Decorum? Decency? Kindness? Nah, we’re lewd, crude & nasty now.

Several stories have come to my attention today, too many, really, that all composite together and sort of boggle my mind. Unfathomable really, so strange are the reports, as were the several women of all ages I saw today in clothes so tiny and tight I thought they were underwear, but then I could see that too. And people worry about speedo guys once a year? Geez, you folks do it everyday.

Today at I learned of the most amazing statements made by little Jimmy Hoffa that he’s going to “come and get us” or something — my my, that’s what they said to his father; is that what he means and wants? Maybe the poor boy is still upset that no one knows where his dad is.

And at I saw something about public nudity allowed in San Francisco. Well, it’s so cold there how could one? But even more, where’s the sense of decency? Which nut job thought this up? And if it’s gay guys; well, idiots, you just set back rights for gays by oh, a lot. For we can’t very well contend where decent people, which the 99% of us are, and then have you go nekkid in public and tar the rest of us. And now your actions will be attributed to me, for gay guys are always wrapped up into one composite image in the public mind. I could use without this sort of “help” for “freedom” if that’s what you think it is. Surely it can’t be because it’s practical — where do you keep your wallet, cell phone and keys? Carry a purse? Why do you think God made pockets?

Now, too, we have politicians of this or that stripe saying this or that group of the population is “going straight to hell.” Who are these politicos to be so sure whom is going where? I would think that elected officials are the ones who might be going to hell, and the people they harass rather treated like angels. But the list of politicians talking of heaven and hell and whom is going where, and who will perhaps be helped along to either, is growing. It’s worrisome. I’m reading a book on the French Terror — that two year period when astounding brutality and horrible deaths were handed out to tens of thousands, and the language that Marat, Danton and Robespierre and other “Leaders” (if they could be called that,) is so eerily like the words slung today. Cool the hell talk; tell us where angels, and we might well be.

Then, down at the bar, (which is a “video bar” with so many screens it’s like being in the TV department at Best Buy, so I don’t go much anymore,) the images of heterosexual sex and flaunting and lewd behavior are incessant. There don’t seem to be any gay videos, or few, that is, no guys singing about guys and then bumping and grinding with the flouncy models surrounding him like I see with the heteros. Those things are filled with soft-core porn of amazing proportions. I’m no prude, but it’s gone beyond a little suggestiveness.

I go to a lot of blogs everyday, and even the Yahoo blogs and I wander into others, and I look at the comments, oh my the language! Can anyone express themselves anymore without a string of obscenity that would make a sailor cringe? And directed at other people, too! Some of it directed at me and mine even. Weird, and disheartening, for one thing I have done is avoid, 99% of the time, the seven words you can’t say on TV (Oh, that’s right, there’s cable, never mind.) But I can do the George Carlin rant just as quickly as he can. But it’s more than just the words, it’s them being directed at public figures and private citizens with a wild abandon that I don’t really see in my life.

That is, I go through the supermarkets, and stores, and get a haircut, and bank, and library, you know, just out there, and I don’t hear this much; except well, screaming out of some car next to me with a boom boom boom so loud that Richter could measure it. But now even public figure are uttering words of crudity and body parts. And then when you use a word like abjure or eschew people look at you like your crazy.

And it’s not limited to the Left or the Democrats, oh no, and while covers the Left pretty good, including some “it ain’t our fault that Hoffa said ‘take the sons-of-bitches out’” stuff from the president’s spokesperson. Yes, well, but shouldn’t the president have chided the man a bit, even teasingly, like “Oh, there you go again.”? But Republicans are saying stuff like “take the SOB’s out,” too – I hear them, often said about me; and calling me “Evil” and “sick” and “demented” and “depraved” and then they wonder why I question their sanity, and I watch them whine like lost little lasses, and I think, “Oh, how sad they be.”

And then the violence, which is sort of not new, but rather a dismal continuation of years past. There’s a lot of it. Murder, rape, death, mayhem, beatings, riots, flash mobs, crash and grabs, shootings – you know, the usual, and then the unusual, the honor killings, the keeping girls in basements for pleasure, the kidnappings, the matricide, patricide, kiddycide, my heavens, you heterosexuals are out destroying yourselves with wanton abandon. The heterosexual lifestyle is dangerous to one’s health apparently; and the emergency rooms and morgues prove it, right? After all, if just two guys kissing can destroy a family, imagine what using a .44 to blow off the wife’s head does to it? Mon dieu!

And then, whenever I think of the “sanctity of marriage” commands from politicians, I do think of the Jerry Springer Show – my word, the people on that show are frightening. Dumb as rocks, ignorant of seemingly everything, barely employed, and usually then as strippers or pimps, and foul mouthed and prone towards pounding each other into submission for having cheated, lied, stolen or what have you their woman or their men, and egged on by the crowd! It’s like Christians thrown to lions. They are crazy people, licentious, crude and a blot on society; but they are good heteros, which is OK then, I guess. For weirdly, I have never heard Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, or Rick Santorum of “round up the gays” fame, ever say a blessed word about the profusion of human pus on that show. And yet, well there’s your break down in marriage.

I can imagine with a divorce rate approaching 50% there must be quite a lot of animosity in the hetero community. What with children beating beaten, punished with hot sauces, if not outright killed in most horrid ways, and wife abuse to the point of need of public safe homes for the stricken wives, and ankle bracelets and anger management for the menfolk with boobs on their minds. And shouldn’t it be “anger removal” or even “metrosexualization” – you know, sissyfy those violent men, or induct them into the military and sent to the front to be put to good use? I have no solution; but sure the “values” people might proffer one, no? For the good of the family, to protect that so very important institution that heteros casually wreck with alacrity?

But once again, no one of the “family values” or “for marriage” people say much about these issues. No, they’re concerned with whether our peaceful little sissy butts are going to wreck the obviously broken institution, you know “gay marriage would harm kids” Yah, sure, how? We sure ain’t producing no product for the abortion mills or the public orphanages, that’s for sure. Nor are we the ones on welfare sucking up billions and trillions in the War On Poverty! No, we got jobs, and you can’t get a gov’t check for being “crazy” gay, nope. Still, some are concerned that if we care for any of the discarded kids, lest they figure out “OMG, dad is gay!” those kids will grow up with someone giving a damn. No, that’s to be questioned! So the children suffer or are slaughtered.

I haven’t been much to the movies in decades now. For they declined into Soft-core, and often hard core, heterosexual sex scenes and mind numbing violence; not to mention historical inaccuracy to make a political point I usually disagree with. It is beyond my ability to endure. The blood and guts of the violent flicks, “Kill Bill” comes to mind, is astounding. And yet, “Kiss Bill” would be a movie pilloried for wrecking the nation. And people wonder why I’m puzzled, and cranky.

The local LSU football squad, fine fellows with cheerleader girlfriends they trade amongst themselves, before they settle down to the woman they’ll divorce in a few years, is in the courts now. They are arguing over whom threw what punches and when in some brutal brawl over some issue that seems to be part and parcel of the heterosexual lifestyle, for bar brawls seem to be all the rage, no pun intended (well, yeah, it’s a pun.) In NYC some “dissed” dude shot up a party; though he is no different than other party shooters in LA, Detroit, Miami or Dallas; the number of shootings at parties is rather phenomenal, and future dads and moms are sent to their rewards or emergency room and rehab for spinal injuries.

But weirdly, the “gay lifestyle” is said by Maggie Gallagher and Peter Sprigg to shorten lives to just 41 years old or something; and I dare say, it’s mostly 20-somethings who are being shot over in heteroland.. Do control yourselves, eh folks? But the number of people I see who talk about gun use, for “protection” of course, is rather amazing too. I have no problems with gun ownership; it is a right we cherish, but please, do I need to hear all about how you can take out a political opponent from 100 yards if he does what you don’t like? And are you serious?

Nancy Grace makes a good living off the most horrendous dangers of the heterosexual lifestyle. This week, some damsel off to Aruba (what is it with that island?) and never seen again. And good ol’ VanderSloot or whatever it is, well, I think he’s still in a Peruvian Prison, which can’t be a nice place, I think. And Casey Anthony – ah, just another kid killed; no one seems guilty though. Maybe the ga couple down the block was the cause of it all. Perhaps Bryan Fischer should worry more about the kiddy-killers more than he worry about the sissy smoochers.

And too Rick Perry might propose a Constitutional Amendment against the murder and divorce, adultery and bar brawls, to protect the family – which is under siege by its very members; while we gay guys are off by ourselves watching in bemused horror, and listen to the hypocrisy of the “protect marriage” crowd blame it all on us. It’s a sort of John Waters’ tragicomedy of late, which I have alluded to before, for it is all B stuff, and not nearly as good as the surreal world of Salvador Dali, to which the public debates might also be alluded to.

Still, all in all, if we are to be a civil nation; well heterosexuals, you got your work cut out for you. And we might be a good example of the good teachings of Jesus: Treat others as you wish to be treated. – You don’t even have to read the Big Book everyday for that one. We are your example of civility – For one thing I find, it ain’t us doing all the violence and marriage destruction. Oh, maybe a few of us, um, no, a handful, or less, but not “us” as a whole, no.







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