For the “gays are anti-family” crowd – an email from my aunt:

For the “gays are anti-family” crowd – an email from my aunt:

How dare you people!

I received an email from my Aunt, I shall share with you, with annotation, so you know whom is whom – and let me tell the poseurs of the family values crowd – you don’t know what the hell family values are – you are obsessed with my smooching – beyond rational thought, into delusions. You think it imperils my own family? You morons! You friggin’ pinheads. Get a friggin’ life and leave me and mine alone:

>>hi jim, i’m on the road, going up to matt [my cousin, who has served in Afghanistan, unlike any political poseur of our moment] to babysit olivia, my granddaughter [I have played good games with the charming damsel] i spoke to melissa [Matt’s sister, my cousin, who the whole family jokes about her carrying around for months the first birthday card she got – from me.] and she said you called and left a message, but she was on a business call at the time. i can hardly believe a year has gone by since your mom passed and even after all you and charlie [my AK 47 loving gun nut of a brother, who vows to protect me should the government come for me] spoke about her after her death…and i do believe everything you said and how difficult it was for all of you, i still miss talking to her just about everyday and can’t tell you how many times i reach for the phone because i want to ask her something. i’m sure she’s laughing no matter where she is. [she is, though, strangely, she never did like my humor, still … ] don’t worry about not calling on my birthday, at my age 67, you try to forget that day. i will be gone about a week or so and by the end of oct., we should be settled in a new place. i will get the address to you and phone number at that time…haven’t called Europe [our relatives in the Czech Republic, from which we know something of socialism, and to whom mluvime v ceske don’t understand that? Learn Czech!] or heard from them but after i get settled i will try to call or at least email milena [my mom and aunt stephs first cousin, my second, a woman I have known all my life] and send a new address letter to milos and ondjre [brothers of Milos, an cousin of my mom’s, and with whom we all stay when we visit Prague] and karel [Milena’s brother,] also i guess. hope all is ok with you and i will talk to you soon. take care. love, aunt steph….p.s. i spoke to karla [ my sister] day after 9/11 [the day my sister’s husband, father to my niece and nephew, was murdered in the WTC in NYC in the most horrific attack on America in our collective memory] to check in with her. –

and these creeps have the audacity to say I’m anti-family! It enrages me! Absolutely enrages me! I shall have a word with these creeps yet! They shall no go uncontested in their molestation of me! No they will not!


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