Well, it was NOT a quiet week in my home town, NYC

We now stop to remember a horrible event 10 years ago this day. Our country was attacked, for no real reason. So we are all the more enraged, because it happened to us. But it happened, albeit on a lesser scale in death; elsewhere. The same horror visited upon rational people’s emotional being. As usual, when these attacks happen, there is the same outpouring of assistance by individuals, with no organization in the first moments, for the 99% of us whom are decent rush in to help where we can.

But whether in London, Madrid, Bali, Mumbai and other places, and of course in Israel, it’s always done by people with “god” on their side, lately it’s been Muslim’s whom get the word of “god” to slaughter, in times past it was other “gods.” Their “god” seems to tell them to go slaughter people; as many as can be killed, regardless of age, sex or condition. By the 100s usually, and in our case near 3,000. Is it not apparent that this faith, this fervor for death, comes from one place? No, it’s not a geographical place.

The worst slaughters in human history have been perpetrated in “god’s” name, and the slaughtered usually have some other “god” – as if we humans are supposed to be killing each other as proxies for our “gods” who are too busy to do it themselves. It’s been going on for centuries; and rational people, even faithful and “god” believing people, have always recoiled at the senselessness of it. Still, the atrocities keep coming; supposedly we’re under heightened alert right now; well, I dare say those people don’t take a day off, we should not either.

But these attacks for their “god” always come because these mere people think they are Perfect! And living in Perfection exactly as “god” wanted all people to live! For a “god” who put incredible diversity on earth, I find it hard to believe that he wanted the most complex thing, us, to all be alike.

And the slaughtered are always demonized as less then perfect, and in need of slaughtering. But the slaughtering of other people because your “god” doesn’t like them is really just evil, and if you don’t like that word, pick another; sick, demented; debased; delusional, they all come to mind. That anyone thinks “god” talks to them is just nuts. They are not sane.

It was said by Lincoln that few words could hallow the ground at Gettysburg, well; the same could be applied to NYC, or anywhere these things happen, but I doubt the politicians today will wax rhapsodic, we will not recall the blather of today like we recall Lincoln’s address back then.

It was also said by Lincoln that we are the Last bastion for freedom in the world. And well, no, I never agreed with this, we are not the Last. We are the First. The rest of the world is the last. All those are the ones that have a hell of a lot less freedom than we do, which is why so many left, and came here. And many people say, oh what is this vaunted freedom? Well, it you can’t define it, that’s it. Or if yours is different than mine, and we shake hands and go our way, then that’s it. It’s the freedom to just live quietly without worrying if some crazed lunatic with “god” on his mind is going to come kill you because his “god” told him to do so.

So stop talking about what “god” wants, and pay attention to what you do. And pay attention to the “god wants” lunatics; lest you be one. And always beware and disdain politicians who say that they know what “god” wants.

And now I shall go to talk to my “god,” to put a good word in with yours; so we might get along in peace, which I think is what God wanted, for there’s more of it than slaughter.


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