Um, Nancy Pelosi – you are one of the 1%, you know.

I read today that Nancy Pelosi said “I support the message to the establishment, whether it’s Wall Street or the political establishment and the rest, that change has to happen,” and added, on This Week on ABC (a show I never watch,) “We cannot continue in a way that does not – that is not relevant to their lives. People are angry.”

I read that Obama and Biden have begun to heap praise upon the protests. And that someone named Robby Mook, executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is all happy that protestors are “to let billionaires, big oil and big bankers know that we’re not going to let the richest 1 percent force draconian economic policies and massive cuts to crucial programs on Main Street Americans.” OK, so those are the quotes I’ll go with – the four top Democrats are all for the protests.

All this I read in a major article with a glaring headline “MOVEMENT GAINING TRACTION” – yes, all caps – with a picture of a bunch of ladies doing yoga or something – all white woman in their 30s it appears. The article doesn’t mention the public defecation that’s been captured by picture, nor does it mention the unbathed hippies come to soak up the atmosphere. Which is weird; for when the drug use that’s been reported, and the scuffles with the police (whether created by police or protestors for fun I could quibble,) and other criminal and unsavory behavior comes to light or is observed I dare say some traction might be lost, and something more akin to revulsion by the yoga ladies gained. Time will tell.

But right there, on the front page is this “chant,” as it is being called: “The banks got bailed out; we got sold out.”

OK, then – so, Nancy Pelosi is worth something like $25,000,000 and owns a winery and is a very powerful member of the establishment both financially and politically, and her brother-in-law just happen to be in on a $700 million dollar loan to a solar company – ergo – she’s for protestors who are protesting her! Isn’t that ironic? She’s now going to be all for this rabble rousing with indeterminate focus other than “anger” – my my, how she does embrace those who would figuratively slay her wealth and her power. Well, then, I guess I’m all for the protests too, if it would get rid of her.

And Obama and Biden, they were all for the bank bailouts. They’re the ones, they pushed through trillions in bailouts for banks – and big car companies and big healthcare plans and big unions and millionaires galore, and even for GE with billionaires aplenty, and for Solyndra with a mere $500 million gift – why; all the banks that got bailed out are right there on Wall Street (well, actually, no, they’re scattered all over the place in Manhattan and even other cities nationwide.) And all those bailed out banks are big donors to the Obama/Biden campaign. So now, the two prime political movers of the bailouts are supporting protestors who are AGAINST the bailouts. Sweet, eh? Do they think no one would notice? Hmm.

No doubt John Kerry is on board now, what with the executive director of the DCCC joining the protestors call for getting rid of the rich and powerful – and oddly, Mr. Kerry is one of the rich and powerful indeed. Easily $300,000,000 no? Why, so rich he forgot where he parked his $7,000,000 yacht, but remembered it only after his tax avoidance scheme against the state he represents, of course. How many other millionaires and billionaires are in the Democratic Party? Seems to be plenty.

Warren Buffett, among the richest of the richest for sure – is he all for the protests again himself now that all his buddies, Obama, Pelosi, Biden, Kerry etc etc, are all on board with the protests? He should be, for he’s one of those 1%, he’s the one with $40 billion! He’s got more billions than just about anyone.

I find it disingenuous at best to be FOR protestors who are protesting your own existence. There are people protesting my existence, for instance, and I surely don’t say “I applaud their efforts.” No, I say “are you out of your minds?” – and so I wonder how now come these poseurs in power to praise the protestors who are clearly, apparently, if the article is right, protesting the praise-givers. Why would Pelosi be all for these protests if they are protesting herself?

That means there’s something else afoot. That means that those members of the establishment – what, Kerry for the better part of 20 years, Biden his entire life, Obama since the 1990s, and Pelosi for decades – have all been part of the powerful establishment that they are now intent on stopping by joining the protests. Which is quite a counter intuitive leap – to agree with protests against yourself. How bad do you think you are?

And if Pelosi was so sure the protestors were right, she’d gather her entire warehouses of wine and give it away to the protestors, along with a healthy check apiece, and even just stroll down Main Street handing out $100 bills for that matter – so that she might share the wealth which she now feels must be shared. And she’d resign her position and let some poor schnook who never held public office, was never in the establishment, and let him or her run and win, while she opens up a curio shop of her years at the top of the powerful political establishment she is now protesting herself.

And Obama, if he’s so sure the protestors are right, he will now eschew going to fundraisers with the millionaires and billionaires he is sure are destroying Main Street, no? Wouldn’t he now dump Timothy Geither, Treasury Secretary, who was a Goldman Sachs millionaire, yes? Wouldn’t he stop talking to Emmelt or whomever is in charge of General Electric? Wouldn’t he stop hobnobbing with the millionaires he so clearly despises, to the point of agreeing with protestors who despise millionaires? And wouldn’t he take his next vacation at a motel on Lake Michigan instead of a posh house on Martha’s Vineyard? Sure he would – other than that, it’s just hypocritical mush.

I find it odd that Mr. Mook is all for the protests against the political establishment when he is set on – hell, it’s his job! – maintaining the establishment they are protesting by reelecting every single Democrat he can – many of them in office for decades. Why Robert Byrd, KKK Wizard of West Virginia was in office until the coffin closed, for like 60 years, a fine member of the Democratic establishment, bailed out every thing in West Virginia that’s for sure, bank and bunkhouse.

And if these people, Pelosi, Obama, Biden, Mook, Kerry etc, etc, are all for these angry Americans who are against bank bailouts and the powerful political elites shouldn’t they be for the Tea Party – who are against bank bailouts and the powerful political elite? Why sure they should be! What silly people – I mean, if Person A, a Wall Street rabblerouser is against big bank bailouts and you like that, wouldn’t you like Person B, a Main Street tea party lady against big bank bailouts, too? How could you not? For they are angry for the same reasons – which is, oddly, the bank bailouts done by Obama, Pelois and the rest.

Oh, it’s not then the anger you are for or against – it’s the solution! And the tea party proposes no more bank-government cozy cozy, and the Wall Street rabblerousers are for the government to seize the big banks and make them bigger still. Yah, aye, there’s the difference. For POBMK (hey, their initials,) are the powerful elites of millionaires and billionaires who want to run everything, while the current millionaires and billionaires are apparently not to be trusted with their own money. And POBMK, they’ll know just what to do.

And among the first things such powerful elites do, when they finally get a hold of all the banks, and big oil, and healthcare and all the millions and billions is to outlaw protests, for social harmony. To get to this wonderland of a concentrated power in the hands of a few greedy for power, well, some protesting is to be expected, even desired, so long as it calls for a big powerful elite to come in and save the day – but to be very much against the protesting when it calls for a return of the power back to the people.

And so Pelosi is full of it, just absolutely full of it, if she thinks for a moment I believe her posturing and posing that she’s “for” what the protesters are protesting – for they are against the 1%, they say – and Pelosi is not only a part of the 1% – but is ring leader of 1%! So cut the hypocrisy lady, and speak out for what you truly believe in – here, let me help you, repeat after me: “I, Nancy Pelosi, want to be one of the 1% who runs everything, and I’m so greedy for power and control of more wealth I want to strip all the wealth from the rest of the 1% and put it into my hands, bwahahahaha!”

I mean, really, lady, get a grip, be honest.


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