Why I’m just not worried, (at least until 2016)

The United States is in for oh, 6 to 8 years of the doldrums. It will make no difference who is president next. And he will only have one term anyway. That’s because the people currently in charge simply are clueless as to what to do, the thing is too big, and the presidency just isn’t that powerful. Obviously what we are doing somewhat works, in the sense that the nation functions. But the unemployment is too high, the debt and deficit are too high, the size and scope of the governments at all levels is too big and all the other economic ails like oh, the housing market – plus the issues being discussed by those who want to be in charge have absolutely nothing to do with the fundamental elements of these doldrums.

There are indeed, as so many say, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse coming. Only the horses identified as such are not the actual problems – it’s the ones doing the identifying, for a living even, whom are the problem.

Let’s look at these four horses that are focusing like a candle on issues that are simply unrelated to what pertains to the 300,000,000 of us who actually lead lives. (Though these are in no particular order, but well, one must be first, eh?)

First, there’s the environmentalists and global warming crowd who are insistent that the end is nigh if we don’t immediately alter everything and stop doing everything else, so that the earth can “heal” or something. They are sure that only massive new laws that no one has a clue as to how they would work, except to give the government vast new powers to regulate everything, be implemented immediately. Some of these people are already in the EPA and others in Congress or in the lobby screaming “Iceberg, Iceberg” and “Polar bear, Polar bear.” They want to change the amount of electricity produced and how, they want to get everyone into a “hybrid” or “electric” vehicle somehow, they want us all to move to more densely populated urban areas with fine street lighting with a tram running through it. They are sure that high speed rail will solve our “transportation problem” as if we don’t get around enough already.

These people want to control how much of this or that gas or substance or liquid is produced by whom and where and how and how much and well, I’m sure they can get quite detailed. Their problem though is that they not only don’t know how to get from here to their nirvana, but they are sure that a law will do it. Instead of actually inventing a solar panel made from baby diapers or something, they simply want to mandate that we all get solar panels. And alas, the technology is not there. They also want us to put up massive wind farms in far away places – to string hundreds of miles of transmission wires across the land – alas, the previous group of environmentalists made sure that the placing of such towers is a sticky wicket of unimaginable portions. Oh well.

But this enviro-crowd – oh of course they go by many monikers so that you need a score card to keep them clear – is pushing for something that is unattainable, and can only gum up the works, while not doing anything to solve whatever they think their problems are. Meanwhile, not a one of them seems to be going out a planting a tree. Still, there really isn’t “global warming” at all – what there is is a shift in the magnetic pole to a place a bit further southwest from where it was oh, 1,000 years ago, and thus the jet streams are all cockeyed because they got to go around the thing, and well, that makes some places a tad warmer and others a tad colder and well, there’s not much we’ll do about that. We will deal with it piecemeal, as it will surprise us and we will react or not, at that time. And no plan on earth will alter that reality. You can’t legislate hurricanes after all.

Second, there’s the Fundamentalist Christians who are freaked out over gay folks. Now they’re a piece of work, for they are insistent that 5% or less of the population – the same percentage worldwide since time began – is somehow destroying everything in it’s path to get anything nice being said about us. Meanwhile, the majority of the nation is like, “who cares?” and “hey, that’s my brother you’re talking about,” and these Fundies are insistent that not only should the government immediately pass a law against the existence of gayness and enforce it at an untold cost of billions of dollars, a precipitous fall in revenues of oh, guessing, $250 Billion in taxes, and the closure of thousands of businesses and the ripping of people out of their families, homes, jobs and private lives and put us all together so we’re not, um, together.

These people might well get their law, though it will be interesting to see if say “hugging” between men shall be allowed. I mean, how detailed will the be about the law? How specific will they write up the legislation that they think is going to get rid of us all? And what will they do with the Supreme Court decision that says: “No, you can’t do that”? Plus I’m sure, oh, at least half the federal judiciary will simply put a hold on the law until it can get back to the Supreme Court. Or will the law say, for the first time in American history: “This law cannot be appealed in court”? You know, to make it stick. But gay folks ain’t the problem, it’s the folks pushing us as the problem, and making a fine living doing it, those few who are in the business, who are the problem. The nation is actually getting rather fed up with them, that’s for sure, even if they do seem to be in the ascendancy. But if a Republican gets elected and goes all gaga over gays and tries to outlaw us or quell the florists and hairdressers, well, I dare say, he’ll be stopped in his tracks. I can’t even imagine a cop or prosecutor actually enforcing any such law anyway. They didn’t when they had it; that’s not going to change.

Third, there’s the “Crisis!” people. These are led by the media, the crisis circus being good at fanning the flames of every “crisis” brought to them by the “crisis” crusaders – storms, obesity, starvation, financial, autism, housing, adoption, abortion, marriage, transfats, smoking, who knows anymore, it’s endless the numbers of “crisis!” that must be dealt with immediately! Of course. With lots of new laws and busybodies to enforce them, perhaps. And the new laws are passed with no idea how they fit in anymore with the old laws, and the crisis is never solved anyway; for a crisis solved is a bureaucracy forlorn and crisis crusaders bereft of something to do. By making everything a crisis they give power to politicians to meddle still more in what we don’t need meddling in – our lives.

And Fourth, there’s the “scared” or the “Freaked Out!” – those who think that if nothing changes it will all be OK, but joined by those who think that if nothing changes everything will be horrible. Those were perhaps best exemplified by the recent Y2K crowd – they were so sure that we had to do something! Or the world would end. Joined by those who thought that everything would change because of an arbitrary click of the calender. In many ways it’s the same group who are Freaked Out that the Mayan calender says 2012 is the end of it all. Yah, well, the Mayans didn’t quite predict their own demise now did they? And they couldn’t have known we were coming, could they? No, they could not, for they were gone before we came, oh well. These are the same people who run around without a clue as to what to do and they want some politicians or religious figure to solve their problems. And the way it’s going they might get politicians who are religious figures and Lord help us then.

And so these four are not really paying attention to the problems: the IRS is a mess – the tax code is so bizarre, so Byzantine that it’s impossible for anyone to really comply with it, and no two people with the same situation are treated the same, and one person who goes to 10 different tax preparers will get 10 different answers. Until the IRS is tackled, knocked to the ground, and the ball taken out of their hands and the team disbanded, well, then doldrums we have. And all the crisis and scared in power are forever tinkering with this or that thing and no one has a clue as to what it might mean, and so no one make a plan more than six months out; for the tax code might change.

There’s too much law. The new “health care” law will not solve our “health care crisis” nor will it solve anything but create ever more mess. Oh well, that’s what happens when someone writes 2500 pages of law and no one else pays much attention to what those words say or mean.

There’s too much deficit spending – no entity, however big, can continue long in borrowing 45% of what they spend, year after year. If the budget is not cut we’re going under. The current crowd of politicos shows no sign of changing a thing. They haven’t gotten rid of a single program ever created. They get rid of no word of law without replacing it with twice or thrice as many. But if the Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and all the farm supports and the military too (We don’t need 100,000 troops in Europe, do we? Where is our “exit plan” from Germany? Or are we still afraid they’ll invade Poland? And wouldn’t a nice fly in by a fleet of B-52s take care of that threat?) are not cut, altered, changed, I don’t care what you call it – then the deficit will continue to grown, the debt will grow, and eventually no one will lend us a dime and it will all come to a screeching halt anyway.

And so as the four horses – the environmentalists, the fundamentalists, the media led crisis circus and the freaked out headless chickens – all argue over who will be their president – we will be either stuck with Obama or with some religious politician bent on Bible America. 2012 will give us the choice of bad and bad, or terrible and terrible. Or even crazed or crazed. The Democrats with Obama and the Republicans with whomever will simply not change a thing as they all focus like a candle on things that they can’t effect anyway and ought not to bother with and are simply not the issue.

And hopefully, after four more years of the doldrums, so rational politician, oh, Gary Johnson www.garyjohnson2012.com will come along and say to the vast majority of rational Americans – oh, 60-70% of the nation, “OK now, time to get rid of the Democrats and the Republicans. Yes, those two parties are now on a slide to their destruction – or ours. For they are shot through with the four horsemen of the apocalypse indeed.


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