The tragicomedy of our current political poseurs

One can’t call our politicians “leaders” anymore, no, they are some poseurs more intent on the accouterments of power than they are about leading anything. And where does one begin? With the Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, worth some $25 Million Bucks complaining about how the “rich” have seized America, and that the Occupy Wall Street protestors are doing the right thing – yes, well, Nancy, you have $25 Million, sounds like you are one of the “guilty” rich who have seized power. Hell, lady, you were #3 to the presidency a year ago, boy, talk about your power, eh?

And Warren Buffett and a few other buffoons with billions, all demanding to be taxed more as they hide their billions in trusts and other legal entities precisely to avoid taxes, and not a one of them pulling out their check book and writing the government a billion dollar gift. Why, think of the 15 to 20 minutes of government spending that would cover! Why, Buffett could be at the buffet line in a heartbeat by giving all his $40 billion to the government and be done with his dilemma of being the poor untaxed rich guy.

Then there’s the Goldman Sachs crew, against whom the Occupiers of Wall Street are protesting, presumably, for being in league with the president, whom does the best he can to be in league with the protestors by telling them “good job” and “right on” and such, and then avoiding the area on his many jaunts to the millionaires and billionaires of New York for fund raising for his campaign against the rich. Which is, um, rich in hypocrisy, and the blindness of his supporters for thinking they’re going to soak the rick into poverty while Obama himself is quite good at making sure the rich rake in billions in bailouts.

Not to mention Solyndra – now, if we are to be against corporate welfare, and corporate bailouts, and other such absurdities, than I’m all for it – but the same sort of people who are complaining that Big Oil (and small oil too, presumably,) are running the government, and then got the government to shut down their exploration in this country, well, I don’t know what to call that bit of stupidity. But these same people then call for billions in investments in, um, large corporations. They are seemingly against foreign imports, but the rare earth metals needed for solar panels are mined in China, and no where else. And then, too, they are against environmental degradation but all too willing to pave over thousands of acres with glass to soak up the sun, when it might be shining.

The president was all against the Bush Deficits – so was I, so was I – as I’ve been against deficit spending since Ronald Reagan was criticized for having a measly $90 billion dollar deficit. And then he promptly increased the deficit to $1.5 trillion for three years in a row, and many more to come unless something is done – and somehow this then is good. Well, if $500 billion in deficit is bad, I dare say three times that amount is three times as bad, no? But, no, apparently, when Democrats spend like drunken sailors it is good; and when Republicans do it it is bad, at least according to the Democrats, though vice versa for the Republicans of course, who curse Democrat deficits and blithely pile on their own.

The “jobs” programs of all these poseurs is to keep it all pretty much the same and tinkle around the edges and perhaps create a new logo for the Office of Continued Stupidity. Just like Mitt Romney is all against the ObamaCare plan, but all for the RomenyCare plan – and the difference? Well, Romney says his is better because he did pretty much the exact same thing as Obama, but Obama didn’t call it RomneyCare National, I guess. I don’t know. When two contenders for a job both do the same thing, it’s a coin toss after that.

Rick Santorum, still at 1 or 2% in the polls, has a jobs program, of a draconian sort – outlaw the sissy smooching, and arrest us all, incarcerate us all together, for being, um, together. And he’s quite sure, now, he tells me, that being gay is not like being black. And I’m like, “well, no kidding! You don’t say?” Sure, no gay groups ever said there was anything but the most tenuous comparison between the black civil rights movement and our own, but at least Ricky has figured out you can’t spot the gays by skin color. Eh, Ricky, why don’t you watch the hand movements, the “throw like a girl” sissies – tell me you can’t spot a sissy from a hundred yards – why, we’re as obvious as blacks, but um, different. Primarily were more akin to Autism, since only random kids will wind up gay, and not a whole family, like a whole black family. Such sagacity is to be commended, maybe, maybe not.

The economy is in the doldrums, the entitlement programs running on fumes, the federal agencies issuing diktat like Soviet commissars, (hell, we even call them czars, these unelected bureaucrats given powers that the 10th Amendment says if Congress don’t use them go back to the states and the people. There’s nothing in the Constitution about Congress giving its powers away – which is one reason why I long thought the Federal Reserve was Unconstitutional – we gave Congress the right to regulate the coin of the nation; we did not give Congress the right to pass it on to some other unelected body of poobahs who meet in secret to tell us if they will inflate the money or debase it in some other way.

The Left is sure the nation is a racist anti-Hispanic cesspool, and blacks are lauded in every walk of life as icons for the nation, Oprah rings a bell. And the Mexicans who stream in to the nation legally and illegally seem to think the nation is far from anti-Mexican. And they think the poverty that the Left glorifies is rather hampering and so scamper north to get a real job.

Oh, well, it’s rather endless. A book might be written. But surely the most craziest is this fellow Bryan Fischer – he’s straight out of some John Waters’ flick – a man who says the most bizarre things. Yes, it’s his right to say them; much as any fiction writer might pen a novel. Yes, it’s his duty as a rational human to not say them; which leads me to conclude he’s either not rational or not human, or has some other ideas in mind I can’t fathom – other than to arrest us all the gays.

Here, I read the following quote from this source:

“I believe we need a president who understands that just as Islam represents the greatest long term threat to our liberty so the homosexual agenda represents the greatest immediate threat to every freedom and right that is enshrined in the First Amendment, it’s a particularly threat to religious liberty…. We need a president who understands that every advance of the homosexual agenda comes at the expense of religious liberty. We need a president who understands that we must choose as a nation between homosexuality and liberty, because we cannot have both. A president who understands that we must choose between homosexuality and liberty, and who will choose liberty every time.”

And I just laugh, is the serious? Can a man be this irrational and still speak to all the GOP potential contenders for the presidency? Can such unbridled mush possibly be uttered without rational folks cringing? And supposedly, one would hope, future presidents are rational. So what does one make of all the GOP coming to this ill-named “Values Summit” to discuss the perils of sissies? And bizarrely, here I am, exercising my First Amendment rights, and what does Fischer propose? To arrest me? Shut my blog? For “values”? For “America”? Why, he sounds like Ahmanidijad, oh, you know, the crazy man in charge of Iran – “no gays in our country” he says as he hangs a few every so often.

Meanwhile, the two least anti-gay politicos of the Republican side, Ron Paul and Herman Cain, were the two who won the most votes at the “values summit.” So maybe even the “values” people see this for what it is — a dangerous descent into theocracy — already they are arguing over whose brand of Christianity is the “true” one. Just like, in oh, Europe in the 1500s. Oh well, like I said, it’s dangerously nuts.

No doubt, Fischer, in his rush to protect the nation from the Jihadis, is getting his best ideas from them – in some tortuous malign delusion. Which, again, shout it from the rooftops, for lunacy is Hollywoods currency in new blockbuster flicks. But why any presidential candidate would listen to this mush, I have no idea.

Oh well, with this being the caliber of politics in our nation today, except four to six more years of the doldrums, for these people could not more fix the nation’s problems than they can fly a rocket to the moon. But it is sort of flattering to think I am the lynchpin to society, the very singular threat to bring it all down; makes me feel important.



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  1. Ted balswin

    I am beginning to believe that the most ardent anto gay voices on the right are actually radical organizers sabotaging the republican party. Politically it makes no sense to demonize and cut off as much as ten percent of the voting population.

    No one investigates the proor politics of these haters. But thete is money in it too, so who knows.

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