OK, so gay men are “sick” – what’s with the “evil” then?

To think, everyday there is a coterie of creeps trying to outlaw my existence based on the weirdest confabulated and contradictory notions. It’s all rather intellectually dishonest. Still, I’m glad I’m here to provide them a job. And I suppose, the more I keep this up, the better employed they will be; though I do wish they’d go away.

All of our erstwhile opponents to our existence are quite sure we gay guys are “sick” and “demented” and “psychologically stunted” in a medical sort of way — and somehow, just somehow they’re sure, we’re not “normal.” Many are upset that gayness was removed from the psychiatric and psychological manuals. OK, I’ll buy it. Suppose we are truly “sick” in that something went “wrong”? Why then do we get the constant condemnation and wild eyed accusations that we’re a threat to civilization? Is any other human mental condition a threat to civilization? (Well, other than crazed dictators, but really, that’s not us.)

This thing called the “National Association into Research and Therapy for Homosexuals” – or NARTH – is quite sure something happened to us as toddlers, before the age of 4. They’re not sure, exactly why, of course, and dilly dally between a father too strong, or too close, or too weak, or too something; not to mention we need the all important “predisposition” and some “environmental factors” which they cannot elucidate beyond the phrase – so OK, something happened to us as toddlers – why then do we get the condemnation?

If we’re somehow mentally awry through no fault of our own, why the constant drumbeat that we’re “evil” and out to “attack” and “destroy” families and society? Suppose we’re like autistic kids, just a freaky subset of humanity – does anyone say autistic kids are out to destroy and attack anything? Hardly. And in fact, autistic kids get the most astounding love and cuddling and mollycoddling and all sorts of research and organizations and advocates and such. And what do we gay guys get? “You’re out to destroy everything.” It preposterously stupid, but hey, there it is.

And if gayness is akin to autism, or even on the autistic spectrum, shouldn’t we get some care, decency, a little lovin’? One would think so; or, well, I do. But no, Maggie Gallagher of NOM is quite sure I’m out to wreck the place. Jennifer Morse, allied with this bizarre group of miscreants, is quite sure that I’m lying even. That there’s no such thing, even, as gayness; that’s her opinion she says. I guess she thinks we wake up hetero and decide to be gay over coffee; I don’t know. It’s too bizarre to listen to a grown woman make the most absurd comment, as she did the other day, that there’s really no such thing as gay people; there’s just evil heteros intent on going against nature. She’s not clear; why we would do this, she’s befuddled, as they all are.

Peter Sprigg wants to incarcerate us? Why? Because we’re different? How the hell will this solve anything? Why would he want the nation to remove taxpayers – to pry us out of our homes and our families and jobs – and put us all in jail together? That’s just not rational. It’s not sane. It’s not practical – but there he is, near daily, calling for criminalizing my smooching so he can bring the police state down upon me.

That Gallagher woman, she’s sure we’re some sort of “unfortunate” creatures; then proceeds to say we’re out to destroy married people. She likens us to “infertile” people, then wants us to “pray” this condition away. Is she just a loon? Sure, sure she is.

Rick Santorum wants to outlaw gayness? But he thinks it’s a mental condition of some type, too? How does one outlaw a mental condition? Can you outlaw autism? Or Aspergers? Or even schizophrenia? Why would one outlaw something that is just a natural boo boo? What does he think he will achieve with such a law? That we’ll be “unsick” the day after it’s passed? And has he ever thought how many police it would take to arrest us all for being “not normal”?

To listen to some people I’m “depraved” – oh really? I thought I was a piano player. To listen to others I’m “demonic” – oh really? I thought I was a rather mirthful man.

If “Americans for Truth about Homosexuality” – this AFTAH thing – are so sure that something my mother did or did not do, why are they calling for me to “pray” away my “illness”? How can one pray away a psychological condition? It makes no sense. How can I “cure” myself? Particularly since neither I or any gay man I ever met is anything but perfectly fine with being gay.

So sure, it’s one thing to argue that I’m some sort of psychiatric case, but quite another to condemn me as “evil” for having acquired the condition. Do we condemn the clinically depressed? No, we do not. Do we call all the people under psychiatric and psychological care “evil” – no we do not. So why us? What is this? Stop it already; it’s unseemly. And intellectually dishonest.


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  1. Ned Flaherty

    Here’s a side-by-side comparison showing what all 13 presidential candidates plan for America’s 31 million LGBT citizens:


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