011, was one in every 570 properties, according to RealtyTrac. But in cities like Las Vegas and Bakersfield, the foreclosure rate is one in every 115 and one in every 159, respectively. These cities also have unemployment rates above 14%, much higher than the national average of 9.1%.

It is interesting that a city must have both a high foreclosure rate and high unemployment rate to be among those with the worst credit scores, according to 24/7 Wall St.’s analysis. For example, Charlotte, NC, which has an unemployment rate of 11.1% but an average foreclosure rate only has the 93rd worst credit score. This a far cry from Las Vegas’s rank of 136.”

And so that’s the real numbers —

And so I ask Rick Santorum and Tony Perkins, and anyone who remotely agrees with them, again — how will outlawing gay marriage in the few states of the northeast and Iowa help the economies of the California, Nevada, Texas, Louisiana & Mississippi cities with financial troubles? How will it alleviate the poverty rates in these places? For all these places already outlaw gay marriages – how could it possible help – other than, bizarrely, perhaps, for gay New Hampshire folks to head for “no gay marriage” Texas for some illogical reason.

And the only place that has gay “civil unions” and is struggling is Illinois – how will banning civil unions make the state of Illinois pay its bills? – the state is broke – it is $13 billion in debt – it owe billions of dollars n unpaid bills – what does gay civil unions add to this problem? Can they elucidate it other than “gays are icky”? They cannot – they can only blather on in their “get rid of the gays” mode. Bah humbug to the mush of what can only be called delusional cultural genocide.

Meanwhile, “family” stalwart Michelle Bachman will get together with twice divorced, single mother creating, married three times Democrat poseur for “family values” Donald Trump. The hypocrisy is rolling over it its grave.

Egad, no wonder the country is faced with 5 or 6 more years of the doldrums – we got anti-gay creeps joining philandering bastards wanting to run the show. Sad, so sad. Dangerous too, for everyone, and not just for gay folks. But we gays will survive better than the rest of you – we are already steeped in adversity; we are quite crafty fellows, I assure you.


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