I need to preach to heterosexuals, not us tell gays we’re OK.

People must wonder, what the hell am I doing? I mean, I bring up this “gay” thing all the time – am I obsessed? Oh, children, no, no, not at all. I live a life; and I have heard this all before; this is like doing laundry, but a moment’s time, not liked, but necessary. There is no argument under the “gays have got to disappear” ceiling I have not heard before; and to which I have a rather pithy or lengthy response ready to go, boiled down to: “pfftt.”

So why do I do it?

Well, you all don’t have the prospect of having your smooching outlawed again, and I do. And I don’t relish the prospect. I have lived through that before. It didn’t affect me in the least in any practical way; for the law was simply ignored and our taxes collected. No, it affected me in a much deeper emotional way – for I always thought: how can I be this threat to anyone for being me? My family never thought so, why anyone else?

And I wonder about that; I truly do. Oh, I’m well aware that most gay blogs just whine and kvetch, for what else are ninnies to do? Though of late there is a new sophistication; perhaps, if I may be so bold to say, because of the way I have commented on so many NSFH – not safe for heterosexual sites. To encourage the others. Oh, yes, I have told gay folks high and low – stop the whining – START THE ATTACKING! Start the destruction of this unholy mush. Where are the tort actionable civil slander and libel suits? Oh, these people for NO GAYS! are crazy! Rick Perry thinks he’s “fed up”? Hahahaha – he has no friggin’ clue what “fed up” might be about.

You tea party folks have but got a mild taste of the “go straight to hell” crap – yours from one, one measly woman, Maxine Waters – ah, but I have gotten it from thousands – from powerful people – hell, I get it still today from presidential contenders. You are babes in the woods, and I have a thing or two to teach you about this matter.

You tea party folks have got but a mild introduction to being called a “threat to civilization” “barbarian” and “cripple America” – oh you poor people; ye are like children in a courtroom, knowing not what to do; babes in the woods afraid. Here let me teach you. I have had much experience in this; beyond what you all have ever endured.

Along the way I wrote a book with my father, one for my mother, painted glorious paintings, played piano, made gads of money, paid my taxes, and was called a threat to it all. Hahahaha! You innocent rubes. You have no clue what it is like to be called daily the “existential threat” to America, to be declared a “domestic terrorist.” You are absolutely unaware of the nastiness heaped upon me – and mine — and perhaps, you might have heaped some yourself in an unwitting moment.

Ah, but I don’t need to speak to the gay guys I know (and the two lesbians and one tranny, count them,) about what I think or know – for they think and know as I do, but be merely less articulate and daring. They are wusses; seeking their own kind to reaffirm themselves. Not me; I seek engagement with the world and avoid my brethren for they be rubes of a sort too “Oh they don’t like us” – well, no kidding. So what is to be done about it? Well, it’s talking to heterosexuals – that’s the only way. You all must come to my conclusion; but I will never come to yours; whatever it is. And I know more about this than you all.

Ah, but I speak to heterosexuals, yes – you of the lifestyle not only don’t I understand but will NEVER join. Pass what laws against me as you wish; I don’t give a crap. I never did. I smooched sissies without a worry of your silly laws for decades. No law will make me other than I am; and I will kowtow to no one’s demands I become some screaming Godawful heterosexual. No woman deserves to be inflicted with me; how dare any suggest the damsel accept me?

Blah, you all got one pissed off sissy on your hands – one who is not content with merely crying with my buddies – but one ready to lash out at you vast majority who is afraid of me. I don’t know why you are afraid; and in most ways it’s not my problem. Except when any of you call for the police state to come against me once again. Then, and only then, I fret. But I don’t make a living at this; I have a real life. But see www.goodasyou.org for a daily compendium of utter nonsense from the NO GAYS! Movement that I provide a job to for being a decent fellow – yes, I provide their job, and they thank me not. It’s mind numbing.

Have a most wondrous day, and life, and share your joys with me, and I shall share mine. And then we might be true fellow Americans – instead of adversaries over whether I exist and know what I know, then this shall have been made a more perfect union.


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