Clergy abuse demolishes “gays recruit” argument.

There is a slanderous  meme about gay men, ever since Anita Bryant, that we are out to recruit every boy we can get our hands on. It’s mind numbing. So let’s have fun demolishing this silly argument of unreality, shall we?

I keep getting email notices, thankfully less and less, about comments on a most horrendous article – – oh, I don’t have to link to it – but it’s such slander and libel, delusion and illogic, counter-factual when having any facts at all, and lacking anything of substance except what this I’m sure otherwise fine heterosexual male with his head up our butts so far he can elucidate for the world exactly what we are up to in our nefarious lobby and agenda that it’s a wonder to behold. It’s the most astounding bit of telemetry ever exposed, truly.

The article simply (well, no: tortured reasoning,) says there is no other purpose to gay marriage, or even gay man’s existence itself, then to get into schools to “recruit” boys into the “homosexual lifestyle.” And that the minute we’d get near a boy, then well, that boy will be gay; for we must be persuasive indeed. How we got into schools over the past oh, 5,000 years to do the recruiting that must have been going on, like forever – if Kukis is be believed – is unknown and unsaid. It seems only the modern gay rights movement is about this. And who recruited the modern gay folks who started it all is also unknown and unsaid.

The article was written on February 20th, 2011, and the author is still off on some Biblical tear, what, 7 months later? He is forever arguing with this or that person of the meaning of Isaiah or the letters of the Apostle Paul or something. He’s quite the Bible quoter, good for him that he can use a concordance. He keeps missing the part about “Don’t Bear False Witness” and “Treat others as you wish to be treated” and “Love they neighbor as thyself,” but hey, what did Jesus know? But I do not question his Biblical authority and belief, anymore than I would a Lubavitcher Rebbe or an Amish minister; be thee as thee are.

I usually only comment again once in a while when I see the author comment, I got a life – there are already 400 something comments! –. And whenever I go back to the article, I always find that this man Kukis not only adds more comments to this one article, but pens so many other bitter screeds based on his “belief”about what “homosexuals” want that one wonders of his obsession. And he is quite sure of exactly what we want, make no mistake about us – he is right, we are wrong, he will tell us what we think, for he knows. Omniscient fellow, indeed. It’s most amazing how he has peered into the minds, souls and lives of millions of men all over the world and found that we all think exactly alike as one huge living being in our nefarious and dangerous plan to recruit the next generation of gay guys. Other than that; well, he’s quite delusional.

Of course, the best proof that gay men are not recruiting boys into gayness, is that fully 100% of gay men say “We were born this way” But what do we know? We add variants of – “We knew it when we were pubescent.” “No one recruited us” “We were not molested” “We were not promised the good life of a hounded gay person” “We didn’t join a homosexual movement.” “We didn’t choose to be gay.” “we just are.” And again, at square one, “Look, we were just born this way! OK? Leave us alone, stop the nonsense”

It’s like – what do we have to say? How many of us? How often? Would this man like a letter from each of us? Or perhaps a notarized statement: “Yes, born this way” That millions of us would say this, all over the world yet! — and then have it discounted as a lie is all the more amazing for it would have to be the world’s largest uncoordinated mass deception and lying – involving tens of millions of gay men who don’t know each other and have no way of communicating with each other on every continent on earth. Yet, there they go again, over and over “recruitment, recruitment, recruitment.”

It’s beyond reason to assert that gay men “recruit” boys when every single one of us was a boy once who proclaims vociferously: WE WERE NOT RECRUITED, WE DID NOT JOIN, WE DID NOT CHOOSE, WE JUST ARE, WE WERE BORN THIS WAY, GET OVER IT! – we shout it from the roof tops, and yet this moron, yes, utter complete moron, simply continues with this drivel. I don’t know of any other subject which polls 100% – but here we are – and there’s Kukis bleating like a lost sheep, or demanding like a dangerous theocrat I join his Bible-belief and declare myself a liar on his sacrificial altar of surety.

But thankfully, we have had a grand experiment to see if the Kukis Conspiracy is valid. A vast worldwide experiment, involving upwards of 10,000 boys; they don’t even know, they’re still counting.

All these boys where molested by clergy – many by Catholic priests and brothers, many by their Protestant comrades for God. All these older men are accused of molesting, fondling, inappropriately touching, raping, sodomizing, oral sexing and Lord knows what else, boys – for decades. Doing exactly what Kukis says we seek to do. So he’s plenty of data to work from; if only he would it, oh well. Indeed, the experiment was so huge that it ranges over decades and every continent on earth. Indeed, it even could be said the the boy scouts and orphanages were corollary studies, with a few 1000s more victims of this man-on-boy rapine.

And the most fascinating thing about all these victims; all exposed in one way or the other at tender ages, impressionable even, to the alleged wondrous and glorious homosexual lifestyle and our sex is that all off these victims are – wait for it – heterosexual! Every single last blessed one of the benighted boys grew up to be heterosexuals. They got married, they had kids, they had divorces, got remarried, had more kids; or just fathered kids out of wedlock; but all are heterosexuals in deed and fact.

They, each and every one, seem to complain about horrid memories and harsh nights of sleeplessness; but not a one says “I thought I would turn gay!” No, indeed, they recoiled at the very prospect – for they are not born gay, as we are. Well, there’s psychological trauma there indeed, and I feel sorry for those guys who never wanted to have gay anything, never mind gay sex foisted upon them in a cruel manner.

Even more fascinating, with all these older men – all of them are proclaimed to be – wait for it – heterosexuals, or even asexual, celibate, whatever – not a one of them seems to be an actual gay guy. Not a one of these older men have what gay men have and want – loving relationships with our prince charming. These men, like heterosexuals who molest girls, don’t want relationships, with love and cuddling and emotion and the sharing of life and events and joys of doing things together in an emotional bond like, um, marriage – no, they want dominion and a quickie.

Indeed, it seems 100% of the clergy of any cloth who get caught with their hands down the pants of a boy are all vociferously Against gay relationships – and certainly their leaders all are vociferously against gay marriage by any name under the sun or Son – and gayness itself. And all of these clergy and leaders are quite sure that no gay man could ever even be a part of their congregations; never mind clergy! They say we simply can never be of their faith. So it ain’t us!

So what we have, in this gigantic experiment, this database of thousands, is: Heterosexual men raping heterosexual boys – and not a one is gay; not a friggin’ one. And we gays sit back in our homes and bars and ask each other – “Ever been molested?”

And we all answer: “Nope.” Or, “Can’t molest the willing.” Or “I wish!” Or “I was a virgin until college,” or something. Not a one of us has ever been molested, apparently.

And of course, we are all very sure when we say: “I never even knew another gay guy until I was able to get into a bar.” Or “I didn’t even know there was anyone else like me!” Or “I wish I could have talked to someone about this; but there was no one.”

And yet, despite what we say, and despite what the evidence is, which the grand experiment shows to be factual – this man, Gary Kukis, keeps up this crap. And he’s not the only one. Nope; these people are legion. And it’s bizarre that despite all the evidence to utterly demolish the “recruitment” argument; there they go again. They are like sadists already.

Here, because we are not without our humor in the face of this assault:

Just one sample:

Ah, here’s another:


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