There’s no such thing as “gay rights” – it’s American rights for gays

We talk in this nation about “rights” – and often we worry about government encroaching on those rights. And the rights we have and hold and exercise are American rights, enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Over the course of our nation’s history many people were denied “rights,” like, oh, blacks, Jews, the mentally challenged somehow, women, and of course us gay folks.

And we have always been treated differently, and worse – for the first bunches weren’t exactly called immoral heathens out to destroy the world by making everyone black, Jewish, autistic or a woman. No, only we have been broad-brushed with this idea that we are out to change people – to make people gay.

The idea is ludicrous, but lingers. Here’s a weird example: – this man, one Gary Kukis did go off on a delusional screed about how we want to make all the young boys gays, screw ’em, chuck ’em and go get the next one. It’s patently offensive and intellectually dishonest and absurd. It’s also making a false criminal charge – and well, yes, I went ballistic there over that one.

But out of it came my response: – sometimes going ballistic gets you somewhere – though I was told I couldn’t specifically call out Kukis, but hey, it’s their site.

But more specifically, as to the rights of gay men – we were denied the right to peaceably assemble – indeed, our Political Clubs were raided by the police and us told to answer to them why we were there, and often we were arrested for this exercising of free speech and assembly, political speech and even sometimes religious speech – gay men had no such luxury of rights.

And well, look, here’s a guy who wants to bring back those days: and it’s not so much that he says it, but that he’s talking to Congress and potential future presidents about his absurd unAmerican ideas.

For to deny free assembly, protest, speech and religion are indeed unAmerican at the core of our existence. That Sprigg wants to round us up and outlaw is all the more outrageous – who does he think he is? Some Medieval queen out to take care of her royal dignity or something?

Then the Post Office, which is going broke, but that a different story used to routinely confiscate and destroy our political tracts sent through the mails. Yes, until 1976 it was illegal for gay Americans to send mail to each other, or anyone else for that matter. And in this new round of anti-gay screed, I just wonder when they’ll start to call for the closing of gay newspapers, magazines and websites. Already this crazed woman Linda Harvey was the on radio talking about closing gay bars right now.

Oh, well, here’s another assault on my rights as a human, never mind just an American – – this guy Fischer wants to spend billions on “curing” us – through brainwashing — hahaha! – Oh wait, that’s not funny, for he’s the one who organized a Rick Perry rally in Houston, a city with a gay mayor for heaven’s sake – to talk all about how he’s out to “repair” what’s not his to fix.

And, oh here’s just endless stuff out to get rid of us people they don’t like – and too bad for them – -for they are political failures doomed to ever more defeats. Who knows how ugly they’ll get in their genocidal campaign.

And yet, so many straight people I know seem to think this is just “opinion” and “religious belief.” It is not. It is a demented assault on a tiny group of Americans who cut hair and put on Broadway shows. It’s not even about “marriage” or “couples” – it’s about our existence – and they oppose it, and claim they have the right to simply pound me into submission to their ways like some communist flunky with a 2×4 in his hands. They are nuts. Not while I still live and breathe that’s for sure.

Again, they have the “right” to say it – and the duty not to – just as I have the right & duty to tell them and anyone else I can ever get to listen – these people are crazy! Get away from them! Ostracize them as the loons they are. And if people can’t handle the discussion, then they should tell these creeps to shut the hell up and go get a real job. What their resume will read like, I don’t know, something like:

“Spent 25 years trying to eliminate gay people; I failed miserably.” What a thing to tell their grandchildren: “Aye, yes, little Johnnie, I was a political failure all my life.” Losers. And dangerous ones at that, as losers tend to be.


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