The Wall Street Protests & “Values Summit”are alike

Right now, down on Wall Street in NYC there’s a protest going on. No one seems to be sure what they are protesting. They are “fed up” about something or other. They’re not sure themselves, or are just incoherent in their “demands.” They want to grab the national remote control and change the channel, I guess. You know, from the reality show called “Life is Complex” to some fantasy flick where everything turns out OK regardless of the Lucille Ball shenanigans betwixt the opening and closing credits.

Over at – I read the demands and I think to myself, ‘those people are out of their minds.’

They complain about banks while using their ATM card or credit card. They complain about imported goods as they wear clothes made all over the world. They complain about large corporations as they use their iPods and Toshiba laptops. Oh, one could go on, how about their Nokia made in Finland cellphones on the Verizon network? They want a “living wage” by raising the taxes on everything? Cut the taxes, and you could live better on your wages. They dislike large companies so they want to perhaps make one big company called USA Inc. So they can have a “voice” – sure; like anyone would listen to them. Like anyone in charge could ever listen to the babble of voices come to give direction to the board.

It’s mind numbing stupidity to raise the tariffs on all imported goods. They want everything made in America, but want all the Mexicans to come here – and say, what does that say about Mexico? Yes, indeed, if all the Mexicans should come here, to make what we need here, how bad is Mexico that everyone wants to leave? And how wondrous must America be for these Wall Street protestors to want all the Mexicans to come. Well, if they all did, the US would swell to 420,000,000 and Mexicans would make up ¼ of the population, and I supposed we’d make Mexico a big national park, since no one would be left living there.

Meanwhile, as typical with leftist gatherings – there’s violence, filth, arrests, scuffles with the police, and even sometimes rock throwing and looting. It seems wherever these sorts of protestors gather – in Copenhagen back when that silly “climate” conference was going on they threw rocks and bricks and tear gas had to be shot to quell the mobs – in Seattle several years ago they broke windows in shops and tear gas was required to quell the mobs – in Berlin, too, anywhere, makes no difference. Lately there were riots in England for days, with vast damage and burnings. Look at the riots in Los Angeles many years ago over Rodney King – burnings, beatings, shootings. Hell, look at some sports victory riots in Detroit or Chicago.

In Wisconsin recently there were massive protests that caused the police to be called out to quell the mobs. Everywhere union people, anti-capitalist leftists, “anti-globalization” gatherings (to which many fly from around the globe!,) these “peaceniks” oh, they go by so many names – there’s trash and fires and the police called out to quell the mobs. It’s sort of required, apparently, for violence to occur, to make the march seem real, I guess.

Still, this is in stark contrast to two other sorts of rallies. Now, there’s the Tea Party marches, of which there are less now, but there was a spate of them – and nothing happened. People sang patriotic songs, and picked up their trash, and didn’t trample on the flowers. Nothing got broken, the police stood around bored out of their minds unless they had to help a heat-stroked granny or something. Yet, the press seems to call the Tea Party marches ‘violent’ and ‘dangerous’ – while the Wall Street marchers and the like are lauded as some sort of vanguard of the wondrous new world of “social and economic justice,” and “power to the 99%” whatever that is. Frankly, I don’t want the power, I’d rather just go to a store and buy what I need.

And yet there’s another type of march, a protest, going on annually now, for 40 years, in a never ending growth of participants in an increasing number of cities around the world. Not just in America, no. Not just in San Francisco – but from Halifax to Buenos Aires, and from Dublin to Rome to Moscow (even if in the latter the cops still try to break them up) from Hong Kong to Tokyo to Brisbane and Sydney, and even now, just beginning, in Mumbai and Bangalore, Bangkok and Singapore. And too in Cape Town and Tel Aviv – yes, gay marches, protests against the sort of mush uttered at the “values summit” this weekend.

This weekend all these gay people marching all over the world will be called a dire threat to America – and supposedly, I guess, our peaceful protests should be shut down, by the likes of Peter Sprigg, Bryan Fischer and Tony Perkins. I could well imagine they would like gay protests outlawed, for they want us outlawed. How could you conceivably let “criminals” – “felons” as Fischer wants us to be – just march around in public! And these idiots at the “summit” – which plumbs the depths of nasty delusional stupidity and reaches no heights but the lowest – are sure that this gay thing is some Leftist cabal meant to destroy the nation. Egad.

They are so blind to the worldwide phenomenon that our demand fro rights and decency for gay people is. We have come a long way from our one real riot, in 1969. Well, no, we had a second one, in San Francisco, in 1979. But we didn’t attack families, or businesses, or churches – no, we went after the police – they were our focus – for we wanted to smooch in peace, and the police wanted to arrest us – just like Rick Santorum wants to do again. He must want us arrested no? For the bars to be raided? Right, he must, for if sissy smooching is to be illegal, surely someone must make sure we don’t smooch – and in public too! Perhaps they’ll close the bars, and they think we won’t go anywhere else. Maybe he wants us under house arrest, this Perkins fellow, who is so insistently bleating “outlaw homosexuality.” Sure Tony, with you and what police state?

And in the years since 1969, in hundreds of cities across the globe, in the largest continuing political protest, and the only worldwide singular issue protesting ever done by anyone – not even the Communist Internationale have been able to achieve worldwide protests – not the global warmers or anyone – only us gays have managed this – not a one of us ever threw a brick or a punch, nor broke a window or set fire to anything, nor attacked anything under the sun, and often are attacked by the police and heteros still, for daring to say “Leave us the hell alone.”

And no, we get a “values” mush that seeks to stomp sissies back into the closest, while Newt Gingrich is decrying the horror that we are before he goes to his gay sister’s house for Sunday dinner. It’s posing for animal crackers already.

But yes, do observe the difference between leftist marches and gay marches before one says gays are a “leftist” movement. The hell we are. We are a human decency movement. We have no other demand than leave us alone, and give us a dash of family law, and stop the harassment and verbal abuse heaped upon us. To listen to James Forrester, a senator in North Carolina, now caught lying about his credentials, spew nonsense like “gays die 20 years before normal people” is laughably absurd.

To listen to Maggie Gallagher, an obese woman on the way to an early death from a heart attack, call me “evil” and her buddy John Eastman of the fraud that is the “national organization for marriage” call me “Evil!” is disgusting. They are not “for” anything but the removal of gay folks from society; a cultural genocide of sorts. Who the hell are they kidding? And yet, Republican candidates for presidents are trooping like fools to a “values summit” to listen to the depraved mush that comes from the Family Research Council and the American Family Association – two groups that simply want to arrest every gay person and incarcerate us – it’s tomfoolery at this point. So why listen to them?

They are like Wall Street protestors already, these poseurs for family so long as it’s not mine, they just making irrational statements to support ludicrous demands. They think they’ll pull out a can of “gay-be-gone” and change us like the Wall Street protestors think they’re going to achieve something. What two wasted bunches of people; they should all go get real jobs and stop the mush.


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