Is Mr. Cain obtuse? We say “born gay” and he calls us liars with: “choice.”

So, Mr. Cain, candidate for president on the Republican hustings; and a man I rather admire for having done quite well in life; and for daring to be a bit different – aka, an African-American Republican – a man I might actually consider voting for — goes onto a show called “The View” – a show I never watched in my life – and says that being gay is a “choice” – “and show me the science.” And how does he know this? Well, he has an “opinion,” oh yes he does.

I see the clip here, were he says this on national TV –

And I think, ‘can he really be serious?’ I mean – when tens of millions of people all over the world say the same thing – wouldn’t that cause you to change your opinion to “Well, I don’t see any evidence, but I’ll believe the people who are gay for they might know more about it than I do”?

Oh no, he remains quite convinced that we are all essentially lying, or gravely mistaken at least; or perhaps he thinks we’re just joshing or pulling his leg, or even deluded or “sick” maybe, I don’t know  – but really, how would he characterize his “opinion” versus what I personally feel and experience?

There’s a word for this:




1. not quick or alert in perception, feeling, or intellect; not sensitive or observant; dull.

unfeeling, tactless, insensitive; blind, imperceptive, unobservant; gauche, boorish; slow, dim.

I don’t know what else to call it – how on earth can so many millions of people all come to the same conclusion? – that we’re born gay – a position we never wavered from, which is why we pushed so hard for acceptance and word of decency – what does one have to lose when one is just born gay and must listen to the endless mush about us? And then this man simply pushes that all aside with “you folks are wrong, in my opinion”? Startling.

I read once, where a scientist looking into gayness, came to the astounding conclusion that to not accept what gay people say is to believe that all of us are “engaged in mass organized deception” – yes, that’s what Mr. Cain must believe – that we’re all just saying this for the hell of it – he seems to be obtuse about the depth and firmness of our belief in this matter, however, that’s for sure.

And what does he think we do then, after we make this “choice” – simply crate away our natural straight or something? When does he think we make this choice? Oh, I was 10 or 11 when I knew I was gay – could I really have “chosen” this? I don’t know; he doesn’t say. I’d like to hear his answer; I might find it either fascinating or utter mush. But to make such a bald pronouncement – that you believe millions of Americans are simply lying or mistaken about the way we feel from the inside – as he views it from the outside — is breathtaking, in a very literal sense.

(OH, don’t worry Cain lovers — I thought the ladies on the show were beyond stupid, as Joy Behar admits she doesn’t know what to say, Barbara Waters conflates abortion with gay people, Whoopi Goldberg sits numb, like she’s nursing a hangover, and the other two, who I don’t even know their names are so friggin’ stupid it’s too painful to watch more than another moment beyond the 2 minute clip.)



  1. ted

    I had a nice talk with Mr. Cain in New Orleans as an out Log Cabin republican. he is not anti-gay, and thanked me for telling him about my sexual orientation.

    He does not have a problem with gay people, and we can show him the evidence – after all thirty million people can’t be wrong…

    By the way, if we show the evidence, then he has a total SHUT YOUR MOUTH argument for the hate gays crowd, who scream about choice.

    By the other way, even if it is a choice, we have a right in this country to make that choice. Otherwise it is not a choice, and we are back where we started about it not being a choice.

    In reality, there is sufficient evidence to suggest it is genetic, much the same way we have evidence to support the idea that there can be left handed people. Give him the incontrovertible evidence we already have : Millions of gay men sleep with millions of other gay men and are prefrctly happy, feel nomral, are well adjusted, and contribute to society.

    And we know there are blond people, even if they dye their hair black.

  2. ted

    THis is similar to proving it only takes four colors to do a map by making a map with billions of cells and only needing four colors. Not direct proof, but incontrovertible.

  3. ted

    and my other comment is that The View is set up to support Obama, so they will get Cain to comment on stuff he knows little about, which is us.

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