When will politicians talk about the Great Dismantlement?

The nation is awash in debt and deficit, with no end in sight. The numbers of rules and regulations spirals upwards as more federal agencies publish more such things. The number of government workers continues to rise. The amount of taxes paid is now 50% of one’s income, even the poor pay such high taxes even if not in income tax, but all those little taxes. The laws grow by the thousands of pages to create more crimes, requirements, and instill the demands of government to adhere to the same page or something.

There are more programs than ever; more government grants, load guarantees, mandates to buy this or that, bailouts of companies that should be allowed to fail, and who even knows anymore since so many laws are passed in the dead of night, not having been read by the Congress which passes them, and certainly not by we the people they effect.

More power is being ceded to Washington to make everything a national issue. There is never ending increase in the size and scope of government. And more politicians talk about controlling our bodies, and our economics and even down to whom we might smooch without state sanction or permission. This cannot be good; this is royalty without the ermine, and it will wind up just like Louis XVI, a revolution of sorts; and hopefully not the Terror, by whomever gets into power when the whole thing comes crashing down.

Supposedly Mitch Daniels, governor of Indiana penned a book warning of this all in stark and even apocalyptic terms; read it if you must. I don’t have to read it; I’ve been saying it’s happening for years: You can’t keep deficit spending for ever; eventually no one will lend you money. At that point the government will either rein in the spending, or just go seize wealth. They already have given themselves fine forfeiture laws, and made virtually everything illegal, so that one guy wrote a book “Three felonies a day” which he claims each American commits everyday. Well, if one commits a felony, one can have his wealth seized in a heartbeat by a government come to get its due.

And then, in the candidate debates we have Romney whom did to Massachusetts what Obama did to America, made some bizarre convoluted scheme of making people buy insurance they don’t want or need, and in the process forced more people into state controlled health plans and raised the price of health care overall. We have Perry who doesn’t seem to have an idea in his head other than “what we did in Texas,” yes, but well, what will you do in Washington, sir? He doesn’t say except to call out Ben Bernacke as “near treasonous” – which he isn’t, and that’s the sort of talk that started off the Terror in France.

Huntsman seems to be a Democrat in the Republican primaries, and fortunately at 1% or 2% support. Santorum wants to institute some sort of theocracy, and that can’t be good, and thankfully he’s at 1%. Cain is clueless, but is a nice “we’re not racist” touch to the hustings in a time when any right thinking person and all Republicans of course, are called Racist by the Democrats, who are seemingly oblivious that the nation as a whole is not racist. When the popular culture, Will Smith comes to mind, Chris Rock, sports players galore, Oprah Winfrey and rap artists and the president and attorney general themselves are African-American I dare say it’s hard to say we’re a racist country, no? No, the charge is made near daily; it’s absurd.

Bachmann still is in the running, and depending on the poll or day is 15%-25%, and she’s got some good ideas on the entitlement boondoggle, but she’s woefully unprepared for the presidency in any other way; in a sense she’s a female Obama, long on politics, short on substance; and bizarrely, gay obsessed in ways I can’t comprehend, trying to get laws and amendments against us to protect the “family” which we aren’t doing anything to. Still, she hasn’t quite said what she plans on getting rid of.

Indeed, what these Republicans are all saying is that they will tinker here and there with this or that. There is no sense of urgency even, but merely, “well, we’ll take a look at it, and go from there.” Well, yes, that means “don’t change a think.” And Ron Paul is so out of it at times, I can make neither heads nor tails of him, but that he might shake up the system is his only redeeming point.

Obama and the Democrats, (at least those who are still with him, and they in declining number,) are sure that only massive new government spending will solve our problems when our problems are, um, massive new government spending. If one pounds one’s hand with a hammer, you can’t fix the hand with another hammer blow, that’s for sure; but he’s going to try, bless his heart. And that will fortunately almost certainly not become law, and the money we don’t have will not be spent, and the taxes will not be raised.

Not a blessed one of these people on the hustings, nor any elected official at this point, will mention say, oh, dismantling the Department of Commerce, leaving only the Census bureau, and even that limited to counting heads, and not worrying about our proclivities and purchases and how many VCRs and bathrooms we have. That would save oh, $80 Billion a year right off the top.

Nor does anyone seem to mention ending Medicare/caid as we know it. It’s one thing to help folks in a lurch, that’s part of our American culture; it’s quite another to have a moribund bureaucracy which showers us in endless paper so that we know what we are getting. Supposedly, the liabilities M & M have are now $46 trillion – where will this money come from?

Social Security is facing unfunded liabilities in the trillions itself; and it has been falling apart for the better part of 3 decades now, and it takes a long time for such a big thing to collapse, but, well there it goes.

The military is or is not overextended or necessary, depending on one’s view, but surely we don’t need a 100,000 troops in Europe to keep those people safe from anyone do we? And is every single military program, budget item, installation, and weapon system really “exactly” what we need? But we talk in the aggregate about the “defense budget” and then say not a penny can be cut or we will be invaded by hordes of whomevers from some place unidentified. Strikes me that a few billion can be pared from that bloated carcass, no? Nothing? Not a dime, or I’m weakening national defense? Come now.

The Department of Energy has moved from regulating health and safety and environment of energy production to basically banning any new production and keeping us exactly where we are. This of course, cuts job growth, and cuts supplies, which keeps prices all the higher, and forces us to import oil from a lot of places, though almost none from the Middle East, which is always given out as to where we get our oil.

What does the Department of Labor do? NEH, NEA – ah, the two national “endowments” for humanity and art – in a nation which produces humanity and art by the bucket fulls – well, it’s “Only” a billion or two, but hey, sounds good, cut it. Let humanists and artists support themselves and not rely on government grants to give us their ideas; if they’re good we’ll buy the stuff. At this point its almost like we have a “national painting corps” whose job it is to churn out government approved art, which usually enrages some portion of the public anyway.

Well, one could go on. But still, I don’t hear anyone saying, “Let’s get rid of this,” or “that” – no, it’s “I’ve got a vision for America, to restore her values, and bring prosperity back.” Yes, but how? They don’t tell us, much, and what they do, is miniscule compared to the problems at hand.

And one of the biggest things that could be done to get this economy moving and solving our problem is to simply get rid of the IRS and replace the whole panoply of 76,000 pages of contradictory incomprehensible mush with oh, a Steve Forbes like Flat Tax with three brackets and no deductions and make life simple; and free up billions of dollars and millions of hours of tax prep agony.

And if no politician starts talking real about some of this stuff, the one who gets to be president in 2012 will not have a “mandate” to get anything done, but will simply be a caretaker as everything remains the same and continues on the current course. Well, that won’t help. Perhaps though, no matter who gets in, if nothing changes, by 2016 a real contender for the Great Dismantlement will surface and he or she will get in then, and finally fix this problem. Let us hope we can go for more years before the crash comes.






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