Politics, Schmolotics. We’re all fed up now!

In perusing the blogs each day, and in scanning the headlines, and in listening to the TV blaring from the other room, I sense that nearly all Americans are just fed up with politics and politicians, even “the system.” It’s an unseemly and nasty tango were each side says the other is out to “destroy” America. And it seems many people are short of memory, and long on opinion; light on facts, and heavy with beliefs, not to mention so confused about what to do except “pass this bill.” Sure, go ahead, make more laws; so many laws that everyone is guilty of something already; we’re turning into a polite police state; which will only turn ugly eventually. There seems, too, to be few politicians who want to dismantle any of it; or fundamentally restructure it, or repeal it. Indeed, any who speak of such things are automatically branded to be “enemies” of the nation or something; out to wreck havoc on reality. But it’s obvious there’s a problem, no?

Well, the reality is that most people just live their lives, and some do better than others, and some get lucky breaks and some get the bum rap. I read a story recently about the very good looking actor Ashton Kutcher. Turns out he has a fraternal twin brother, but that poor kid had to have a heart transplant, wears thick glasses, as a slightly off-kilter face, and has multiple sclerosis. And so one brother is astonishingly handsome, rich and popular, and the other brother was broken-bodied from the get go. Yes, life is unfair. I think too, of people like me, who has a flair for languages, and can play the piano, and has a very retentive memory, and can write an essay such as this in 20 minutes or less, and other people who are janitors who have boring lives with dumpy wives, and don’t know where Poland is. And well, yes, life is unfair, and not at all the same for any of us. So why then this insistence that we all be alike? That we all are “on the same page.” Hell, few of us are in the same book. And we should not have to be so; unless we federalize and criminalize everything and thus we had better or woe unto us in the courts.

What Alexis Toqueville noticed back in the 1830s was that there was an astonishing diversity of people in this nation, who all kept to themselves, but still stepped in to help those in need. This remains true; which is often why I wonder why anyone needs “diversity training.” It’s a false business, one that trades on the idea that Americans are up in arms at each other. Well, out in Logan Utah the other day, there was a man trapped under a burning car, and complete strangers, just scads of them, descended upon the car and picked up a 4,000 pound piece of metal and plastic and someone else pulled the poor man out from under it. When the news crews got a hold of the people in the video shot by somebody in an office what they didn’t point out was that there was an immigrant, and white construction workers, and a black guy or two, and a trim office lady, and some schnooks and youngun’s all come together without any meeting or diversity training. No one thought “that race, this sex,” they simply were fellow citizens.

Indeed, everywhere I go, and I go a lot of places – Phoenix, Louisiana, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Boston, and many places in between, and trundle through airports along the way, and my own city too – I find that there is this wonderful melange of very polite and reasonable people going through their lives. People say, “thank you,” and “can I help you?” and things get done. Look at your own lives, don’t you see this plethora of pleasant people? Well, I do. And yes, I’m sure there’s a few curmudgeons in the bunch, and they stay to themselves, and are left alone. But in this melange of people is this mix of people of every race, creed, position in life, and even, because of me, a gay guy or two, all happily going about our business while offering to hold the door for some one.

But the minute any sort of politics comes up, which it does, for there’s always a TV on somewhere to CNN, or a newspaper at hand, there is this seething succotash of disgust at the whole thing. As the polls supposedly show, even those rigged to get a “government is wonderful” answer, some 75% to 85% of the nation is fed up with Congress. Not a person seems to like the place, except the 15% who live around Washington, DC, in the seven richest counties in America, in a bizarre world of happy nappy in between passing endless new laws that they exempt themselves from; and of late don’t even bother to read. And those laws hand over more authority to nameless, faceless, unelected, in office for life bureaucrats the power to make even more rules and regulations with the power of law.

Then I see that there’s brewing scandals, well, even open scandals, and in the case of Anthony Weiner, and not a few other politicians caught with their pants down, way too open scandals. There’s this Fast & Furious, or the Mexican Gun Run, as it might be styled. Apparently, Eric Holder the attorney general, and probably Obama himself, and almost certainly the head of Homeland Security (a name which still gives me the creeps) and potentially the CIA & FBI, are all complicit and knowledgeable about the shipping of guns to Mexican drug cartels so we could, um, track Mexican drug cartels. Well, if you legalized marijuana there wouldn’t be any Mexican drug cartels; nor even American gangs and mafias and drug lords, nor even a TV show about it, of which there seem to be two or three already; “Breaking Bad” and “Weeds” I think are them, but I don’t watch, so I may be wrong, and well, there they are.

What you would have is the “North 40 Marijahoochie Company” taking up some old warehouse somewhere, with people calmly growing, manufacturing and packaging the goods and shipping them in well regulated trucks on the highways without the police having to espy us all to see if we might be guilty of something. And across town you might have the “Seven Wonders Weed Emporium” or some such doing the same in a mild mannered competition not much different than the liquor companies and casinos. Outlaw what people want, well, then people will do what they want to get it. Politicians want it outlawed for they think they know what’s best. Only, they don’t; they’re not supposed to be involved with what we choose to ingest or inhale, they’re supposed to make sure that the goods are good and we have a convenient tort system if something goes wrong or negligence done. And now the food police are coming, no trans fat, too much salt, a burger with bacon, oh my, let’s outlaw that too.

I read that there’s this cyber-law that supposedly makes it illegal to use a false name on the internet. Well, hell, nearly everyone uses a false name every so often; why must we divulge our names if we choose not to? And does this mean that all the people who use monikers and avatars and gravatars are all criminals for not posting only a picture of themselves and their own name down to their middle initial? It’s a strange and dangerous law, this policing of names and ideas and whom can do what where on the internet. Only we people don’t know what this law is until we run afoul of it; perhaps it’s a “fairness doctrine” – we should all be “fair.” Yeah, well, tough, and good luck.

Laws like “stop at stop signs” are pretty straight forward, or “don’t steal people’s money, not even on the internet,” well, that’s clear, but the laws we get now are just subjective laws, open to wide interpretation by police, agencies, courts, and politicians so they might ensnare some schnook who said his name was Smith instead of Jones when he said “I’m fed up with this nonsense.”

And the president launched some “AttackWatch” website, to ask people to turn in anyone who trashed the president. Well, Americans took care of that problem – apparently 10s of thousands went and trashed the thing with ridicule and snark and satire. We are a funny people, after all. And we’re not prone to probe our neighbors ideas or beliefs, nor political positions or likes and dislikes, nor turn those people into the government for a little hello by the thoughtmeisters. No, we’re just like we were back when Toqueville came and reported on us. If you haven’t read “Democracy in America” by that man, you haven’t lived.

So in a sense I don’t worry about the fundamentals of America, I worry about the two-party system come to wreck our nerves. I worry about politicians who think they can make life “fair” and “equal.” I worry about politicians who think they can legislate “morality” and “diversity” and some even quite determined to legislate whom can smooch whom and with what level of official recognition. I’m worried about people who think we all have to be on the same page, all reading together like kindergarteners “see president jump, watch president run, listen to president speak.” It’s unbecoming a Free Republic of individuals.

If you want to avoid certain types of people, do so. It’s awfully hard, what with so many different sorts wandering around, but have at it. If you want to have one friend of each sort, you know, one Cuban, one Chinese man, one wise Latina, one brother in the hood, go ahead, just don’t make me do so. If you don’t want your kids to read a certain book; don’t let them. But don’t try to ban a book from the library because you now insist that no other kid’s parents should decide if their kid should or should not read that book. If you don’t like the jokes, don’t listen to the comedian. If you don’t like what happens on certain channels, don’t watch them. Oddly, because municipalities force cable companies, through law of course, to provide bundled packages of programs, people get scads of channels they don’t want or need. Well, TV is like a buffet, you should be able to pick and choose the items you want, one by one, not have to take some of everything.

The president said we should eat our peas, and I thought, what on earth? I not only despise peas, I’m allergic to them. Why on earth should he think to tell me I should eat my peas? Why is he concerned if I think him not a good president? There’s nothing wrong with me for that; he’s my employee, I think he’s doing a terrible job. But then again, I think nearly 100% of my employees, the politicians who play with our lives, are doing a terrible job of late. I have no problem with a safety net, nor with helping the downtrodden, nor even with government run corner clinics to take care of minor scrapes and bruises; I don’t thank any Americans have a problem with that. It’s not that there shouldn’t be some sort of “social security” but the one we got is bankrupt and as is variously nitpicked, a sort of Ponzi scheme. There’s nothing wrong with some sort of fire code to make sure houses aren’t built of gasoline cans; but to go so far as to regulate the size and placement of stair rails, well, that’s too far.

And I do have a problem with endless corporate welfare. The farm price support system merely causes the price of food to be higher. The mortgage loan guarantees by Fannie and Freddy merely impel people to buy houses they can’t afford, for they don’t have to worry about who will pay for it. It also drives up the price of housing in bubbles until they burst. The “green jobs” are only green because of the taxes paid out to companies that fail, like the current Solyndra, because the economics of solar are just not here yet. Oh sure, little things might be powered by solar, why, I had a calculator as far back as 1975 that used light to work, and thin thing by Texas Instruments; it still works. But to think we’re going to power our nation from the sun with our current technology is ridiculous. And to think you can force the innovation and brilliant breakthrough so that one panel heats a house by ending drilling for oil and gas is nuts too.

Well, one could go on, but the whole thing is unraveling, for far too many people are waking up to this fact. The only current problem we have is that the ideologues, who run on theory and not practical reality, have seized control of the two parties. On one side are the socialists, they proudly proclaim themselves so, don’t mince words. Don’t say Bernie Sanders of Vermont is an “independent.” He’s no such thing; he’s a proud socialist; so are Pelosi, Feinstein, Waxman and some 80 other Democrats. The abide by Marx, and they aim to take over the corporations of the nation; it’s obvious. They’re just doing it one little law at a time, so that now the National Labor Relations Board, the NLRB, has told Boeing it can’t move it’s factory from Seattle to South Carolina because it’s not good for the country or something.

The other side has now gone way too far to theocracy. Don’t tell me Bachmann or Perry is not for theocracy. They proudly proclaim themselves driven by what God tells them to do. It’s almost like they have no ideas or information other than received wisdom from on high that was penned in a muddled book that no one believes in quite the same way, and which often has completely contradictory instructions on how to live one’s life. “Thou shall not kill” along with “stone divorcees to death.” Hmm, which to do? Perhaps a theocrat in the White House will tell us.

Get a grip America, neither party is good for us now; time for a third party to really grow and take off. Time to spin the spinmeisters spewing forth government control of everything at the behest of Marx or Jesus to the sidelines.

Fortunately there’s a Libertarian party, with ballot access in all 50 states, (the only other party beside DnR to have such status.) And Gary Johnson, the only sane and rational man on the hustings today is thinking of running on that party line. Well, he should. And I think we rational people; of whom I know so many, should do everything we can to make sure he does, and wins. Here’s his website: www.garyjohnson2012.com – the rest of the creeps running I want to run away from.








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