A gay guy’s message to a new lady friend on Facebook

I was friended by a lady on FB — here’s my message to her —

Aw, sweet. blush. I’m quite the lady’s man, I’m told by others, you confirm. I don’t know why this is so. 🙂 {I think, technically, I’m a virgin, not even having entered the ballpark; never mind got to first base, in opposing play to the other team.}

[Oh yes, hmm — yes: I truly am this weird hybrid of a tea partyish rational not-Paul libertarianesque Goldwater Republican leaning, bomb the fuck out of the bastards, rather accepting of everyone in a very non-confrontational liberal way, because I’m a God-fearing Hussite with relatives in the Czech Republic from whom I learned the wonders of big government and an anti-theocrat theology, with quite good street cred in the American Indian, black and Hispanic communities from my printer days in NYC, with a strong knowledge of Mexicans from having lived there, while being a rather vocal gay guy taking care of an 89 Year old WWII vet, DADT, don’t you know, dying slowly, alas, as we entertain each other — each with our music, he with his knowledge and wisdom, me with the nightly “internet report!” of my bizarre exploits across the web. And I’m an author and maze & flower painter in between.

Mostly centered on, “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it;” {from my mom, dead a year this very next day, RIP} “treat others as you wish to be treated,” by Him, and think how to even try to render assistance in a disaster by example of my brother-in-law was last seen on the 31st floor of Tower Two that very day. And don’t ponder things imponderable, like “why the hell do these few sissies keep bleating?”

Moses said it best: “Let my people go!” And of course, a strong dash of love thy neighbor as thyself without being a hypocrite; and don’t bare false witness (but not having to reveal every secret!) And throw in a joke or bon mot, or well turned phrase from time to time.

I thought of seeing a psychiatrist about the seeming contradictions to it all. But concluded it would be money ill spent; and vodka tonics cheaper. :))]

Glad to meet you, my fellow “radical” American. hehehe.


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