Who the hell are you, Tony Perkins, to chastise my mother?

For 35 years, since I as 20 years of age, I have listened to this crap against me and my mom from people like Tony Perkins, Peter Sprigg, Bryan Fischer, Maggie Gallagher and the rest of the delusional “you will pray as I demand” people. I will tolerate it no longer. Who the hell does Perkins think he is to chastise my mother? He is delusional; and I demand he stop to it! NOW!. You are crazy to think we gay people are anything but sweet puppies, and crazier still to think that we are somehow “attacking” families, God, civilization, or whatever — you are out of your mind, sir;  go get a real job for heaven’s sake, and do something productive, instead of making a living off of trashing me.

Who the hell does Peter Sprigg, Tony’s boyfriend, for there be not any other word for them, obsessed with my sex life as they are – utterly obsessed, beyond rational reason – who the hell does he think he is to castigate my father? I am enraged, for I wrote a book with my father = www.housesarefree.com – you are an idiot! And a creep, Sprigg, you are just a creep, get out of my life. Go write a book with your father – or have one of your sons write one with you – perhaps entitled “I hate homosexuality,” OK, I get it dipwads, you’re not gay. So what? Go forth and multiply, leave me alone.

Where the hell does Maggie Gallagher, of the ill named “National Organization for Marriage,” which is very much opposed to marriage, who the hell is her to get off saying cruel and malicious things about me? She lies and says horrendous things about me– who the hell does she think she is? And then lies to tell me she”loooovvveeessss” me and she demands I join her religion, Catholicism, which my family abandoned 600 years ago? And which she herself as an unwed mother didn’t follow. Now, after you have sinned you come to me and demand I find your new found faith? Hell, I got faith, sister; and it’s a hell of a lot better than yours. Go get a new God for heaven’s sake; yours is like unto Baal and idols.

Who the hell does Brian Brown, of the same organization, this ill named “NOM” think he is for saying cruel and malicious things about me? And demand my arrest and incarceration for smooching? Are you mad? Yes, you are, completely insane. I do not kowtow to some religious nut job; I will never to this creep who is unaware of my ferocity. But to call for outlawing my kissing because you don’t like the way I smooch? Hell, do I butter my toast too loudly?

I am fed up, fed up, with this attack upon me, on me and my friends, and millions I don’t even know. Every day, at www.goodasyou.org and www.queerty.com and www.ontopmag.com and www.izzoiz.com and other websites, I read of malicious nastiness. Who the hell are you people? Go away; leave me and us alone, how dare you?

I and we do not deserve this; you people are heathens; who have not learned the word of our Lord: treat others as you wish to be treated; love thy neighbor as thyself, do not ponder things greater than your understanding, and ye without sin, cast the first stone – these people aren’t Christians, not of any sort I know. Or want to know. They are hypocrites who should go down to the Jerry Springer show to learn all about the wonders of your kind; seething heteros with abandoned kids and divorce and adultery. You don’t say a word about them – you are obsessed with me; that what I do somehow affects what you do. God, can anyone be more wrong? Anyone?

I have good family and friends, who love me as I am – and you cretins try to rile them up against me! Who the hell do you think you are? You are trying to tell my own family to cast me out, how dare you? And let me tell you people, my family shall tell you to go to hell and “Leave our Jimmy alone.”

I’m pissed, beyond all reason (well, no, I am very reasonable,) every time I hear this – for I am American, and what they say is unAmerican. It is cruel, nasty, wrong, and delusion filled with lies and bile. And I must speak out, for you are working day and night against me, in mad delusion → and I have a real job, and not the time you have, obsessed with whom I smooch as you are, sickly obsessed. You folks are sick, out of your minds

You creeps are delusional, and frankly, I must speak out, for it is my existence you are attacking.

And my parents. And my family!

How dare you?

I am enraged. And hell hath no fury like a sissy scorned.

You shall rot in hell, and I shall guide you there – you are creeps to attack my mom and dad for having me, a gay son. You are creeps to say that anything nice to be said about me is dangerous.

No, sirs, and ma’am, you are the danger – to me and mine, and society

A pox upon you lives, your ill spent against me – a pox!

And rarely have I spoken out so loudly. But, oh I’m not done yet; for these heathens are unrelenting; well neither am I. I will not relent; ever. But they have no right to demand I obey their Bible reading, join their religion and kiss some girl of their dreams which they don’t even bother to proffer to me. and they certainly have no right to go to legislatures and demand laws against me. Yes, I take it personally, and why should I not? I’m the one they are trying to remove from society, me; not some nameless faceless “homosexuality” – egad, do these people piss me off.




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  1. Moe

    Your reply to Tony Perkins the moralist is long . These folks are sociopaths . They don’t care about the impact they have on your life or anyone they offend with their NRA border guarding science hating 2000 year old bible tyranny. You could be hetero , metro, or one of the Jettsons, if you don’t subscribe to their prescription for rigid hypocritical conformity , you might as well be a hunted life form. This is the American Taliban they have money and they have the naivety of 120 million or so Depublicans who want to destroy civil society. Long live the Republic . Good luck to us all.

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