NC’s Stam & Forester stammer in the forest.

North Carolina is descending into a “who can hate the gays more” tug match between two Republican Senators – Paul “Skip” Stam and James Forester. They are stammering in the forest of delusion in their bizarre effort to demonize gay folks. Now they have latched onto the bizarre idea that putting a constitutional amendment banning any recognition of gay relationships into the state constitution is going to “protect children.” Well, that’s just screwy; for gays don’t have children; no matter how hard we try; which is the chief complaint about us. At most we adopt or provide foster care to the hordes of kiddies who are abandoned by heteros. These two guys really seem to think that gays have children, and I don’t know how that is possible; except, and again, to take up the poor kids thrown away by heteros.

Even more strangely, this amendment won’t ban or outlaw gay relationships, just say “lalala” they don’t exist or something. It won’t stop gays in NC from adopting kids, or having a nice house on a quiet street with two cats in the yard; and a mortgage and property taxes.

Even more stranger than that; the state already recognizes gay relationships under commercial law; for gay couples owning houses and business together, and joint checking accounts, and credit cards, and insurance and medical directives, simply use the “commercial partnership” laws that are available to any business people. The state simply can’t stop this. And these couples will exist; and they will be known by their families and their friends and co-workers; and everyone they know will say “yep, there’s Paul & Jim, been together 20 years now.” Do the other Paul and Jim not think this true? Are they this blind?

Do they think that gay folks will not continue to form couples? Do they think that there will be no sissy smooching? And there already is a law against gay marriage in NC, so why an amendment too? Oh, supposedly they’re going to protect children; that’s their claim, which is farcical; for the Jerry Springer set will still abuse and misuse and Lord knows how they’ll bollix up their kids – and the law on the books now hasn’t done a thing to prevent this. Do Paul and Jim see this? Do they think that all the kids and wives in safe houses, protected from rampaging hetero men, will be protected all the more because my fictitious Paul and Jim file a joint tax return? Are they just stupid, or willfully so?

Do they think young gay folks will not grow up in the state because they’ll say “Oh my, an amendment!”? Are these two that ignorant or purposely so?

Here’s the article:

Here’s a real live state senator stammering on about heteros in the Middle Ages; and how this is somehow remotely related to modern day ga couples:

It wasn’t about love or romance. It was about children. So that, for example, in medieval Europe as people would go around and have secret marriages nobody really knew whose child was the child of whom. Who was otherwise married and for me to marry that person would then be bigamy, but they maybe didn’t tell me about it – there was no licensure, so how would you know? But it’s been maintained not because of love or romance, but for the welfare of children.”

Does this man know that not until the late 1300s in Europe were there any laws against gay folks? Does he not know about King Richard the Lionhearted’s relationship with King Phillip of France? It was the talk of all Europe in the 1180s, all the more marvel because two Kings actually lived together in gay Paris, they slept together for heaven’s sake. Everybody talked about it. Richard’s mother Eleanor of Aquitaine was quite insistent that he get married, and she wrote to him, over the years, using the word “gai” because she had no other word to use, (there’s a few letters still extant showing this,) and finally ten years after Richard and Philip broke up Richard did get married – and apparently spent all of three months with his wife in the ten years of their marriage. And it was noted that it seems probable that he never ever spent a single night with her, this Berrengaria of Navarre; not a single smooch, mostly because they were always hundreds of miles from each other. Dozens of Chroniclers, the reporters of their times, wrote about this.

Does this man know his Medieval History at all? He should read John Boswell on the matter; quite fascinating his book on gay coupling ceremonies in the Middle Ages, and Sts Serge and Bacchus who lived with each other, and were martyred together. Really, they should educate themselves.

And here’s Forester saying the most amazing thing to one of his constituents:

A Lesbian named Ms. Dean reports this, after a phone call to her state senator Forester:

I asked how my relationship might affect his marriage or anyone else’s, his only answer was that it was against God.”

When Dean asked James Forrester whether he had looked into New York’s anticipated revenue from gay marriage, Forrester responded: “Well, maybe you should move to New York.”

Forrester added that the majority of North Carolinians don’t want “homosexuality and lesbianism in their state.”

I dare say, a majority of North Carolinians don’t give a damn; and those that know gay folks almost certainly don’t want them to exile themselves from their home state; and I’m sure all the companies who hire gays, oh, like Applebee’s Chili’s Macaroni Grill and the Raddison and Hilton, and I’m certain nearly all the male flight(y) attendants based in Charlotte, would be rather miffed if they lost their valuable employees.

And since when does a state senator have the Medieval mindset to seek to banish and exile people from from his territory? There’s your Medievalism, writ large; like Jews were hounded and banned and exiled and treated like crap in Medieval Europe.

And so, two allegedly grown and responsible men behave like school yard bullies; and are just as painfully ignorant as those storied creature of the wedgie and playground poundings. So sad, really; and it’s thus no wonder NC is in the same pickle as every other state – lack of jobs; child beatings, mom’s murdering kids; trailer trash winding up on Springer and Povich, or on the Nancy Grace show, and a divorce rate which hovers near 50% and the ex-wives and kids on food stamps, and single mothers on welfare of some kind or another — and of course, I’m sure North Carolina has an enormous deficit they can’t pay off – every other state has one; why should they be different?

But if this is the character of thought which rules the roost in Raleigh, the state will simply never get out of the doldrums it’s in. Oh well, sometimes there’s no stopping stupidity; let’s hope the people of North Carolina have some sense and defeat this bizarre amendment based on a farce and nastiness.


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