Today is day 14,635 of being told I’m “Evil.”

What a record to hold! What an incredible achievement! Wow! Nearly 15,000 days in a row being called “evil” by some miscreant out to change me into their image; and completely overtake the reality that I was created in God’s. That man is smart enough to have created gay folks I’m sure; why, he made autistic people and Downs kids, and all sorts of mental maladies; even “obsessed with gay folks” folks. OK, so call me a “mental malady” – I don’t care. But “evil”? Nah, that’s got to stop.

It has never ceased to amaze me, there are these bizarre people out there in this nation who earn a living calling me “evil” and they don’t even know who I am. Or are they saying only the gay guy on the other side of town is “evil” – or perhaps just those who toil in the “homosexual lobby.” Nah, it’s me. I’m fairly certain they would call me this to my face. For these people are quite sure that each and every one of us gets the memo from headquarters to “attack” family. Why, they spout the nonsense daily!

Today, it is some clod named John Eastman, who has obtained a job with NOM – this beast that alleges itself to be the “national organization for marriage.” Their very name a sad delusion; even an outright lie. Yep, Fib-City for these folks over at NOM. For they think the only problem with “marriage” is that gay folks live and breathe. They are so sadly clueless about the human value of well, humans, that they are intent to wipe a few millions of us off the planet if they had their druthers. You know, God didn’t want us here, which is why we’re here, because God didn’t want us, yes. Odd, here I am, rather natural birth too; and mom tells the story well, she does.

I’m sure even, that Eastman was not the only one today; I’m quite sure someone in the vast constellation of loons also said it – somewhere, to someone. They dare not come to us to say it – we’d bop them in the nose. No, they say it to politicians, who, sadly, lately listen to this utter fanciful crap.

Worse, Eastman and his minions wish to rile up my own family against me – for, get a load of this! – for family values! Mind boggling hypocrisy of a very special sort. Alas, for these creeps, my family would no more rise up against me and say a bad word to me or about me than vast hordes of heterosexuals who are my friends would all of a sudden join the NO GAYS! Movement. Why, some of my best friends are heterosexuals. Quite fine folks; not worried about what I do or with whom; and never even asking about any particular act; and quite a few willing to throw comedic bon mots my way to see what I might come up with.

But to listen to the daily “evil” – well, that’s just part of my life. I take it with a grain of salt and “Oh, well, there they go again.” But still, nearly 15,000 days in a row! It still impresses me that I achieved such a feat — and have faltered yet in my telling these creeps: pfftt.




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