Dear GOP: There is no religious test to be a citizen. Leave Gays Alone.

The GOP’s onslaught against gay people is unconscionable, unfair, delusional, absurd and a dangerous demand that I join their religion or have the government come against me. My answer is NUTS! to their demand for my surrender in this culture war they are waging against me. NUTS!

OK, here’s the entire report, lifted word for word (thanks whoever wrote it, see link) which sets me off today:

(I have never been to this site before in my life – I googled “Rick Perry Criminalize Gay Sex” and lo, this prince of a man came up near the top, so don’t talk to me about anything else he might have said ever.)

>>Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry has insisted that he is still a strong supporter of the “homosexual conduct” statute. For those who don’t know, it’s an archaic law that makes it a criminal offense to have sex with a member of the same sex. Apparently the Mr. Small Government Perry wants to have the government control what people do in the bedroom.

Of course, the law was struck down by the Supreme Court in the 2002 case Lawrence v. Texas. Despite this ruling, Texas has yet to officially repeal it. Governor Rick Perry actually ran his third campaign on a platform that explicitly stated “we oppose the legalization of sodomy.” For those considering a less radical Republican nominee, the choices seem limited:

Rick Santorum actually thinks Perry is, as I quote, “destructive not just for the Republican Party, but for the country.” He must criticizing the homophobia of the the Texas Governor, right? Wrong. Apparently Perry doesn’t hate gays enough. Current Republican candidate Rick Santorum expresses disgust at Perry’s insistence on leaving homophobia laws to the states. He insists on a nationwide federal law to criminalize gay sex.

Alright. What about the others? Candidate and Former Speaker Newt Gingrich thinks gays are a threat to the country. In support of Proposition 8 he said in an interview to O’Reilly:

“Look, I think there is a gay and secular fascism in this country that wants to impose its will on the rest of us, is prepared to use violence, to use harassment.” [Hlavac: how dare does Newt accuse me of harassment or being prepared to use violence? – it is an outrage that he says this. It’s defamation already.]

What else? Republican front-runner Michelle Bachmann runs a psychology clinic in Minnesota that specifically offers some deranged version of homosexual exorcism, in an effort to “pray the gay away”. She also has stated in a live interview that Lion King will corrupt children because of the soundtrack created by Elton John.

Literally every single Republican candidate besides Ron Paul wants to stultify gay rights in an effort to keep their religion mixed with politics. Kudos, Republican Party, for being a constant beacon of bigotry, discrimination, and bad politics. And kudos to the voters who keep them in power.

>>End —

Are these people out of their minds?

Here’s even more nonsense they spew — this from Rick Santorum, one of the Harold Stassen’s of the war against gay citizens they are waging. – not against “Gay Rights” – no such thing – only American rights for Gays – I don’t like the phrase “gay rights” I never have, but I’m stuck with it. (Oh yeah, Harold Stassen, boy, now there’s a loser:

Oh so here’s the nonsense:

I need a score card with these people the way they pop up at conferences, political meetings, the public hustings, state fairs, town halls, TV and radio and Lord knows where else to denounce my existence with the most foul crud one could spew. I mean really people, “Attacking families” “destroying civilization”? Are you serious? Are you serious? Not a day goes by without some nutjob coming up with the most horrendous stuff, oh see the most excellent – now there’s a guy, Jeremy Hooper with a detailed accounting of the enormity of the horror these NO GAYS! movement want to visit up us gay citizens of America. “Export” us! Is Peter Sprigg allowed to say that? “Export” Americans?

For the hell of it, let me acquaint these fine folks with the Defamation, Slander and Libel laws:

OK, some bright lawyers figure this out:

What these people are saying is tort actionable slander and libel. They are accusing gay citizens of crimes for the very living of our lives. They accuse us of “Attacking” everyone and everything. The notion is ludicrous, and based in a fantasy world.

Attacking what? When? Where? How? Why? Oh, yea they say, by verily waking up in the morning.

Other than that they have not one shred of proof other than their ill considered beliefs – they are looking for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and we’re the fairies on unicorns for crying out loud. And they bleat over guys who are busy renovating New Orleans? Do they plan on stopping all those works in progress to haul us all off to the pokey together so we’re not together doing any poking?

Do they think this out? These are the people who want to rule our nation? And they can’t figure this bizarre tautology out? You don’t want us with each other, so you put us all together? Egad, boy is that worrisome on so many levels it would take a book to describe them.

It’s pitiful to watch grown people obsess like this about me, a piano player loved from Prague to Mazatlan and in dozens of states of this great nation by family and friends and strangers too – and to be called a “threat” is absurd. To what? A C-minor chord with an arrant F sharp or something? I feel like that line in the movie “Amadeus” when the emperor’s henchmen tells Mozart he has “too many notes” in his music. Is that it GOP frontrunners? Do I have too many notes in my music? Hell, do I butter the toast too loudly for your delicate natures.

This is a John Waters’ comedy already, and a horror flick to boot – I can almost see Bachmann like Miss Muffett, with a spider beside her, running screaming away. It’s a horror, though, for these people whom are supposed to protect me from foreign enemies and domestic insurrection are working full blast on bringing the might of my own government upon me in a police state – for me living and breathing not according to their religious beliefs. It’s disgusting. And dangerous to all decent citizens.

Hypocritically, they tell me this is for “Liberty” and “fiscal sanity” and “family values.” If stomping on sissies is for the good of the nation; well, then, I’m regret I only have one life to give for it, indeed.

Hell, at this point in time these people are demanding that for the Office of Citizen I shall take a religious test. Well, the government, of which I am wholly a part due to my citizenship and God-given Rights as a human being, with full legislative powers vested in me, and my rightful powers which I granted to the government to run a peaceful place so I might go about my piano playing life did not include sending the police to come and arrest me for smooching whom I wish.

It’s preposterous that these people think they can demand of me, by force of law, that not only do I believe the Bible as they wish it to be believed – but that I go find some woman to do it with! Get a load of this crap – these people are just short of arranging a marriage for me. (And weirdly, if you incarcerate me with all the other gay guys, you’ll provide a spouse for me, morons. Listen to Lenny Bruce for heaven’s sake.)

Oh, and I can’t wait for Perry to argue with Santorum as to whether I should be Methodist or Catholic, for the good of the nation, for now we’re getting into whose religion is best territory – which I had thought we had all left behind in Europe. Oh that’s right, Santorum is already arguing that Perry isn’t going far enough to hound hairdressers and Broadway boys, and the waiter at the local Outback.

But let me tell you America, this is moving into the unconstitutional grounds of a religious test for citizenship, and thus for liberty, of which there will be little left. Along the way it’s delusion, slander and libel, and not befitting a decent country or any rational human being. This is obsession of a dangerous sort.

Gary Johnson was clear about this –

yes, the only sane man running for president – – the GOP will be destroyed over the gay folks.

Lord do we need a man like him – for any of these “Gays have got to go” Republicans will destroy this nation over us. They are like heathen come to spawn religious wars – it will do no good for their party nor their nation, and the later is mine, the former I could do without at this point. And this is nuts; I’m just not that important. Out of all the plethora of issues this nation faces – whether 10,000,000 or less gay folks kiss is so utterly unimportant that I can’t really wrap my mind around their fuss. I can’t. Sad. For me, for them, for everyone. For the florist trade will be decimated.


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