It ain’t the baby; it’s the bathwater. It’s rank, chuck it.

One thing that the chattering class, of which I am a tiny member, has made clear is that this nation is “ungovernable.” Not that it can’t be governed, no, but that there are so many different opinions about everything that it is clear that we are just like we were centuries ago – rather iconoclastic idiosyncratic people. Only back then there was so much less government we could actually be whom we are. Today, we can barely agree on anything anymore. For everything is now a federal issue and thus only one answer can prevail. Which is always the problem with single-decisions by one person, they can’t take into account all the differences of the vast majority of the people.

Now, the president has offered his tax and spend jobs plan in some huge $450 billion dollar behemoth that supposedly has something for everybody and thus it might be passed. But it won’t. I doubt it will even be brought up for a vote. And he’s got a “buffett tax” – yah, like that stands a chance. Besides which, to say it “lowers the deficit” is ridiculous. For the tax-hike is meant to fund the new spending, not to cover old spending. And there is this supposedly sound idea that we can “cut” the deficit by $1.5 trillion over the next 10 years, but yes, well, that then is only $150 billion a year. However, we are spending $1.5 trillion of borrowed money annually, so what will become of the other $1.35 trillion in deficit spending each year? It’s like throwing spit balls at a raging fire; but ah, he’ll persist.

Then the president set up some “attack watch” site, to have neighbors report on neighbors to the White House who might have said a bad thing about the president. Well, Mr. President; it’s our job to trash you, to keep you on your toes. And why bother to set up such a site when one could read any number of blogs, left right middle, Republican, Democrat, tea party, coffee party (weird, a hollow thing; but the dear liberals do try,) and who knows who else trashing the president? Is there anybody but the media and a few diehards who like the man anymore? Hell, half of his supporters are fed up with him; but are stuck with stomaching him. Though there be rumors and suggestions of a primary challenge to him.

Over on the Republican side there is great anger at the RINOs – Republicans in Name Only. Surely with 85% of the people miffed at congress we can conclude even Republicans are not liked. And from the debates, such as the stand and model talking points sessions are called, one can tell that each of the crop has 20% or less support. Those who like the lesser players, Bachmann, Cain, Paul, Santorum, are fearing either Romney or Perry. Both of those two have so much political baggage and are of the “let’s keep everything the same but talk about reform” sort that they will not change a thing. They are nicking around the edges. Romney put out a 150 page “report” that supposedly makes little tiny adjustments in this or that program or tax or whatever, and does absolutely nothing to address the real problem. Perry of course, has his book “Fed Up,” and already vast swaths of the electorate are fed up with him; good job Rick.

Meanwhile, the problem is NOT that Americans don’t have a heart; or we want to get rid of the safety net, or not rush to the aid of people stuck in a tornado or hurricane. It’s not that we want to end financial support for the temporarily downtrodden schnook who loses a job and needs some help with the rent until he gets a new one. It’s not that we don’t want to protect our environment, or our health, or our food; we are all for this. It’s not that we want to deny granny her social security check, or make her eat dog food or something. Indeed; it’s not the emotional side we’re in disagreement with; I can’t find a Lefty or a Righty who isn’t all for “helping” people; who isn’t all for “good government;” who isn’t all for some regulation so that we might live in a well ordered society.

The problem is the way it’s being done. It’s too complex and too convoluted. It’s not that we don’t need even $2 trillion a year in taxes, it’s that the tax code is so infernal that it should be abandoned wholesale, and the thing so drastically simplified so as to lessen the $400 billion and 400 million hours that we Americans spend to figure our way through the morass. It’s not that an EPA shouldn’t be around to make sure oil companies repair the environment as they go from place to place drilling; it’s that the EPA is trying to regulate everything down to the color of the shoes one must wear to get the job done and stopping the work in collusion with the Department of Energy, which regulates the same thing as the EPA does. It’s not that Americans want to end food stamps for some in momentary need; it’s time to end years and years on food stamps. And it’s time to cut the farm subsidies which raise the price of food on purpose, at $150 billion a year or something; so that we then have to give food stamps to people to pay the higher prices.

Well, one could go on. And as usual, on the other subject I talk about, for it’s part and parcel of it now; it’s not that Americans are really “against” gay people; it’s that there’s a bunch of creeps whom seem to think that we gays are “against” heteros; and nothing could be further from the truth. We just are who we are; and no law or Bible thumping on earth is going to get rid of us. And we simply do not deserve the slander and libel spewed in the name of Jesus, who never had a bad word to say about anyone. America doesn’t want a law against gay folks anymore; just a few nutjobs who think words on paper are going to “solve” a “problem” that doesn’t exist. And the Republican stalwarts are being questioned about this insignificant issue of us and a “marriage” by any word; and they are stumped; absolutely stumped. Many say they want a law, and to what purpose? Just to be nasty; but America is no longer buying it.

Even many good Christians are saying: leave those people alone. And the nation is not going to arrest us all as Tony Sprigg wants, and Rick Santorum dreams of every night. It’s wasted breath, gentlemen, give it a rest.

Meanwhile, the newspapers are filled with mush, like “president suggests enhancing revenues.” Yes, well, NO! He’s not suggesting, he’s demanding: “Pass this bill, pass this bill!” Chirping like a parrot, the people laughing at the man behind the curtain, and there he goes again. And “enhancing revenue” is a “tax hike” – call things what they are. No need to hide behind grandiose and obfuscatory words. We all know what it means; don’t pretend we don’t. Sure, some of us like tax hikes; most of us don’t. But we all know a tax hike demand when we see it. Still, if you are for more taxes, pay them, donate to the government if you think it will help. Warren Buffett’s entire $40 billion dollar fortune would be spent in less than 2 weeks by this current government of ours – what will we do for the rest of the year?

Even if every billionaire’s piggy bank was looted for every dime, that would come to maybe a year’s spending, OK, let’s even say two years – and then what? The problem is not some transitory “we have to cover this moment’s shortfall,” it’s the systemic archaic mess we have – it’s projected $1.5 trillion dollar deficits for decades to come – after the billionaires are stripped of their cash, and not a penny more to be had, then what? Don’t tell me about this year’s problem, talk to me of the systemic morass.

And it’s funny, I read the other day about this “Americans for Change” group being up in arms over any change to Social Security. Well, if one is “for change” should one actually consider being “for change”? I would think so. Or they should style themselves “Americans for keeping things the same,” though I guess that doesn’t have the magic ring of “progress.” Indeed, the “progressives” have now concluded that absolutely nothing must be changed; and the “conservatives” who supposedly want to keep things the same are clamoring for change. Who is for “progress” and who is for “conserving” things, I don’t know anymore. Let me look at my score card.

It’s one thing to be “for” social security in some form, it’s quite another to just blithely look at the current real actuarial numbers and then say “lalalala” and stick your head in the sand. It’s one thing to be “for” health care for all, and quite another to simply pass unread laws creating scads of new bureaus and agencies and more taxes on health care equipment and a director of everything to over see such a huge enterprise as “health care for all” that we can barely define what health care is, never mind who should get it and in what amounts. I suppose the Office of Aspirin will be alerted to whether we take two a day or more or less, so that the nation quota of aspirin production and supply, and costs and such will be well considered by a man living in DC and stuck in traffic all day, and just possible cranky enough for him to say “No aspirin for you!”

And then I saw this little thing in the editorial column, today, about a man who wrote back in 1941, one Wolcott Gibbs: “the great paradox about this age of perfect communication, of course, is that nobody knows anything about what’s going on.” He concluded: “we hear about everything the minute it happens and, generally speaking, it just adds up to balderdash.”

And it is; it’s all just mush already. And so we have lost sight of the baby, about whom we should be concerned, and are now arguing over the bathwater; which is fetid and rank and needs to be chucked. And the sooner we as a nation realize this, the better; but if all we’re going to do is swirl the swamp; well, then, we shall be in the doldrums until 2016, or beyond.

Of course, there is one guy running, who seems to have figured this out: Gary Johnson – – so I may as well promote him as best I can; which is, oddly, adding my own mush to the swill, which is a paradox, I admit.


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