The GOP deficit reduction plan? Stomp the Sissies!

It puzzles me that every single major GOP contender has a “plan” to stop the $1.6 Trillion Dollar annual deficit and end the $15 trillion dollar debt of the nation:

 Arrest all the gay folks at a cost of billions and incarcerate us together for being together!

It’s frightening, it’s ludicrous – it’s nuts, absurd – it’s delusional!

How many times can I say this? How histrionic can I get? Well, it’s so mind boggling I can scream it from the roof tops – Queers ain’t the nation’s problem! Idiots. Morons. Heathens! IT’S THE DEBT & DEFICIT!

But noooo — here’s whom the GOP blames:  Hairdressers, Antique Dealers, Waiters, church organists and piano players and theater people, and clothes designers and whatever the hell else we do – duh! WE ARE NOT THE PROBLEM!

This is a sick comedy at this point.

It is scary for me, for I’m the one the government will come to arrest – at a cost of billions for all of us – and incarcerate us all together so we’re not, um, together.

And it’s a sick comedy for the rest of the nation, for after rounding us all up and incarcerating us together for being together (in the weirdest, most demented “Club Ted” for heaven’s sake) – the nation will have a 3 Trillion Dollar Deficit.

The $1.6 trillion you have, and the trillion it will take to arrest us all and put us in jail.

And who the hell will cut the hair? Who will wait the tables? Who will put on the Broadway shows?

Oh My God – it’s absolutely nuts!

But you know what? While I regret I have but one life to live for my nation – the rest of you will suffer mightily!

Never in my life have I seen such brain dead stupidity. It’s beyond my ability to comprehend, actually.

I’m a piano player who takes care of a WWII vet – and we’re the problem?

Are you out of your minds?

Yes, apparently, Santorum, Perry, Bachmann and the rest – their deficit plan is sissy stomping.

Ludicrous, infuriating, deflating, as I watch my nation collapse as I’m sent off to the pokey.

Egad. Idiots.


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