How Refreshing: A GOP debate where I wasn’t called a terror to society

I spent the morning canvassing the blogs to read all about the big GOP debate yesterday, and I found something astoundingly interesting: not one candidate brought up gay folks, and the questioners didn’t ask, and no one told. Wow, that made me happy. How utterly refreshing, truly.

Maybe if they keep this up they might actually boost their ratings a bit. Maybe they’ll forget about all this talk of federal felony laws against me, and constitutional amendments that won’t “protect” marriage, but merely leave it in the same sorry state it is in. Maybe they looked at all the polls that have come out that says Americans don’t care about this subject. A CNN poll I recently read showed that 1% of the public thinks what happens to gays is a matter of political concern. Indeed, many people have told me they don’t care, and I’m rather happy with that.

Some blogs were upset that no opprobrium was heaped upon us, and I thought, “what?” I thought it was wonderful. Who wants to listen to how a piano player is a danger to society? I mean really.

The two leading contenders, Romney and Perry seem to be growing rational on the subject; even if by not talking about it. The other contenders, if they could be called that, are like lawn ornaments at this point. Santorum, Paul, Bachmann, Huntsman, they don’t stand a chance, and will most likely all pull out of the race soon enough. Since Santorum is at 1% in the polls, one would think he’d throw in the towel already. Or maybe he figures if he sticks around long enough he’ll be offered the vice presidency or at least a cabinet position. Paul is being seen as a weird thinker on so many things it’s a wonder he is still on the hustings. Huntsman is as a good as a Democrat, so he’s going to be out of it soon too.

Still, if this keeps up I could grow very comfortable. If they get back to their bizarre ideas on hairdressers though, well, then that would be bad.


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