Obama Job: something old, borrowed & blue; nothing new

OK, so the president spoke at about “jobs” and well, what was the point? “Pass this bill now” or something? What bill? Just to give more money to bureaucrats so they can dole it out? And since when is continuing jobless benefits “creating jobs”? – all it does is keep people afloat perhaps, and push them a bit further down, if anything. But it certainly doesn’t create any jobs. Any spending that it might generate would simply keep the jobs that we have.

Then there’s the “infrastructure” spending – well, there seems to be quite a lot around, but still, those projects were already in the pipeline. But few new projects will proceed because there’s not enough equipment and men to do the work. I don’t know; maybe some engineers will be kept on payroll to design something that the environmental impact statements will allow to actually get built. But if 800 billion bucks in infrastructure spending hasn’t created any jobs I doubt that 400 billion will do it.

Then there’s this 10 billion here and 20 billion there in “investments” or something. Whatever. It wouldn’t make much difference though; for it’s the funding that is the problem. In order to fund all this wondrous new $437 billion in spending then either taxes will be raised, which never helps anyone; or private borrowers squeezed out of the credit markets from the dwindling supply of money there is to lend. And so just like the $800 Billion in TARP, and $800 billion in “stimulus” and the $1.6 trillion dollar deficits, did, this new round will simply suck more money out of the people’s pockets, send it to DC for a vacation and we’ll get back 70% of it or less, and that coupled with more rules and regulations, while 7 of the richest 10 counties in America surround Washington with bureaucrats and lobbyists living off the rest of the nation; no wonder they think things are fine. So did the king at Versailles. He thought things were peachy. Then there was a revolution, oh well.

Meanwhile, did the president mention drilling? I don’t think so. Did he mention lowering the corporate tax rate? No. Oh, he did mention cutting the FICA, the “Payroll” tax, which is supposedly our investment in Social Security and workman’s comp and such – well, what does that do? It imperils the already toddler-legged system. It’s broke, and now may take in less money – and thus be broker all the sooner – how will this help the seniors now or the seniors to come? Isn’t this an “assault” on Social Security fiscal soundness? Isn’t this attacking seniors? Seems like it to me.

Did the president offer to get rid of the Commerce Department, so that $80 Billion could be saved and we could have a bit less meddling in our commerce? My my, job creation and deficit reduction in one fell swoop. Ditto the Department of Energy; it has failed its mission of getting us to energy independence by simply, apparently, stopping all new energy production; in cahoots with the Environmental Protection Agency which is going to protect us into the poor house or beyond.

Government spending doesn’t “create” jobs; it merely moves what could be done by profit making people to the clutches of government, and more government workers are paid by less private workers, until everyone is employed by the state, and the money is funny.

The man spoke last night, and the stock market dropped like a rock today; he’ll blame speculators by Sunday, no doubt, and order up a new law of a 1000 pages of law, rules and regulations to stop the “speculators” I’m sure.

The media is agog at the brilliance of the man, and castigate his political opponents, and the rest of the nation simply seeks deeper into a funk. Some 85% despise Congress. Nearly 60% disapprove of the president’s actions and policies, and 60% or more still don’t like his health care law. Can the man go any lower in the polls? Sure he can; seems he’s trying to do so; perhaps he thinks it’s golf, and the lowest score wins.

Meanwhile, Europe is collapsing under the same sort of big government schtick that the president wants here. Well, if it doesn’t work there, why would it work here?

Well, other than that, I now recall the famous Carter-error, um, era, errant headline that some bright copywriter at the Boston Globe put in the paper while no one was looking: More Mush from the Wimp.

Oh well, this ain’t going to get better. And probably not until 2016, because the next president is going to be a theocrat, and not to anything big with the behemoth, except maybe set up the “Office of No Gays” and spend a few billion to get rid of us, and really miff the nation’s rational middle, and he’ll be a one term president too.




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